What I Wish I Knew Before DATING A GERMAN

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My German husband and I have been together for almost 9 years now! So as an American, here are a few things I wish I had known about Germany and Germans in general before I started dating a German.
So my question for you is: What is your take on these things? And what’s been your experience with this in your own life?
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8 Nov 2017



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Kale Ling
Kale Ling Vor year
That happiness tier in the outtakes was a perfect way to describe your differences.
David Roche
David Roche Vor 3 Monate
Jan Kostka most American would find this young lady as a Histrionic personality disorder...Depends on what part of America you live can depend on how direct you will be. Eastern U.S. and especially a New Yorker can be very direct. This is not the case in the west (California). Most American find this directness as rude..Interesting enough, the British would find this lower-class. Many American's finds smiling or making conversation with a stranger no big deal. It's being polite and idle chit-chat...So if a German wants to sit in a corner and pick their nose, so be it..It would be equally irritating to friendly American's.....Not many American's would put up with this lady..Sooner or later they would roll their eyes and walk away.lol...she is sweet...but chatty.
Jan Kostka
Jan Kostka Vor 3 Monate
With this you only create prejudices in germany against Americans.
Jan Kostka
Jan Kostka Vor 3 Monate
+David Roche I think you showed that you are an ignorant and uneducated american.
David Roche
David Roche Vor 3 Monate
+Christian 86 I was going to say something but it's Christmas and I rather not take the bait, Hansel.
Christian 86
Christian 86 Vor 3 Monate
+David Roche you are a very educated boy, aren't you?
Ki Neko
Ki Neko Vor 3 Tage
In my opinion if you say sth nice before and then critic the compliment loses its meaning. It sounds more fake, just like a reason to mention the real thing (critic). But I can understand your point.
Katjax Vor 4 Tage
I love the way you say Critics the US-way: first you say what someone did well and what you think it's good, and say at least two good positive comments and then you say polite what you don't like - that we Germans should learn from the US ! We Germans make Critics too direct and not polite. I am German and I often don't like the direct critic that Comes not politely. - I never talk with others About insurances. They are necessary, I Need some like Hausrat and Haftpflicht, but I don't like much Talking About it. I don't know anyone around me Talking About insurances. - I like much how you are Talking here, Dana Du bist klasse, super !
Photouniversum Vor 5 Tage
funny from german perspective. allthe best for you and your hubby
Hmm. They are direct, yes, but that over the top insurance topic? No
carl Vor 7 Tage
if i would get sooo excited about everything good, i may get a heartattack... we ONLY like Quality, anything with a low Quality is not acceptebel. i personaly do not care much inurances, i have my health insurance, thats it.
Stefan Haustein
Stefan Haustein Vor 7 Tage
Nichts gesagt ist auch gelobt!
Tobias Berle
Tobias Berle Vor 7 Tage
life is not the school
Matt Boone
Matt Boone Vor 7 Tage
I don’t get the insurance conversation. I thought you were going to say how men spend 45 minutes in front of the mirror before going out
ghostwriter71 Vor 8 Tage
You can't deny this is not the library.
zukii Vor 8 Tage
In school we also learned to give some positive feedback before you bomb them with bad stuff
Meddl Leu
Meddl Leu Vor 9 Tage
If you are together 9 years why don't you get the citizenship of your husband. That is so silly.
meteor Vor 9 Tage
I'm amazed how well she talks
Amohi Bastan
Amohi Bastan Vor 10 Tage
now I understand, why my canadian friend is such a drama queen
Schnörkel Fenja
Schnörkel Fenja Vor 10 Tage
My husband and I are German and the only insurance that we have is the Haftpflicht. Also, I walk and hop around smiling all day and love to go ooohhh and weeeeeeeeee when I like stuff and a good portion of the people that I encounter, regulars as well as new ones, can`t stand me and make it quite obvious, lol. I do have to say though that I am very direct.
telekommandant Vor 10 Tage
It's so nice, you're smiling all the time. But on the other hand you're smiling to often. It's too much.
Stephanie Lupien
Stephanie Lupien Vor 11 Tage
You are more human , dont diminish that! every culture has something to improve on. People who are too hung up on the negatives are needing to see that the positives are just as relevant
Roland Specht
Roland Specht Vor 12 Tage
As a German "Germans are to Honest to be Polite" and Americans are To Polite to be Honest.....Am glad am a German we cut through the BS and get to the point....Oh yea American Women look fat in that new dress...LOL to messing with you
Hans Kanns
Hans Kanns Vor 15 Tage
So literally you complain that Germans are more down to the ground with their feet instead of making a fucking scene for every little shit. XD
Stefan L.
Stefan L. Vor 16 Tage
1. Here in Swabia, we have a saying: "Net g'meckert isch gnug g'lobt". That means something like "not to complain/gripe is praise enough". 2. i never talk with anyone so much about assurance (??). This is absolutely NOT typical german, but perhaps typical for your husband ;)
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose Vor 20 Tage
Mr. German man that I met was so reserve with his emotions that "care" and "like" resembles love but won't admit it.
Ferjenni Bhaldz
Ferjenni Bhaldz Vor 26 Tage
I met a german man online. I am a filipina and we tend to appreciate kindness and sweetness. What shocked me is that when he called me on the phone and if I told him I don"t hear him well cause of his accent, he will directly say, "ok you don't hear me well? then I will just go. Bye!"...and I am like is he mad or its just normal for german men to do that???
herr lastmann
herr lastmann Vor 27 Tage
Something I learned from this. Hey, nice background... BUT This one was hard to bear for me (as a German... maybe more as a man in general). It came to my mind, if I had a girl friend as talkative like you, I'd probably have to reduce our common time down to a few hrs a week to keep my sanity. 😂😂
goagăl minus
goagăl minus Vor 28 Tage
You should see how eastern Europeans are. They have no problem telling you in your face that: you're fat, or you got fat or something like that ;))
jojo ._.
jojo ._. Vor Monat
here in germany when giving critiques in school we really didn´t do this stuff at all and most of the time the person presenting wouldn´t even get any positive feedback. It would just be all bad things you have to improve. In bavaria (especially swabia/schwaben) we have a saying "Nicht geschimpft ist gelobt genug" (or in swabian: "Net g´schimpft isch g´lobt gnua") wich basically translates to "no scolding is enough praise" and i think that sums up the mentality of germans with praise pretty well (or at least the mentality of us grumpy swabians :D)
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Vor Monat
Don't know where you got that "germany is into insurance"-thing. I never met someone who is into insurance. When I hear someone talking about insurance, it's only to complain, what a pain in the a** these constant calls from insurance agents are. If your guy is into insurance, I'd say he's a pretty unique german ;) And if all his friends are also into insurance, it's maybe because they finally found someone with the same "hobby" ;) And I'd think, it took them quite a while to find someone with that same interest...
Carlie Walker
Carlie Walker Vor Monat
I'm from Texas we are direct about everything so
Kris Art
Kris Art Vor Monat
do u know the critique sandwich? say sth positive than an improvement suggestion than again sth positive. I learnd that, but not in school. :-)
CloneDaddy Vor Monat
I thought it was going to be an anal sex thing....
Time Bandit
Time Bandit Vor Monat
Now I am curious. What insurance/s exaclty were they talking about that is or are not available in America? Because I worked in insurance in the Information Technology side and assisted agents all the time. There are a lot of insurances available that you may not know about, because you simply never needed them.
Minette Chat
Minette Chat Vor Monat
In school, did they teach your husband, ...like, anything ...positive ? Like, maybe to avoid punctuating everything with, like, ...'like' ? I'm old so I was completely surprised by your list of things you, "...wish you knew before dating". I can think of so many differences between between German and North American 'dating' habits. ...But I found your video to be very informative, none-the-less. ( I'm just not sure if you or your husband were meant to be the main character. ) Once you have been married for nine years... I'm thinking it's a little late to worry about first impressions. ...Please forgive me for having a little fun with you ( grin ! ).
Russ Ian E. Lection-Hacker
Your observation is correct. Germans don't tend to exaggerate everything. As for the insurance obsession, that's definitely NOT a common German trait. What IS true is that German can spend literally (literally) hours talking about one and the same subject.
Michael#S-D# Vor Monat
Dein Tonlage bringt Gläser zum springen......
HARLEY D Vor Monat
Dam! Nine years; I’m gonna go to Deutschland & get a girl!
Mathias Dreßke
Mathias Dreßke Vor Monat
In Germany we are tought to give critique exactly as you do. First tell something nice then tell the truth. Don't know what strange people you met but they don't seem to be living in Germany for long.
she reminds me to sue heck from the middle...
shutyersxymth Vor Monat
Lol you must've annoyed the piss out of him with all your bubbliness
Furiosaka Vor Monat
You`re really sweet but, to buff a critique is for girls ;) . And in germany, there are still gentleman left! AND sorry but if you`re so stupid to marry someone you don`t really know... . Maybe i should make a vid about how bitchy and stupid U.S.- girls are ... hmmmm. Was the buff at the beginning usefull?... The truth doesn`t need any decoration, she is pure and beautifull as she is ;).
Robert Schwegler
Auf Wiedersehen-nothing is better for a video!
Robert Schwegler
Ja weisst du,das liegt wohl daran dass man sich hier gegen jeden Scheiss versichert.
Γιάννης Γιαννόπουλος
Haha i don't know how i got to find this video but i watched it and i would like to leave a comment.I'm Greek and have met many Americans and Germans in my life.I have also traveled to both countries.As a matter of fact Americans tend to exaggerate while germans are and try to be more reserved,especially with words.Now,if someone is exaggerating, generally speaking,the time he/she won't be in this mood can easily be misunderstood by the other one while the more reserved person can more easily be near the core of the subject.In a Plutarchic manner.I really believe that your school have done a great(i mean it lol) job on how to treat people in a courteous way befote you have any objections to appeal on someones attitude or conversation. Now as far as the "insurance " thing is concerned..... you somewhere with a bunch of guys talking about this......well...... i dunno...or maybe you wished you have attended a german school !!! lol :)
Dragon de Soupe
Dragon de Soupe Vor Monat
Why complaining? You finally got the right man!
Izzy Walzer
Izzy Walzer Vor Monat
Beim Thema Versicherung fühl ich mich gerade nicht sehr "deutsch". Dagegen erkenne ich mich beim Vergleich good vs. amazing ganz deutlich wieder.
Garmhelbewacher Vor Monat
As a swabian its "super duper amazing" if you say nothing about it.
Christian Harms
Christian Harms Vor Monat
Good Video! ;-)
Guido Vor Monat
Positive Feedback for my presentation by my best friend: it wasn't completely shit
Kai Ole
Kai Ole Vor Monat
Germans are cold stones
Peter Auto
Peter Auto Vor Monat
The only thing I can't relate to is the insurance part. Normally I would use good, nice, and not bad as positive adjectives.
hdeditor Vor 2 Monate
That stuff about insurance I've never heard before. Well I'm Austran and not German, so maybe there's the difference. But I use as little insurance as possible and don't want to mess with it let alone talk about it.
Fine Kah
Fine Kah Vor 2 Monate
Your boyfriend seems to be a little bit boring ^^ sorry
Werner Telaar
Werner Telaar Vor 2 Monate
Blondes Gerede von 'ner Sonderschülerin
stefan reuter
stefan reuter Vor 2 Monate
Great, great and one more time great. And that is from a German😊
0nem1leh1gh Vor 2 Monate
Oh i'm so sorry for Mr. German man being such boring prick. Fortunately, the love, how i understand it, neither has nationality, nor language.
Antonio Sollazzo
Antonio Sollazzo Vor 2 Monate
Omg so true
S L Vor 2 Monate
Mr. German Man sounds like a barrel of fun.
Linda Raterink
Linda Raterink Vor 2 Monate
We in the Netherlands have a saying "No news is good news." Meaning if you don't hear anything about what ever it is you doing, it is not illegal or you're doing a fantastic job. I guess that goes for Germans aswel.
Julian Z
Julian Z Vor 2 Monate
wieso bist du jedezeit so geil drauf, wie schaffst du das ?
David Holt
David Holt Vor 2 Monate
Possibly it is Americans who are totally crazy and "out there", whereas Germans are mostly sane?
Hädicke Daniel
Hädicke Daniel Vor 2 Monate
U know some of ur cars have nice colours, and i like they have wheels, but if i have to critizice smth is that they r trash. On Amerika i like that its big and that they have trees and birds, and if ur lucky u can see some domesticated blacks in some Hollywood movies, and sometimes even as president, and some free living in the slums beeing provided with drugs from the white, and if u like shooting around u can be shure that when u join the army u have within a year a war u can take part( and if it takes a bit longer u still have the highschools) but if i have to critizice smth about it its that u didnt manage to convince ( even with the help of our government) other people here in Germany too that u r a great nation.
Michael Buckland
Michael Buckland Vor 2 Monate
Not everyone is 5 years old, but apparently you are not aare of this
helfgott david
helfgott david Vor 2 Monate
Dear Dana i do think a lot of germans would like to know about the amazon reactions in germany about your book. To me it prooves of a brilliant brain,nobody can deny that fact,a strong will to learn about germany and the language. I would like to express my deepest respect. And i would like to thank you
David Zimmermann
David Zimmermann Vor 2 Monate
Wow, I didn't know it was possible to smile so much while talking at the same time - quite amazing! :)
DP - PIRONI Vor 2 Monate
In Bavaria we have a phrase that could fit to your diagnosis of the lack of emotions: "Nix g´sagt is g´lobt gnua". In German: "Nichts zu sagen ist genug des Lobes". In English: "To say nothing is enough of praise ..." It´s somehow true.
Philip Cavieve
Philip Cavieve Vor 2 Monate
Am looking for serious relationship am in Germany
xxseexxyourxxsoulxx Vor 2 Monate
So I would be like: " You are a bit weird in the way you talk, but I like the color of your shirt ?"
Horst Neumohr
Horst Neumohr Vor 2 Monate
Allen Dingen, die du am Anfang erzählt hast, könnte ich ganz gut zustimmen. Doch die Sache mit den Versicherungen finde ich etwas befremdlich. In meinem Bekanntenkreis spricht kein Mensch über Versicherungen. Manche haben vermutlich mehrere, doch die meisten haben nur die allernötigsten und würden nicht im Traum daran denken, mit anderen über Versicherungen zu reden, wenn die sie nicht darauf ansprechen. - Was mich selbst höchst irritiert ist, wenn Leute schon bei den geringsten Kleinigkeiten in euphorische Bergriffe abgleiten. Doch einer prägt sich auch damit ja fast täglich ins Weltbewusstsein ein, nämlich der vermutlich dümmste amerikanische Präsident aller Zeiten, stupid Donald. Dieser Primitivling ergießt sich ja bei jeder passenden oder unpassenden Gelegenheit und schon bei Banalitäten in Superlativen. Ich dachte zuerst, das sei einfach ein besonderes Merkmal seines kindlichen und unterentwickelten Charakters. Doch wenn das in Amerika so üblich ist, dann wundert es mich natürlich nicht, dass der auch heute noch etwa 40% der einfachen Landbevölkerung hinter sich hat. - Doch davon abgesehen Dana, du bist, ohne dass ich dafür ein Superlativ bemühen muss, meine liebste Amerikanerin, gewissermaßen das liebenswerteste netteste freundlichste und intelligenteste Gegenstück zum bekloppten Präsidenten. Deine Videos anzusehen, bereitet mir immer viel Freude. Mach weiter so.
Torsten Clauß
Torsten Clauß Vor 2 Monate
or as we Germans in the south say, ned geschempft ischt gnug globt, nicht geschimpft ist genug gelobt, not complained is praised enough
Armin Vor 2 Monate
Well, if everything is amazing then nothing is amazing. In this matter the (generally spoken) typical american reminds me of a quote of Homer Simpson: "This really amazes me. And I'm not easily impressed.... wow a blue car!"
DsRathore Rathore
DsRathore Rathore Vor 2 Monate
kat gardner
kat gardner Vor 2 Monate
Germans are direct and honest but that's perfect. I hate the way you never know what Americans are thinking because they seldom say.
MattiMieze Vor 2 Monate
Heii. First of all, I looove your videos :) Actually it's the exact same opposite with me and my american boyfriend. I am always suuper excited about everything and he is more serious and he is really direct haha. I feel more american right now haha but in general you are right haha
Mei Uzumaki
Mei Uzumaki Vor 2 Monate
Kann die mal aufhören ein auf Profi zu machen?!
James Sager
James Sager Vor 2 Monate
James Black
James Black Vor 2 Monate
You can not generalize a nation based on just "one" individual relationship
Un Wichtig
Un Wichtig Vor 2 Monate
I'm German and I consider people talking about insurance all the time as boring and not as German.
bilder familie
bilder familie Vor 2 Monate
Lo this is a funny video. I think except of the insurence thing ( i m german as well but can not see any truth in that) she is basically discriping male vs femal. Not german vs. American ☺
VosQuiTransitis Vor 2 Monate
The concept of criticism you talked about is also teached in Germany, at least in my school. Mostly results into 'You made a nice PowerPoint presentation' though 😂
S.L. George
S.L. George Vor 2 Monate
a lot of this is the difference between how men and women express themselves as opposed to cultural differences. Virtually no American guy would ever say, "it's super, super, super amazing" lol However, I do think it is true that Americans tend to be more expressive and less direct than Germans. Having said that, the Germans impression of our expressiveness is totally off base. They tend to perceive this as being phony--this is not the case. Some Americans are phony, but the level of expressiveness is not indicative of that. Among many other things about Germany and Germans, I actually like the directness of Germans, especially in business. However, sometimes they are so abrupt and 'short' that it is perceived as rudeness.
amina kluth
amina kluth Vor 2 Monate
I also learned this technique in my school here in Cologne . But you're totally right, we are quite directly in our everyday life. 😄😂
Tr3f4cegamer Vor 2 Monate
Germans tend to spontaneously taking a shortcut through their neighbours frontyard
Andreas Kruber
Andreas Kruber Vor 2 Monate
In Germany we have the national social insurance system which we call “Sozialversicherung”. Every tax payer pays aside the taxes automatically in these six pots of the social insurances. Barack Obama tried that kind of system with “Obamacare” too which was called “socialism” by some right wingers. We were the first country in the world that had that system. It was developed and introduced between 1883-1889 by Otto Von Bismarck. The idea was that the community was helping the individual person if necessary. Maybe they were talking about that or some additional insurances. But honestly, I never witnessed that type of conversation or was part of it.
helfgott david
helfgott david Vor 2 Monate
Dear Dana what do YOU think is the most difference between germany and the us?
Dämonen Sultan
Dämonen Sultan Vor 2 Monate
Ich weiß das diesses Video schon älter ist aber das ist mir erst mal egal... Was ich sagen wollte ist das nicht alle Deutschen so direkt und diese Methode erst positive Punkte zu finden bevor man die negativen sagt auch in deutschen Schulen praktiziert wird MFG aus Deutschland Tim
Josy Kapunkt
Josy Kapunkt Vor 2 Monate
Your Mr. German is one of not many people who likes to talk about insurances.. @Every people from other countries: Germans don't talk about insurances all the time! 😂 I'm German and dating a British guy since a few weeks and I know something that he told me about German dating. In England (don't know if it's same in America) "bringing someone home" or specially boys bringing girls home is polite and kind of gentle but in Germany it's often used as an alibi for having sex or wanting to have sex with your date and if he's/she's okey with bringing her/him home you can expect that your date wants to sleep with you too 😄
Pretty Stone
Pretty Stone Vor 2 Monate
They also teach this at German schools but in normal conversations being real is being better than trying to make the truth look better.
Pretty Stone
Pretty Stone Vor 2 Monate
You are so ugly and stupid
Huckleberry Hawke
Huckleberry Hawke Vor 2 Monate
Wow du bist unglaublich symphatisch
Garage928 Vor 2 Monate
Huckleberry Hawke schleim schleim..
Björn Gerlach
Björn Gerlach Vor 2 Monate
Way too much energy here...
Linda Silver
Linda Silver Vor 2 Monate
That about the insurance is BULLSHIT!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Der Simur
Der Simur Vor 2 Monate
I do not know anyone here in Germany who likes to talk about insurance. Except when he can save a lot. We also think that insurance is a necessary evil.
Der Simur
Der Simur Vor 2 Monate
To the first thing. I learnd from a american man: everything before the word "but" is bullshit.
Michael Krämer
Michael Krämer Vor 2 Monate
Schade, daß wir uns nie vorher kennengelernt haben...Daumen hoch.
Khalifah Dahir
Khalifah Dahir Vor 2 Monate
Es ist nicht leicht, eine bescheidene Person zu bekommen, aber ich denke, deutsche Mädchen sind schwer zu verstehen, aber ich weiß nicht warum.
Jack Browni
Jack Browni Vor 2 Monate
The insurance thing is for over 30 guys who are pretty boring in general
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Vor 3 Monate
Gosh americans talk your ears off without much substance. Small talk is killing me.
Mystery Grl
Mystery Grl Vor 3 Monate
Wer spricht bitte gerne über Versicherungen?😂
Arved Ludwig
Arved Ludwig Vor 3 Monate
The word "Tja" is the perfect description of our mindset.
fx shrat
fx shrat Vor 3 Monate
I would definitely insure your cuteness. Other than that I don't care much for insurances. Maybe your friend is special case for a doctor.
Michael N
Michael N Vor 3 Monate
Thumbs down for this commercial line up. A shame.
Russian Bot Ulf
Russian Bot Ulf Vor 3 Monate
theres pros and cons to both behaviours, your kids are lucky
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