What FIRST MAN Didn't Tell You About the MOON LANDING

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Last time we took a look at the movie First Man and judged its historical accuracy, this time, we are discussing the things that the film left out.
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16 Okt 2018

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Generation Films
To all those commenting on my pronunciation of the word "Gemini," thanks for your correction. You're right that the word is generally not pronounced the way I said it in the video. That said, I pronounced it the way I did because that's how most employees at NASA pronounced it during the 1960s. You can see this in plenty of old video and news footage on the Gemini Project. In this case, the word is supposed to sound like, "Jiminy" as in "Jiminy Cricket."
JAFO Vor Tag
+poruatokin - AKA "simplified English".
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Vor 22 Tage
The methodology is: If you were a PARTICIPANT/ ASTRONAUT/ TECHNICIAN on the actual Gemini Project, you got to pronounce it like "Jiminy" - but ANYONE ELSE (meaning all of us civilians), are meant to pronounce it as in its correct form, which is: "GEM-min-EYE." Doing it any other way is an insult to NASA.
poruatokin Vor Monat
+thus is life That is the Americanese way of speaking
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud Vor Monat
A bunch of peasants can't speak properly.
Kunaal Kunaal
Fake all fake
Goktimus Prime
Goktimus Prime Vor 5 Tage
Why does the host flip the audience the bird when he says, "Peace"??? :o
Midi3e Vor 10 Tage
Is there anything correct? You got the temperature completely wrong.
jdheelfan Vor 14 Tage
We never went to the moon!
Dylan Hoare
Dylan Hoare Vor 17 Tage
So Americans all ways thought about them self even do it would benefit there grand kids
Dandypanty Vor 18 Tage
I don't like one thing here. The whole "was it worth the cost" question. In no way do I believe it was worth the cost but I most definitely agree that we should have paid up. I think there are a ton of people out there that feel the same way. Should we go? Yes. Is it worth it? Probably not, lets go anyway.
JAFO Vor Tag
Financially, it was more than worth it. The tech that was developed for Apollo later made its way into mainstream use, where it made money hand over fist. Long-term, Apollo paid for itself many times over.
Dandypanty Vor 18 Tage
you didn't say gemini incorrectly.
Dandypanty Vor 18 Tage
+Generation Films exactly. I dont know why folks think you said it wrong. Very good video. I'm a space nerd so this is why I'm here and you pretty well nailed it.
Generation Films
Generation Films Vor 18 Tage
See pinned comment.
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Vor 22 Tage
1:32 -- Buzz Aldrin is using "symbology" incorrectly, when he means to say "symbolism." Symbology is the study of symbols. Symbolism is how their actions are perceived.
Sven Schumacher
Sven Schumacher Vor 23 Tage
@generation Films Like so many Americans, you did the conversion from imperial Fahrenheit to SI Celsius wrong. The range does not go from 1237°C to -8456°C ... This is not possible, because the coldest temperature in the universe is -273.2°C and aluminium melts at 700°C. In fact, the range is from approx. 130°C to -160°C.
Generation Films
Generation Films Vor 23 Tage
I did the conversion ten more times and each time I got an answer lower than -273.2° C.
ṖauḶee ḂlueṢtreet
Keep dreaming! ..... *_"Like a Puppet on a Stri-iiiiiiiing"_*
Bradley A. Blanchard
I noticed two errors in the film: 1) The tower escape rocket connected to the command module did not obscurer the outward view of Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins just after lift-off. The actual tower assembly contained a protective cover over the conical surface of the command module to mitigate possible damage from gantry debris, bird collisions, or ice impact during lift-off. Only after a "safe" altitude was reached would the tower be jettisoned away from the command module, allowing the astronauts to look outside. 2) Both Armstrong and Aldrin were able to see the moon's surface just prior to pitch-over for the final leg of the lunar decent. The Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) windows were actually pointed away from the lunar surface. From this outward facing position, as the LEM pitched over, the decent stage engine transitioned from pointing at the lunar horizon (slowing the orbital velocity) to pointing downwards toward the surface (slowing the decent rate). Only at the completion of pitch-over would both Armstrong and Aldrin have been able to see the lunar terrain prior to landing. Had they been looking at surface prior to pitch-over, they would have transitioned to looking backward over the lunar landscape they just passed by. From this position the LEM would have had to have been rotated from facing backwards to facing forwards to get the windows pointing in the direction of the final landing site. This risky maneuver about the LEM's roll axis (with respect to the decent engine) could have gotten the guidance system's Inertial Measurement Unit dangerously close to gimbal lock.
chappy0061 Vor 28 Tage
A whole video about what the movie left out and no mention of the revisionist director choosing to pretend they never planted the flag?
guyo68 Vor 29 Tage
This is the second video of yours that I've seen. Interesting content, yet delivery is too loud and frantic, IMHO. Sounds to me almost like you're screaming. Maybe tone it down a little? Thank you.
Jim E
Jim E Vor 29 Tage
To convert from Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Celsius use the following formula not what this guy says. C = 5/9(F-32)
Thomas Welsh
Thomas Welsh Vor Monat
"Symbolism" ref Boondock Saints.
vancouveride Vor Monat
"or 1287 and -8456 degrees Celsius respectively" You sure about that?
ShogunOrta Vor Monat
Did they really fly over a huge crater, and almost fall into it, just before touchdown like the movie shows? At least that's what I saw.
MojoRevelation Vor Monat
You might wanna review those temperature extremes
dieselrotor Vor Monat
Oh so much to correct here, too much to actually take the time.
Jason Scerbo
Jason Scerbo Vor Monat
Wht the movie didn't tell u about the first man is tht it never happened lol
They never went to the moon
David Gifford
David Gifford Vor Monat
60 miles not 6000 feet. Don't you know any astronautic history
David Gifford
David Gifford Vor Monat
Do some basic research, Gemini flew from 1965-66. The LM door opened in such a way that the Command pilot needed to exit first. Armstrong was a civilian, political.You have no understanding of science 101: temperatures I won't go on except you are correct in that First Man tells a specific rather than balanced telling of the manned Moon landing
What is this shit?
Nic Parker
Nic Parker Vor Monat
joe blow
joe blow Vor Monat
hibernia1960 Vor Monat
NASA, just another organization compartmentalized enough to pull off these masonic hoaxes as a satanic ritual to Apollyon and Saturn(satan) worship using saturn 5 rocket.
Mark  A. Tempesta
One Small Step for a Man..whoa..where'd you guys come from !?
Roxanna Mason
Roxanna Mason Vor Monat
No American Flag planting was wrong as was no E-8 camera footage of the Saturn 5/F-1 start up as was no Titan main engine start up footage on the Gemini 8 mission, a bitchy Mrs Armstrong wasn't helpful either. Otherwise an OK movie considering Hollywood lost the right stuff years ago. Apollo 13 film much better except too, no E-8 footage either. The temperature conversion thing of the host was a weird one.
S GS Vor Monat
Wake up sheeple! No one stepped on the moon! Just use some common sense!
yhnbgt365 Vor Monat
I was in college and watched it live on TV. It was the only thing on. There were three channels and they all carried it.
Kevin James
Kevin James Vor Monat
I like the part when they came back from the moon and had a interview they were undecided whether they could see Stars or not 🙄 plus they were not happy to even have an interview 🤔
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
They were there for exploring the surface, not staring into space. They only had 2 hours to do everything. They almost certainly could not see stars (if they had looked for them) because the sunlight levels were about twice that on the earth's surface. That is why there are no surface pictures with stars in, too. In space, they could see stars all the time - they even used them for navigation. The interview? They had been trained as astronauts, not performing seals. They had been shut away from their families for a week before the launch, a week in space and 10 days in quarantine with 14-hour day engineering debriefs. Oh, and they had just been told they were far too valuable to allow to ever fly in space again or even fly in anything smaller than a Boeing 727. And YOU would be a happy bunny being grilled by TV?
Jüri T
Jüri T Vor Monat
nobody stepped to the moon …..in 60´s nylon rubbish, directly into the vacuum. Forget it…….next shill channel.
Don’t us stupid or sad because we have questions. I’m 54 and believed it for 40 years, you were not there you did get in a spaceship and you didn’t walk on the moon so just because they say so is as stupid as believing the government doesn’t lie. Another thing if we can get there and it’s really something you can walk on by now there should be a base and 100s of little trucks doing all sorts of things. We want it to be true but we have questions. Stop being an asshole as what do you care what we think? Are you nasa's protector? And about the it would cost more to fake it I disagree if like dio sings the moon is just sun at night and you can’t get there or land on a projection I say the cost of faking it is a no brainer. There are mountains of lies we are told daily we just want the lies to stop. Do you think there’s a tesla car flying in space?
Jonathan Fortune
Good show, thank you!
dontroll onshabbos
It was a hoax.
Rosemary Griffin
Have you ever heard of science fiction? Well that's what the moon landings are, all lies and 🐂💩 if they didn't have any fuel left, how did they get back into space and dock with the mother ship 🤔 go on think about it, it's all fake!
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Rosemary Griffin How did they get back? Ah - they had already thought of that one! They had a small spacecraft on top of the lander to take them back up, but leaving the unwanted bits (with very little fuel) back on the moon. Smart, eh? Any other "proof" you got? Or just a bunch of dim websites?
tom Tucker
tom Tucker Vor Monat
Rockets don't work in space!
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
+tom Tucker Education? You are totally a science fail, ain't ya? Indoctrination is what you get from many DE-vids. Science does EXPERIMENTS - hard to argue with if you have a brain. Hint: Rockets don't push against something, like rowing a boat. They throw very hot gas out the back end to push themselves along. Accelerating that gas to high velocity is where they generate the force. You seem to have got confused on the "Thus no combustion ,no ignition ,no thrust" topic, too. Rockets carry their own fuel, oxidiser and igniter with them. So, those things are a non-problem.
tom Tucker
tom Tucker Vor Monat
+Nick James education is your first problem.its mostly indoctrination and causes you not to think.Newtons third law cant work unless you have some forces able to react against something.This cant happen in a vacuum.The first molecules that leave the rocket will not incure any resistance in the vacuum.the following molecules will never catch up to the first.Thus no combustion ,no ignition ,no thrust
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
tom Tucker You should try 'education'. It allows rockets to work in space with no problem and no intellectual conflict. Also, how do you know? Have you ever been to space to check it? Do you know anybody else who has been to space to check it? No? Oh dear - you swallowed a bunch of denier, maybe flat earther, YTs. How sad is that?
Gregory Dodwell
Gregory Dodwell Vor Monat
Didn’t Aldrin use the pen? Buzz also owned up to overloading the computer by keeping the rendezvous radar still pointed at the command module. Also ... might be an idea to work on your Metric conversions too ^_~
64davrecon Vor Monat
It was actually Aldrin who flipped the breaker for the engine arm using his pen.
jim young
jim young Vor Monat
intuitiv.me Vor Monat
All at risk just for the EGO, the US had to seem better than the Soviet Union. Lives didn't matter.
Mozart1220 Vor Monat
Lives mattered, but so does the urge to learn and explore.
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson Vor Monat
I want to know, WHO GIVES A RATS ASS who did what.? I SAY GET A LIFE. Just me.
Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris Vor Monat
Sweet jacket bro, what's the brand pls :)
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace Vor Monat
My wifes grandfather was a or the geologist who played a role in the choice of landing sites.
les bowes
les bowes Vor Monat
thumbs down for being a smart ass and dissing the metric system :p
715rdmail Vor Monat
Saying only just over 50% of Americans supported the space program is revisionist history. Unlike today polls weren't done every 15 minutes. Any polling data from back in the 60's is suspect. I remember being a young second grader standing at the bus stop and everyone being glued to a transistor radio listening to the Gemini launches, cars stop on the roadside listening as well. Everyone was glued to whatever television they could find to watch the landing and first steps. The worlds largest television audience in history. I remember it well. What a fabulous time to witness history!
John Patz
John Patz Vor 25 Tage
715rdmail you seem to be mixing up supporting and being interested or curious about? I mean people were glued to their tvs and radios on 9/11, but that doesn't mean the supported the terririst actions. Some things, even if you oppose the program, are going to get attention of tons of people, especially if it's the first time something had been done.
715rdmail Vor Monat
+Olasek Well I guess that settles that! Thank you for providing all the facts.
Olasek Vor Monat
yes, public was then fairly equally divided about the Apollo program, it is a fact.
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo Vor Monat
NASA has confirmed that man could not go to the moon as they can’t even do it now. They are working on doing it in the future when they have a craft that is equipped with the shielding needed to protect the astronauts from the radiation they would face.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Ricky Ricardo. No, NASA said they no longer have the capability to go to the moon. And why should they? They went there and landed 6 times almost 50 years ago. The spacecraft manufacturers scrapped the tools when the program was cancelled, but NASA have the plans. They knew how to do adequate shielding for a short mission like the moon. Today, they don't have ANY human-capable spacecraft at all. Does that mean the Shuttle did not exist? If you are referring to the (heavily edited) denier YT it is talking about TESTING Orion, to make sure space radiation of all sorts does not cause problems. That is still not good enough to go to Mars.
Chris Groves
Chris Groves Vor Monat
This guys facts are so wrong....conspiracy guy! F**k off Do your homework ass. Some facts are accurate but most are very wrong...
dimzay Vor Monat
what's the difference, it all has been staged anyway.
CopperCettle Vor Monat
They should have included them planting of the American flag in the movie.
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud Vor Monat
Armstrong and Aldrin were both killers. They were also jacked up on Dexedrine.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Sean O'Nilbud. Killers? You mean they were ex-fighter pilots? Who better to send off on a high-stress mission? " also jacked up on Dexedrine". How did they do that? The records show that no Dexedrine (of 6 x 5mg doses available) was taken and only one combination scopolamine/Dexedrine tablet. This latter was for motion sickness - common soon after going into weightlessness.
Mare Tranquillity
"Symbology" is not a word, the real word is "symbolism".
felix mendez
felix mendez Vor Monat
Oh, and it left also out that it was all just a hoax, just a smoke and mirrors show. Welcome.
Neil Tipton
Neil Tipton Vor Monat
If you aint first. Your last- Ricky Boobys Dad
ap ko
ap ko Vor Monat
ok the lunar module before touch down it make so much dust you can watch in any Apollo mission and after you cant see any crater or ditches under the lunar module .. search this
Dream Diction
Dream Diction Vor Monat
Just give us the information without trying to 'act'.
Mike kirock
Mike kirock Vor Monat
5:50. WTF American, -8456C is not even REAL. 0 kelvin is absolute ZERO, which = -273C. Don't do techy science reviews if you don't know science.
Bobby Vor Monat
The narrator is a jerk. He pads this video out from 30 seconds to over 11 minutes with his babble talk.
sivvybee Vor Monat
You land that sucker and walk out first Neil.
Scientific Humanist
Geminee but Eyeraq. Oh, those Americans. 😆
James Wewerka
James Wewerka Vor Monat
I pronounce it " ear rock".....)
barry nicholas
barry nicholas Vor Monat
So much bullshit you can cut it with a knife.
Earl Boydell, Jr.
This is "Liberal Hollywood's " way of down playing the entire moon landing; minimize the personalities of the three men; and to avoid placing America and her Flag in any real positive light.
RealSpaceModels Vor Monat
Aldrin was the one whose backpack broke off the breaker switch on the panel that armed the ascent engine. It was his use of the pen to press the breaker in to allow them to leave the surface. Not Armstrong.
RickyboyH Vor Monat
MOCR (Mission Control) did NOT go into an uproar after Armstrong reported that they had landed. They already knew the LM was on the surface due to the telemetry, also the Astronauts promptly went through the shutdown routine once the contact light went on in the cockpit, so they already knew that the LM had touched down & that the descent propulsion system (DPS, pronounced "dips") was shut down. There is footage from this exact moment, from the Capcom console, and you can see CAPCOM Charlie Duke being completely calm, so was Jim Lovell & John Young who sat next to him (so the scene in Apollo 13 where Jim Lovell watches the landing at home with his family is factually inaccurate) . There was a guy who pumped his fist in the air, just behind them though, but Deke Slayton, who´s also visible in the shot motions to him (with his hand) that he should calm down, as they still weren´t cleared for a lunar stay (GO/NO-GO for stay), which happened a short while later.
doehme Vor Monat
Laughable mistake with your Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion. What a retard.
James Wewerka
James Wewerka Vor Monat
obviously you missed the joke...but I don't see anyone calling you names...rambo
David Hauka
David Hauka Vor Monat
Loved the film - and loved your video! Keep doing great work!
Davo gifman
Davo gifman Vor Monat
damn Ben are you high? What's up with the temps? Why don't you go lay down somewhere,and chill; while the adults finish up here.
Lee Odysseus Psarros
The moon landing was staged in a Hollywood studio, and in the Nevada desert. NASA secretly asked STEVEN SPIELBERG to film the biggest LIE and HOAX of man kind. " THE MOON LANDINGS "
felix mendez
felix mendez Vor Monat
Lie! lie! That was Stanley Kubrick, not Spielberg. Credit where it's due.
frogsgottalent Vor Monat
Usual mutually supporting garbage pushed out by theSynagogue of satan mafia and its work shy minions.
Joseph sideman
Joseph sideman Vor Monat
Hey kid ! Go back to school or, at least, do your home works. I will give you the formula to translate from C to F and from F to C and next time, before screwing up like you did on this one, take the time to check what you will say and avoid having the world laughing at you. 212 F is the boiling point and 32, the freezing mark, on the international standard, 100 is the evaporation point and 0, the freezing level. from C to F : 100 C x 1.8 + 32 = 212 F and for the other side of the thing : 212 F - 32 = 180 / 1.8 = 100 C. Do you get it ? Next time, take the time to check your numbers and what you're saying to the world. Have a good one !
John Carboni
John Carboni Vor Monat
that lunar lander garbage can did not even leave earth"s atmosphere. PERIOD.
Texasforever Vor Monat
He didn't tell the public they faked it
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Texasforever Maybe you should be the first to tell all those thousands of Texans in Houston that they faked it? I'd love to see the DE-vid of that:-)
ShadowWriter45 Vor Monat
I saw the movie today. It was ok.
MrScottym711 Vor Monat
I’d check your maths on the conversation of temperatures on the moon surface. 8000 degrees Celsius????
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Vor Monat
It has recently come to light that on Apollo 15, 16, 17 to fit the moon buggy into moon lander they took out the fuel pressurization tank used to drive the fuel system. Yep just took it out. Nothing strange there at all. Then on closer inspection the same moon buggies were used repeatedly on all three landings all at the same time for different shots on every mission, also an impossibility. One had a wheel on the left rear side that was leaking oil and each progressive landing more dirt and oil caked up on the wheel. Nothing strange there either. One had a different fender. They have recently released a whole bunch of high resolution photographs that have absolutely screwed them to the wall. Coke cans sticking up out of the substrate and parts and chunks that fell off the lander when they crunch dropped it on the ground with a crane. One of the legs is even too long after they fixed it. Anyone that thinks we actually went up there hasn't researched it much. We had every reason to fake it. I am just disgusted they didn't do a better job faking it considering how much the American people paid them to pull such a shoddy job. Did they hire monkeys to do the set work?
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Bob Marley You have a reference for that " they took out the fuel pressurization tank used to drive the fuel system"? Given that the system would not work without pressurisation, that seems hard to believe.
Mozart1220 Vor Monat
Bob Marley...Jeez, man, are you REALLY that stupid? Seriously, just stop.
TheRickyp83 Vor Monat
This was VERY interesting! Please make more videos of these little known facts about the Apollo missions! Thanks!
Bruce Allen
Bruce Allen Vor Monat
Cut your hair, shower and shave....then put on some clean clothes. You look like you spent the night in a dumpster!
plezx29 Vor Monat
What I don't get, is who is filming the person coming down on the ladder
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
plezx29 Just as Generation Films said. The camera, mounted on an arm, was stowed inside an equipment bay. Armstrong pulled it out before going down to the surface. Anybody would think they planned it, or something. The camera was later moved to be mounted on a tripod on the surface to record their actions and (i think) takeoff.
Generation Films
There was a TV camera placed on the outside of the lunar module in preparation to film that moment. Relative to previous NASA space missions, the Apollo 11 team took the most comprehensive set of filming equipment with them into space.
Josiah Araki
Josiah Araki Vor Monat
The big one is that it left out the planting of the American flag
selador11 Vor Monat
Kid, I have underwear that is four times as old as you! I was around for the moonwalk. I am telling you, the entire nation, and much of the world was behind the moonwalk. Enthusiasm for NASA didn't begin to dwindle until the late 70's, when the return on investment, re: how much feedback the public got from NASA, in return for their enthusiasm, and dollars, began to dwindle.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter Vor Monat
If the Apollo spacesuits were pressurised at 4.6 psi you would not be able to move, and even if they could move they would become fatigued very quickly fighting against the suits pressure.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Terry Winter Are you saying NASA has been ripped off for the gloves and spacesuits they have been developing for the last 60 years? So... why do they spend half a mill just making the gloves? Yes, a rubber glove with 4 PSI overpressure would not bend. Same problem with condoms, too. Thankfully, nobody uses either of them in space.
Olasek Vor Monat
Terry Winter these are not rubber gloves, you are absolutely clueless, ask current astronauts and cosmonauts how they perform EVAs for many hours. By the way, astronauts always complained to this date about difficulty in moving fingers.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter Vor Monat
+Olasek someone pressurised a rubber glove to 4.6 psi with there hand in it, and when they tried to bend there fingers they found it very difficult, and some of the astronauts spent up to 4 hours in one EVA doing things on the moon, so would you not think they would be complaining about tired hands let alone anything else ?
Olasek Vor Monat
Terry Winter sgacecuit is not an inner-tube, everybody today uses similar spacesuit while performing EVAs on ISS, (Russian suits maintain 5.8 psi), they all work, you write utter nonsense,
steve stevens
steve stevens Vor Monat
What idiot doesn't know how to pronounce "GEMINI"???!!!
steve stevens
steve stevens Vor Monat
Oh, so it actually made you feel smarter -- that's funny.
Generation Films
Apparently most of NASA during the 60s. The way I pronounced it is a nod to how NASA employees pronounced the name of the program back then.
Mr. Owl
Mr. Owl Vor Monat
You may want to reconsider how you pronounced Gemini...G-mini? That’s pretty bad. Otherwise a well produced video👍I enjoyed it😃
Generation Films
Thanks for the kind words. But actually NASA emoyplees pronounced Gemini the way I did in the video. That's why I used the nontraditional pronunciation I used.
daffidavit Vor Monat
Just watch the grandfather Sci fi 1950s movie "Forbidden Planet". After the ship landed on Altier IV, the security team walked down the steps of the ship onto the planet's surface ahead of the First Officer, Jerry. Then after all was clear, the Commander/Captain/skipper (Leslie Nielson) when out last. That was the Naval tradition. In the book, "Rocket Men" by Craig Nelson, there was an assumption by Aldrin that he would go down first. There was a meeting of the astronauts. When Buzz said he would be the first to step onto the moon, Armstrong didn't make a big deal out of it. He simply said: "I will be the first". And that was the end of the conversation.
Mord Middenheim
Mord Middenheim Vor Monat
Symbolism sir.....symbolism..
Randy Cheow
Randy Cheow Vor Monat
In space no one can hear you scream
Anthony Valentin
The "flipping the switch with a pen" was just a myth.... Sorta. You see the switch did break, but they did not use a pen to solve this problem. The metal tip and body of it could have caused a short circuit, so they used a marker to do it.
William Vor Monat
Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, and Ed White were the three that were supposed to go to the moon . Not Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins. It seemed like the fire that started and killed Grissom,Chaffee,and White had some nefarious implications attached to it. SAD ; that an American institution like N.A.S.A. had went so low.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
William "had some nefarious implications attached to it." Sounds like standard conspiracy enthusiast claims. Hey, next stop - the earth is flat.
Laughing Gravy
Laughing Gravy Vor Monat
No, they were the crew of Apollo 1, which was supposed to be an Earth orbital flight to test the command module. This is the mission Apollo 7 eventually flew in October 1968. The lunar module wasn't ready to fly in January 1967 when the Apollo 1 crew was killed. At that point, lunar landing crews had not been assigned.
SeaFox10 Vor Monat
Before all this crap, the real reason was because of the direction the door opened!
portland 182
portland 182 Vor Monat
1202 /1201 Alarm is not 'a bad computer' - it means the computer is being overloaded with too much data and can't cope. It was caused by Buzz Armstrong leaving the 'ascent radar' on, which should have been turned off.
Jay Edwards
Jay Edwards Vor Monat
It was actually Chris Kraft who made the decision it be Armstrong on the moon because of his experience in narrow escapes in times of trouble. That's actually from Kraft's own mouth. It's also documented in hansens book First man. Worth a read.....it's more enlightening that Google
Randall Porter
Randall Porter Vor 2 Monate
Read the book. Buzz honked the NASA HQ for pushing to be 1st. Again read the book.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
Randall Porter Which book do you recommend? Is that the First Man?
jack frey
jack frey Vor 2 Monate
i don't think we went to the moon, the project was a cold war trick, so all of this is a big psy-op.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
+jack frey Who told you about the radiation belts? Who investigated them? Who worked out the radiation characteristics? A landing denier? No. NASA told you and everybody else EVERYTHING they know about VAB. They also know that they are only low energy protons and electrons collected from the solar wind by earth's magnetic field. Low energy. If you don't take a holiday there, it is fine. Better still, they know you can avoid almost all of the radiation by going to the moon via the north or south pole. That is how Apollo flew, dodging 99.99% of the radiation which forms in an equatorial belt like a donut.. You are right, NASA can't go to the moon today. If you look carefully, you will also notice that America cannot send people into space - seats are bought on Russian flights. That does not mean the Shuttle did not fly for 20 years, either. NASA no longer has the hardware, politicians no longer have the balls for investing into science, prefering to pocket as much as they can or give it as tax bribes. NASA does not "admit" anything about killing humans, anywhere. I suspect you have watched a version of the Orion testing video selectively edited by deniers. The full version says they have to test Orion to make sure there is no interference from radiation with the electronics. Nowhere does anything from NASA say the VAB will 'fry humans'. That is a fabrication by deniers. Apollo used a stainless steel shell with additional phenolic resin shielding. Radiation was not a problem. The astronauts, in their published dosimeter readings, got less radiation than the average medical X-ray. You are welcome.
jack frey
jack frey Vor Monat
O K, the short version is we didn't go to the moon in1969 because of the radiation and we still can't go today,. The proof is the radiation belt, it is simply impossible to pass humans thru it without killing them. NASA admits it. We didn't go to the moon, we may have sent some unmanned crap but that would be it. We never went, and I'm sorry I must withdraw from this debate, my time is too precious.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
+jack frey You are grasping at straws. In the 1960s and 70s the Russians would embarrass and disadvantage the US in any way it could. Just as now. They did not care about US home opinion - the world and foreign influence was their target. There was no reason they would not have rubbished American failure then and for the next 50 years. Given they had failed to land men on the moon themselves, being "sour grape winey babies" was not a consideration. I don't believe the claim about radio waves - it is just mistaken. The first documented example was military experiments after WWII in 1946 using microwaves. Your uncle did not have that power available in the 1930s, nor the receiver quality. What was possible was bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere. Later, amateur moon bouncing did happen - first recorded in 1953. Radio can bounce off the entire moon; a light signal will not, simply because of the way the signal spreads out and the low reflectivity of the moon for light (the surface is very dark, like a bitumen road). There is no perceptible signal return. By the time a reasonable quality laser beam gets to the moon, it is probably 250 miles across. Even a high grade scientific laser will have spread to 20 miles across. Hitting the reflectors will give a detectable signal returned, but even that is small. Miss the reflectors and you get nothing. This has featured in several TV programs, including Mythbusters and one from Brian Cox. Moon rocks. Oh, this one is a moon landing denier perennial:-) NASA gave a gift to each country in UN a part of a very old moon rock brought back by the Apollo 11 mission. There were about 160 of these, mounted in little cases. The one that went to Netherlands was retained by the premier with his personal possessions. When he died in 1988 it was passed to the main museum in Amsterdam. It was quickly spotted by geologists as a lump of petrified wood, not moon rock. So - did NASA insult and defraud one of it oldest ally countries by passing off a rock any reasonable geologist would know as fake? And why only the Netherlands - all the others available were checked by experts and no other fakes found. Or... drum roll... did somebody steal it and substitute a bit of wood in the 20 years it was lost to the public? Given that a real Apollo moon rock, if available, would sell for upwards of a $ million, what do you think happened? Duh. Yes, moon rock falls all over earth all the time. It is just easier to spot at the poles. Several hundred fragments have been collected since the 1960s, with a combined weight of about 400 lbs. This is nothing like the 850 lbs of rock collected by NASA 1969-1972. Prior to Apollo, there were only about 20 lbs of known moon rock discovered. All of there cooked and contaminated by entering earth's atmosphere and being in the snow for years.
jack frey
jack frey Vor Monat
O K, I'll take this one at a time. The Russians knew, but, it was a political sticky point, didn.t want to come off as sour grape winey babies, and in those days Americans wouldn't believe anything a commie said anyway. As far as the laser and radio signals, my uncle and other ham radio operators in the 1930's use to bounce radio signals off the moon all the time, it was a standard trick. And, the moon rocks were and are suspicious, we have stuff falling in Antarctica all the time from space. Astronauts gave some moon rocks to a European country in the 60's, that country tested them and found them to be petrified wood, you know, from the petrified forest on the moon.
Nick James
Nick James Vor Monat
jack frey If it was a cold war trick, how come the Russians, who observed and spied on everything, did not blow the whistle on it? After all, it was a status game, nothing more. And how do you explain away all the details, like the laser reflectors or 900 lbs of moon rocks unlike anything we have on earth?
UltimateSteevil Vor 2 Monate
you really, really fucked up that conversion to 'celsius'........ your figures are not even close to accurate......... 1237*c - neg 8457*c? for a start? there's no such thing as "negative 8000" in celsius. 'ABSOLUTE ZERO' is 273 odd degrees in Celsius.................... -8000 is absolutely preposterous. As is + 1237....... do some fucking research you knob.
Gary Twitchett
Gary Twitchett Vor 2 Monate
DE-vid.... full of "KNOW ALLS"!!!!
CraftSized Vor 2 Monate
5:50 -8456°C? So you mean to tell me that the moon gets colder than the coldest temperature physically possible? (-273,15°C)
ThePremiumChicken Vor 2 Monate
I haven't seen the movie, but President Nixon had two speeches at the ready: one for when the Astronauts came back, and another in case they didn't
Branimir Antic
Branimir Antic Vor 2 Monate
1237 Celsius at night and 8456 Celsius during the day. OK, who else has a problem with this?
biggles258 Vor 2 Monate
Really enjoyed this, many thanks.
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