"What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?": Kids Ask Tom Hardy Difficult Questions

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"You don't want to know!"
Star of Venom, Tom Hardy answers 'difficult' questions from a bunch of kids on BBC Radio 1 with Dev & Alice.
Contains some strong language.
Listen to Alice & Dev 6-10am, Friday-Sunday on BBC Radio 1.
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28 Sep 2018



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RD6593 Vor 7 Stunden
His accent is the cutest. Love ya tommmy 😙😙😙
Wakda-fuq -Jae?
Wakda-fuq -Jae? Vor 6 Tage
Tom Hardy is a whole snacc himself
ToMaLoBeLa Vor 6 Tage
What SNACK would he be?! Baby he’s a meal!!! 3 course! 😛
Patricia Mathis
Patricia Mathis Vor 6 Tage
Love this man's work and this just made me love him as a person. You can tell he's a Daddy for sure!
saskia pateman
saskia pateman Vor 7 Tage
I’m a bag of twiglits what’s up 😂
Jabez Gill
Jabez Gill Vor 8 Tage
“Being good is important...but being yourself is more important” Hahahaha horrible advice, Dear Serial and Cereal Killers...please disregard that advice and be good.
lama najdi
lama najdi Vor 11 Tage
can we pls touch on the fact that he’s already a snack and doesnt even have to choose
stilia papa
stilia papa Vor 12 Tage
I love tom hardy more than humans jahah
Camille Kurt
Camille Kurt Vor 14 Tage
He makes me idk how to explain it but he makes me kinda mmmm like when you have urges but in a very desirable way...lol
Kylie A. Figueroa
Kylie A. Figueroa Vor 15 Tage
'Good number, that.' :P
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 Vor 18 Tage
I like Gold Fish more than humans
Spectre Vor 19 Tage
3:06 did he say „hi Tom Hardiny“ ?
Animated Music Videos
OMG that guy. Also very interesting questions Very nice video.
Priyanka Maurya
Priyanka Maurya Vor 25 Tage
He is such a cinnamon roll ❤
Santana Grady
Santana Grady Vor 26 Tage
Tanujaa Ravikumar
Tanujaa Ravikumar Vor 26 Tage
I love this guy- he's sincere and sexy with a gorgeous voice I could listen to all day ❤❤❤🔥🔥
Ava F
Ava F Vor Monat
Dispatch it with the love man, omg stop it
Amber Love
Amber Love Vor Monat
You dont want to know! Lol
Stevie SaysMeow
Stevie SaysMeow Vor Monat
Tom Hardy is a cool cat you need to make precious in our gen as an actor. Buddies of mine asked "How much you wanna sell those 2 of your Hardy autograph photos for?" I said "Take 2 punches and a kick in the face for 1 autograph each". :) They got the hint, it's not for sale.
Vanessa Mucosa
Vanessa Mucosa Vor Monat
“Do you like goldfish more than humans?” 😂😂 Now we’re asking the real questions
Nayyer Butt
Nayyer Butt Vor Monat
Lovely tom hardy
Rain Storm
Rain Storm Vor Monat
"Lovingly see it off with a big stick"
Youmna Arabica
Youmna Arabica Vor Monat
“What snack would you be” bitch, he already is a snack
Ron Mosely
Ron Mosely Vor Monat
phuqin genius! One of the True Old School style actors !
Amanda Fields
Amanda Fields Vor Monat
Tom Hardy is a snack anyway, wish I could have him lol
I Wish Tom Hardy Was My Dad
Vivre Sehun
Vivre Sehun Vor Monat
Tom Hardy is already a whole snack
Vivre Sehun
Vivre Sehun Vor Monat
Can I have his babies? Please.
Its Tachanka
Its Tachanka Vor Monat
Ive always been a fan of Tom Hardy. He needs an oscar asap
Vanessa Vivas
Vanessa Vivas Vor Monat
He´s amazing...lovely in all the possible ways...
Loreal Madonna
Loreal Madonna Vor Monat
I love Tom Hardy. He is one of the best actors I know! 😉
right spyder
right spyder Vor Monat
Tom is precious
Fetus Completus
Fetus Completus Vor Monat
what do you mean, Sienna? Tom's already a snacc
brandon bartlett
dispatch it with the love man
ADansk 1
ADansk 1 Vor Monat
"Age 5, that's a nice number"😂just a bit noncy
Myrine Vor Monat
Please do more of these I love them!!!
fr e sh avoca do
b-but tom is already a snacc?
Liam Grey
Liam Grey Vor Monat
Yeah he’s definitely my man crush no homos
EXOL AF Vor Monat
I love this man 💋💋💋
fuck Vor Monat
"what's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?" "crack cocaine"
Austin Delaney
Austin Delaney Vor Monat
I think...I think I might be gay
Giorgia Bortoloni
I love him so much, i could listen to him talking for Hours. That accent.
Cécile Mahave
Cécile Mahave Vor Monat
Love the Hogwarts story
Dan Wilsln
Dan Wilsln Vor Monat
What makes this guy so attractive? He just looks like a normal guy it’s mental
Magda Magda
Magda Magda Vor Monat
is tom hardy related to ben hardy?
Isaac Sanchez
Isaac Sanchez Vor Monat
“Dispatch it with you’re love mate..” - Tom Hardy
Isper Necibeyov
Isper Necibeyov Vor Monat
1:36 Being yourself is more important
Nada Sakr
Nada Sakr Vor Monat
This deep voice ....💂‍♂️❤❤ but he laughs like me 🤣
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Vor Monat
Tom, rape me por favor
Southern Belle
Southern Belle Vor Monat
What an awesome job answering the kids💙🤗💜
kate jones
kate jones Vor Monat
You're still my beating heart Tommy!!!
Kurmi Vor Monat
A "meety" snack... Omg my dirty mind went all over the Place. I wish I was the naughtiest thing he's ever done 😈
georgy669 Vor Monat
Omg I love him 💘
fai s
fai s Vor Monat
Oh Tom hardy, I wish you were my daddy.
Quity Popper
Quity Popper Vor Monat
sounds like there using a voice changer for the kids voice.
Leo M.
Leo M. Vor Monat
This is so sweet.
Demonic Mirajane
Oh Sienna, Tom is already a snack
evis kokalari
evis kokalari Vor Monat
I wish he was my daddy as well!
MrTimmsy1986 Vor Monat
Wow he has dropped his size down drastically
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods Vor Monat
6 and a half That’s a manly age that 😂
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods Vor Monat
‘Ledge’ 😂😂
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods Vor Monat
‘My FaVoUrItE nUmBeR’s 15’ *Good number that!*
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs Vor Monat
Kid - “What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done” Tom - “fucked an 11 year old” Kid - “what” Radio crew - “where the fuck is Lola”
Caz G
Caz G Vor Monat
Awe Toms laugh 😍 way too cute! 🤗
Eliza Black
Eliza Black Vor Monat
Tom Hardy is a snack of his own!😁
Dorothy N
Dorothy N Vor Monat
Rosana Modugno
Rosana Modugno Vor Monat
I'll have a bag of Twiglets please. lol
Lucy xx Steel
Lucy xx Steel Vor Monat
Ahhh Tom hardy voice
DOC_ OverDOSE Vor Monat
Who knew Mad max was not mad at all
Halz Vor Monat
1:05 the way he switched to Dad mode so fast lmao
Emaad Dohee
Emaad Dohee Vor Monat
Tom from USA OR UK please answer
mukesh kumar
mukesh kumar Vor Monat
My crush and will be forever Tom fucking Hardy love you
I wanna sit on Tom hardy's face
I would let him do some seriously grim things to me 😍😈
Yo To
Yo To Vor Monat
I ain’t gay but he fine
susi susanti
susi susanti Vor Monat
wong lanang ngadepi cah cilik mesti konyol e😂
Reggie Kray
Reggie Kray Vor Monat
eg lee
eg lee Vor Monat
진짜... 톰하디 이렇게 잘생길 일인가...
Komal Yadav
Komal Yadav Vor Monat
how is he so hot 😒
حسين الغريفي
Sean Corrigan
Sean Corrigan Vor Monat
What a genius actor and a great guy. He burst into Bronson mode at the end there haha!
Marie Healy
Marie Healy Vor Monat
1:57 Darling. He's already a snack.
Lucy xx Steel
Lucy xx Steel Vor Monat
I love Tom hardy so much ❤️❤️❤️
Arianna Rivera
Arianna Rivera Vor Monat
Protect Tom hardy Cillian Murphy Jamie Dornan At All Costs
Curious Otter
Curious Otter Vor Monat
I wonder how many females released a few extra eggs after this video.
Léna Lockhart
Léna Lockhart Vor 2 Monate
He looks so intimidating while being such a sweetheart T_T
Abbas Khan
Abbas Khan Vor 2 Monate
Chill out tom there won't be any milfs left for the rest of us xD
Um Zaid
Um Zaid Vor 2 Monate
He's so hoooottttt it makes me want to cry 😭😭😭😭
crv Vor 2 Monate
Such articulation from these children. Miles and miles apart from what I witness here in The United States.
N M Vor 2 Monate
Latema King
Latema King Vor 2 Monate
So damn fine
Pia Aprecio
Pia Aprecio Vor 2 Monate
0:05 that accent tho 😍
Barney Quinn
Barney Quinn Vor 2 Monate
jimmy is the man
I am Venom
I am Venom Vor 2 Monate
I walk thru the back of the TV tru theres a little door that's how I get into the tv, naughtiest ting I've ever done u don't want to no but go on line and find out when ur older, my favourite snack a bag of twiglets😉my favourite princess I'd say u long live Isabella, u have to care abt every living ting unless it's coming at ya😉then u disperse of it thanks for the questions kids much love from#VENOM
Scott Ward
Scott Ward Vor 2 Monate
Jimmy "I like goldfish!" Lol
Hell Naww
Hell Naww Vor 2 Monate
“Hi tom, I just played Glinda the good witch from wizard of oz” Tom: “lege” 😂😂😂😂 The way he talks to kids expecting them to understand what he’s saying 😂
Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies Vor 2 Monate
I love him even more now!! He is amazing!
ManyMonsters Media
ManyMonsters Media Vor 2 Monate
i wanted to watch this forever
Rapid 520
Rapid 520 Vor 2 Monate
I have to confess when me and my friends used to run through the fields of wheat the farmers weren't too pleased about that.
flex tape
flex tape Vor 2 Monate
I have to confess when me and my friends used to run through the fields of wheat the farmers weren't too pleased about that.
Jacob Vor 2 Monate
"Dispatch it with love." This fucking guy... make him famous forever
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