What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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11 Okt 2021



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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Every episode gets better animation and effects. Incredible.
Vincent Law
For everyone that wonders why these videos feel so refreshing, meaningful and uplifting: It's because they're enthusiastic about the past, the present and the future, about the wonder of life itself, which makes you feel greatful for being alive and a human being, something very rare in these days. The whole zeitgeist has become so doomy and misanthropic, that we thirst for a positive outlook on life.
Busta Nut
This video basically nailed the reason I went into Zoology instead of Paleontology despite my passion for both. There's just such a diversity of life around today that it feels tragic to ignore that in favour of yearning for a past we'll never fully understand.
As a lifelong dinosaur enthusiast, this is a topic I'm very familiar with. I've read whole books and watched several videos on it, I know all about it. And you guys still brought a tear to my eye with these beautiful animations, inspiring music, and just the overall sense of wonder in the video. Fantastic work, that was a much more intense eleven minutes than I expected.
What a wonderfully philosophical piece, with a quite incredible choice of music. The composer should feel so very proud of their work.
javier davidsson
“How intensely amazing this creatures must have been.”
Awesome episode.
"But if we dray today's animals in a similar way, based on their skeletons, just for the fun of it, we get the most bizarre creatures. Elephants, swans and baboons that look like monsters right out of nightmares." ... well that part is interesting, what if we draw a cat that way? will we get a lizard?
Sumit Ranjan Sahu
"Time marches on without any concern for our feelings" ❤️❤️❤️
Peter Meyer
This is definitely one of the best kurzgesagt videos. It is concise and to the point. It presents a whole new look at something I have taken for granted my whole life (dinosaurs look like giant crocodiles).
There's no other way to describe this DE-vid Channel.
I never knew how much I can be emotionally attached about a video about how dinosaurs really looked like and how they're more human than we make them out to be
Kids no doubt love this style of animation, but you also give enough knowledge for adults to still learn. Good work!
Luan Oliveira
As a kid who learned to say the word "paleontologist" probably too soon because he wanted to study the big lizards in the movies, this was a wondrously bittersweet video to watch. I love the idea of trying to reimagine our collective imaginary of how past creatures used to be, but it is frustrating to consider that we'll probably never know for sure. What a weird and moving notion.
This video really made me think hard on the idea of "knowing." Like, what do we know, and WHY do we know the things we "know" about dinosaurs, and life that has come before us. Very thought provoking, and as always, BEAUTIFUL animation :D Your channel is wonderful. Please keep creating!! <3
Lauren Schrader
I love how they showed a Trimeresaurus species when they said we are always adding new species at
I was a dinosaur fan as a child and this video almost made me cry from the beauty of the images and words
Peter Smythe
Re: experiencing them first hand
"Time marches on without any concern for our feelings"
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