What if We Nuke a City?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Learn more about nuclear weapons and what you can do to stop them
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As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited.
Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today.
So hopefully this video demonstrates how extremely non fun a real world nuclear attack would be, without being too gruesome. This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross!
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13 Okt 2019



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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited. Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today. This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross! Please check out www.notonukes.org to learn more about nuclear weapons and what you can do to stop them.
Well thats good... But what if after coronavirus panademic there is a war between china and usa... I guess world is approaching a situation of world war 3 in this case.. If china is found guilty behind spreading this virus...
Badr Ghanmi
Badr Ghanmi Vor 2 Monate
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I want to get a bird
MrNobody Vor 2 Monate
It's a really nice video. Perhaps next time do a game theory video and explore the reasons why nuclear weapons will never stop existing too.
PETS on Parade
PETS on Parade Vor 2 Monate
Ask the americans what they think abt It. They seen to aquihave no trouble to use It, not once, but two times against japan
VDGG Vor 2 Monate
Russia possesses nuclear weapons with a total capacity of 2 million Hiroshima. This is enough to destroy planet Earth 200 times.
aditya chopra
aditya chopra Vor Stunde
But what if we have super fast space travel to an alien planet and they want to kill us... just nuke em
brett nelson
brett nelson Vor Stunde
This is a great video and so true
a cute miata
a cute miata Vor 2 Stunden
You could ask Makarov and he'll tell you....
Verity Lindsay
Verity Lindsay Vor 7 Stunden
I feel like the narrator has PTSD from reading these scripts..
Alexander Hyde
Alexander Hyde Vor 8 Stunden
“Hospitals will be unequipped for such a disaster” 2020: How about I do that, but across the world?
I do stuff.
I do stuff. Vor 9 Stunden
1:45 Don't mind this. This is for me.
Alexander Zhdanov
Alexander Zhdanov Vor 10 Stunden
I did some measurements and figured out that biggest radius of my city is 42.5 km. I live a few kilometers away from the edge, but close to center anyway. This means that if my city gets nuked with at least power of nuke from this video, I will be just instantly burnt to a lump of ashes, without suffering from cancer. What a relief!
Ammar Aldawoodyeh
Ammar Aldawoodyeh Vor 13 Stunden
Israel need to hear this
Ammar Aldawoodyeh
Ammar Aldawoodyeh Vor 13 Stunden
Israel need to hear this
Slow Neutron
Slow Neutron Vor 13 Stunden
We did nuke a city. Two of them. Should've been three.
McStickers Vor 14 Stunden
How did you get those cameras in there and get them back?
Rocking Raccoon Productions
Nobody: The US in World War 2: (this video)
Germanic hams
Germanic hams Vor 15 Stunden
TL;DW If a nuclear bomb goes of best case scenario you are caught in stage 1, underground for a few days, or nowhere near the bomb.
Aine Kelly
Aine Kelly Vor 19 Stunden
Poor Japan ☹️
crazydude Vor 20 Stunden
to me, this is the scariest video on this channel. this is realer and more possible than quite a few videos on the channel. it has happened before, twice. and it can happen anytime in the future. let's just hope it never happens
Shuaib Mohamud
Shuaib Mohamud Vor 20 Stunden
This is how harran was made
Jan With Banan
Jan With Banan Vor 20 Stunden
History answers this question
Svmmerx_ days
Svmmerx_ days Vor 21 Stunde
It's fun to play with nuclear weapons! Not in real life.
Mickael the Wolf
America to Japan be like:
Happy SoftTM
Happy SoftTM Vor Tag
I don't know about that one
Ace Nunez
Ace Nunez Vor Tag
Welp I think i should not be in a big city ever again
Matix 777
Matix 777 Vor Tag
Krugersatz: what if we nuke a city? my last 2 brain cells: 👁 👄 👁
It would have been cool if you adet the power armor from fallout as a secret or something
Adrian Lim
Adrian Lim Vor Tag
We go extinct with our own hands. There wont be a giant meteorite or a super volcano which will wipe us out. World War 3 will be the end of mankind.
edgy potato
edgy potato Vor Tag
Imperial Japan : *bombs Pearl Harbor* The US :
nadhira othman
Nice animation
Kahverengi Kanal
But what if we need to stop a meteorite? I think nuclear weapons are the strongest things we have.
Amirhossein Soleimani
Well the first country that deployed a nuke was the U.S. so I think the real threat has been obvious since ww2. Even Marshal islands in Atlantic Ocean are now contaminated due to U.S. nuclear experiments.
Trump better think twice.
Winston Mcgee
nuke china
Counter Blox soilder
Chernobyl the sequel
magtovi Vor Tag
Japan: *"What if???"*
CGI Future
CGI Future Vor Tag
S C L Vor Tag
When aliens DO invade, we got something they will never forget. that is if they do exist.
Никола Тоцић
2020: Funny
Carlos AC
Carlos AC Vor Tag
Now I understand why Sarah Connor was so afraid of a nuclear attack in Terminator 2 movie.
Music Account
Music Account Vor 2 Tage
Every day that nuclear weapons exist on Earth there is a chance that an early warning system will malfunction, terrorists will get their hands on the bomb, a delusional leader will send the rockets, a misunderstanding between superpowers will escalate to a war and so on. All of us lose everything if any of this happens. Nuclear weapons must be destroyed, it's the only real way to prevent them from being used. The principle of mutually assured destruction almost lead to a nuclear war during cold war on so many occasions. The nukes and the people holding them didn't go anywhere after the end of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately now we see world leaders gripping ever tighter on their nukes. We might actually be the generation that witnesses them being used.
Trololol 1010
Trololol 1010 Vor 2 Tage
Imagine how horrifying it would be being deafened and blinded by the explosion and getting stuck under rubble
NukeCorruption Vor 2 Tage
the title is kinda hilariously translated to my language, it basically says: "A nuclear weapon falls into a city. So what?"
Andrea The Espeon
Kurzgesagt: What if we nuke a city? Me: Lemme guess, June?
Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunter Vor 5 Stunden
June don’t!
Nuwl Vor 2 Tage
the us dropped two of these on japan...
Max Minns
Max Minns Vor 2 Tage
We should stop sending nukes in the sky
cw249 24
cw249 24 Vor 2 Tage
we could make a religion out of this! wait, no dont
Kamil525 Vor 2 Tage
I've seen Shockwaves from Volcanos erupting and it looks sick and then you're deaf for a few days
シワ Vor 2 Tage
What if we gather all the trash in the world in a single spot and nuke it
Decipher Studios
Decipher Studios Vor 2 Tage
Hiroshima flashbacks
jb hu
jb hu Vor 2 Tage
A world without a nuclear bomb will be even more chaotic
nfrost1986 Vor 2 Tage
I hope I turn into a ghoul and meet the lone wander
Isosceles Triangle
Well obviously there would not be a city after the nuke was dropped.
Lisa Le Moyne
Lisa Le Moyne Vor 2 Tage
Kurzgesagt: this is not about silly stacks of TNT or how bright an explosion is, Nuclear weapons are about you. Me: Right? Kurzgesagt: Right. Me: Right. . . Me . . . Right.
san sm
san sm Vor 2 Tage
Peace world
san sm
san sm Vor 2 Tage
Peace 🌍🌎🌏
Gloria Romæ!
Gloria Romæ! Vor 2 Tage
Pepper Sych
Pepper Sych Vor 2 Tage
Kurzgesagt: "What happens if we nuke a city??" Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Are we a joke to you?
23Nandez Vor 2 Tage
I know it's just a fictional videogame, but playing fallout is one of the reasons why I feel very uncomfortable with the thought of god knows how many nuclear weapons around the world these days
Zackery German
Zackery German Vor 2 Tage
Things like this bring me to tears
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. Vor 2 Tage
Thanks for doing 60fps videos. Its just satisfying
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog Vor 2 Tage
Kurzgesagt: What if we nuke a city? 2020: Write that down, write that down
Jfirs04 Vor 3 Tage
Drop a bomb on Los Angeles 😂
KevinnKid Vor 3 Tage
Adiós coronavirus
Георгий Ивашкевич
Страшно, но интересно!
Eric Z
Eric Z Vor 3 Tage
World: we should stop developing nuclear weapons. US, UK, France, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, North Korea: meh
Veronica West
Veronica West Vor 3 Tage
so this is to get everybody ready for the World against China? hmmm
June 2020 be like:
Jay Whites
Jay Whites Vor 3 Tage
Nuke? Did u say nuke? Ok bringing my cod 4 suit and inside a heli copter
Hunter Vor 3 Tage
My oppinion is that nuclear weapons should ne banned BUT since more than 40 years of the signation of the agreement for no ploriferation of nuclear weapons that countries as USA, China, Rússia, France, Israel and etc. Did absolutely NOTHING to eliminate their own weapons. Much the oposite they (Specialy USA) use them to threat others countries and so get economic advatage in the geopolitical scenario. Due this i do think that until these countries eliminate their own weapons they cannot compel others to dont develop this tecnology. And thus i do think that my country (Brazil) should and MUST have this gun since (unfortunately) this be the only way that we have to actualy ensure our sovereignty, because the pressure of USA here is huge and abusive. But even if Brazil had the bomb, in the very same day that USA, China, Russsia and etc decide to extinguish completely their nuclear weapons i would support withoult any doubt to others countries do the same. In the end nuclear weapons ate terrible and i do really hate them, its inhuman, but unfortunately in the actual world that USA created after the end of wwII this kind of inhuman gun is being used to threaten and take advatage over other countries, very often promoting the hunger, unemployment and underdevelopment on these "targeted" countries and this is is also unacceptable. Any kind of external threat to the autonomy of sovereign countries over the world is unacceptable. No matter if its done throught a nuclear weapon or economic sanctions which are as worse as a nuclear attack.
Murat974 Vor 3 Tage
I discovered that nuclear weapons are really evil. They are not fun... Poor people who died because of nuclear weapons...😭😭😭
РСК ⰓⰔⰍ Vor 3 Tage
My country was bombed with uranium in 1999, people have more cancer than ever and life expectancy is lower. US never took responsibility for that even though they were ones that bombed us in the first place. It's basically a crime against humanity that no-one exept us cares about
Gabriele Visconti
This is just amazing
Mantel Vor 3 Tage
Do i see a bright light in Phase 1? Or is it all over instantly?
Your Everyday Santa
This is the coolest video they made
Zer0IX 9
Zer0IX 9 Vor 3 Tage
This world will be more peaceful if we can destroy weapon of mass destruction by just voting. Reality is rather disappointing.
Tijn Zijn backup
Tijn Zijn backup Vor 3 Tage
Good to know that we can all die if one of the insanely stupid world leaders we have make a mistake
SomewhatOriginal YT
it’ll be worth it cause the monster in my closet is gone but so is my family
GamerBrosChannel2020 Gameing Lee
Nuke:oh hi guys I'm new here! Corona virus:um sorry who are you again Nuke:I'm here for a job! Corona virus: Sorry that spot is taken
Sherri Olsen
Sherri Olsen Vor 3 Tage
Nagasaki and Hiroshima: *First time?*
*U.S has left the chat*
Joash Johnson
Joash Johnson Vor 3 Tage
No one: Kurzgesagt: WHAT IF WE NUKED A CITY
XXMiklPickle Vor 3 Tage
"What do you mean no more nukes?! Once you have the first nuke that's it, there's just nukes," - jontron
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