White Supremacists, You Won't Like Your DNA Results

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Stephen digs into the modern-day genetic testing because curiosity is in his genes.
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7 Okt 2017

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color Sgt pennywhistlepete
All of you racists won't like your IQ results
Nicholos Jones
Nicholos Jones Vor 17 Stunden
thts why i say all racist are stupid. we are all people and all lives matter or no lives matter. good or evil. which one u want?
Calm Commie
Calm Commie Vor 17 Stunden
Lot of downvotes... lot of nazis found this.
Mike OBrien
Mike OBrien Vor 20 Stunden
The colour of ones skin does not define the person, nore does their racial background. The white supremacists will always be inferior because they do not seek out or have any interest in the facts or history, they just want to bury their heads in the sand and spread hatred.
Alex Varley
Alex Varley Vor Tag
I'm not even a white supremacist, but I got my DNA tested on 23andMe 'cause I was curious and I was 99.9% European and 0.1% Native American 😀
22grena Vor Tag
Its okay to be white. BTW the biggest racists are blacks and Jews. Do you see millions of people trying to get to Africa with their safe multi cultural utopia's? Do you think Palestinians think Jews are not racist shits? The most intolerant racist countries are non white.
Moo Rooster
Moo Rooster Vor 2 Tage
*that one guy*
Wolfsky9 Vor 3 Tage
Oh no ! You mean White Jesus might not be " real" ???? -----Ohhhhh, the disappointment !! --------------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o
roger komula
roger komula Vor 4 Tage
23 and Me said around 1860, after 75 thousand years of racial purity, a white man contaminated my family tree. I want reparations. 40 acres and a reindeer.
Jamminberry Lee
Jamminberry Lee Vor 6 Tage
That was hilarious 😂😂😂😆
Zoid Burg
Zoid Burg Vor 6 Tage
To be honest, I can’t see why they would be pissed off as you’d have thought they would think they are just more evolved? Giving over that information is utterly retarded.
thegigadykid1 Vor 6 Tage
Thomas Jefferson is part black
Amenhotep The Third
Are there any pure blooded decendents of Thomas Jefferson? We all know he had a thing for sisters.
ErickSoares3 Vor 7 Tage
I'm Brazilian, I don't like soccer but I laugh a lot in that part!
Kickative truth
Kickative truth Vor 8 Tage
Same for people of color when they find out they white inside like so called slaves from West Africa who call themselves black lol
Eduardo Gouvea
Eduardo Gouvea Vor 8 Tage
Supremacists going nuts on dislikes
T H O T Vor 9 Tage
The 5k dislikes are all white supremacists
The River of Faith
The River of Faith Vor 10 Tage
Jesus loves us! He forgives our sins! God is good.
Hungarian Nationalist
My DNA was 100% European.
BerBer Knows
BerBer Knows Vor 11 Tage
Back to White Jesus! I'm fucking dying 🤣🤣
Riqochet Rose Tarot
Like the WS guy on the talk show that found out he had African DNA and his people vandalized his house and called him the N-Word lol
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Vor 12 Tage
Uuuhhhh wheres chappelle when u need em. Well at least they tried the skit thing....nah it sucked.
ValensBellator Vor 12 Tage
I was genuinely a little disappointed to find out I had only various European ancestry... variety would be more interesting and leave you less vulnerable to recessive diseases lol
John Cena
John Cena Vor 12 Tage
It's ok to be white
Z Micheals
Z Micheals Vor 13 Tage
Is that the joker laughing at 00:56 ? Or is it just me ?
Perry Robles
Perry Robles Vor 13 Tage
Burger lover
Burger lover Vor 13 Tage
dave john
dave john Vor 13 Tage
Whites are more likely to have Asian or Arab blood in them since Geographics doen't lie .
Rosa Garcia
Rosa Garcia Vor 13 Tage
People go crazy about privacy, i don't care...i have not killed anybody 😆😆😆
Tom Zitting
Tom Zitting Vor 14 Tage
Steven is the greatest Steven for president 2020
Savaged Vor 14 Tage
Hey Stephen! Why didn't you go over these topics? 97% of Whites have no Black ancestry whatsoever.
soulstrenth crusader
Wait...the black guy's Norwegian? LOL 😂😂😂
Tho Athome
Tho Athome Vor 14 Tage
Trumptard will say DNA is fake news. Lol
Dean Rockwell
Dean Rockwell Vor 14 Tage
Notice how they attempt to deconstruct white identity to the absolute. But we are supposed to accept half jew mulatto's like Obama as "black". The Alt Right is right, just deal with it.
Chet Simmons
Chet Simmons Vor 14 Tage
It just goes to show just how STUPID racism really is.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator Vor 15 Tage
Hispanics are European so... Also Hitler was an immigrant.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator Vor 13 Tage
+dave john Yes. Hitler was an immigrant. Think if Germany didn't let him in. Shit think of Germany letting in millions of Islamists and how that is currently working.
dave john
dave john Vor 13 Tage
DE-vid Moderator Apparently Hitler's bloodline came from maybe Rome or the Middle East , i mean he wasn't the most Aryan looking guy around even tho he spock for the Aryan race , the irony right .
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator Vor 14 Tage
+Random 1432 Not all immigrants are legal. See how simple that is?
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
Not all Hispanics are European.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator Vor 15 Tage
What about the brown supremacists? We have a lot of those illegally here in Chicago.
Darcia Mbaye
Darcia Mbaye Vor 15 Tage
Everything whites do to make Africans look bad back fire on them!!!
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett Vor 15 Tage
The fake supermacist add was funny.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett Vor 15 Tage
I think the genetic non discrimination act is good.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett Vor 15 Tage
1:54, sounds like bullshit.
LPyourplay Vor 16 Tage
>You're not Brazillian. Good, that means that he won't lose 7-1
Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson Vor 16 Tage
American Southern Whites slept with slave women during slavery so African ancestry in some whites is not surprising also in some Latinos who forget about their black ancestry. I am African American but have European (majority of it is Spanish) and Native American ancestry as well.
Ninurta Thrice Majestic
Tell that to the Talmudic Jews Ol Colbert.
Ahmed Shehab
Ahmed Shehab Vor 17 Tage
soooo, christians have two types of jesus, black jesus and white jesus, when will the black one shows up, no wonder that you segregate churches into black and white churches, wow great, sounds legit to me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marilyn Hoftey
Marilyn Hoftey Vor 18 Tage
Who the heck cares.
M. Lo
M. Lo Vor 19 Tage
For any racist person in the comments who think that they're 100% white I have news for you, not if you did not have any black DNA in your body you would be 100% neanderthal, remember it's black DNA that made you look like mankind, like the Bible says God Made You In His Image the black man is God.
Kim Knowlton
Kim Knowlton Vor 19 Tage
I keep mine in the glovebox in case I get pulled over 😂😂😂
Empty_Ammunition -
Idk I'm 100 percent white
Two-tone Blue
Two-tone Blue Vor 22 Tage
Colbert? Irish?
SereniaSaissa Vor 23 Tage
I chose not to use 23/me and Ancestry for my DNA precisely because they sell their clients DNA. I used a different company that does not sell my DNA.
Spunkyssportscards Spunky
Trump is the best president we ever had
Spunkyssportscards Spunky
Trump 2o2o
J Sparker
J Sparker Vor 23 Tage
I think this should be an eye opener for any of the idiots that put an irrational sense of pride in what “race” they think they are.
triggerer Vor 23 Tage
wow at all the finger pointing at white people regarding genetics on here. i guess we will just gloss over the fact that black people had to make their own dna service for them to prove what tribe their from. its equally as funny for them to be surprised when told theyre european ie nia hope. some of you need to get over all that shit. we're all mutts.
Chad Wollaston
Chad Wollaston Vor 24 Tage
Haha like Obama not being a black man?
Chad Wollaston
Chad Wollaston Vor 14 Tage
+Random 1432 Duh, he was not the first black president. he is the first half white president.
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
Obama is actually half white.
Chad Wollaston
Chad Wollaston Vor 24 Tage
Who cares what Democrat racists think
see both ways
see both ways Vor 26 Tage
don't all humans originate from Africa
triniti korneli
triniti korneli Vor 27 Tage
All those genetic tests are lie. They are just the next pro non-white advert. And who white going to put himself on a genetic test to find that... his all ancestors were white? It's ridiculous.
Wisam Zaqoot
Wisam Zaqoot Vor 27 Tage
Jesus was a brunette Palestinian Jew, miraculously he was white blond man, or this what media wants us to believe
You won't like your IQ result.
Rayne Lee
Rayne Lee Vor 29 Tage
There’s a difference between race and ethnicity dumbasses
Landon Knowlton
Landon Knowlton Vor Monat
I like when doesn't talk alot of politics
Ishmael Cato
Ishmael Cato Vor Monat
Christianity is mythological and most of you conservative white Christians would spit in Christ's Black or Arab face as Jesus fed the poor for free, healed people for free, loved his enemy and turned the other cheek, and ran the bankers (greedy rich people) out of the temple. You'd all be calling Jesus a Socialist progressive out to destroy our white capitalism. Fox news would be calling Jesus a radical terrorist lol. The fact that you believe in Jesus shows you are delusional. Jesus never existed. He is a fictional character from a fictional book. Science has already proved via DNA that mankind originates in deep Africa and not the Middle East. Therefore we know that there is no such thing as Adam and Eve and some damn snake talking to people from a forbidden tree lol. Since we know for a fact that Adam and Eve is fictional then we know for a fact that the vast majority of the Bible is fictional as all of the patriarchs directly come from the Adam and Eve myth. So to spell it out for you... If Adam and Eve never existed then the major characters of the Bible (including Jesus) never existed since they are the direct desendants of Adam and Eve. We also know that some of the major parts of the Bible were directly plagiarized from other cultures that were much older that the Hebrew faith or Jewish People. The flood story of Noah comes from Ancient Sumer and not Hebrew people. Psalms 104 is a direct robbery of the text written by the Nile valley African King Akhenaten. The Messiah and holy Trinity myth originates in Nile Valley civilization with Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis) and Heru (Horus). The 10 commandments originates from the Nile Valley commandments called The 42 Confessions to the Goddess Maat. I could go on and on about how the Hebrew people took concepts from other older cultures and turned it around to add it into their own faith and made it seem like theirs. And lastly, common sense would tell you that the myth of Jesus could have not been a white man as no European people are indigenous to North Africa or the Middle East where "Jesus" is from. I know that this post may send a lot of people into cognitive dissonance, but do the research and face the facts.
Side Effects
Side Effects Vor Monat
Yikes was that a racist Brazilian joke? Fell flat lol.
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Vor Monat
White supremacy is not real
C S Vor Monat
If ethnicities are all mixed up the way he claims, how come everyone doesn't look like neopolitan ice cream fed through a blender. Because its not true. You need to get rid of your true identity in order to accept a new one. Europeans created the west. Destroy europeans, and flood them with 3rd world citizens and the west will fall. Communism can infect the rest of the world and one group of elites can run the entire world instead of just most of it. White people arent bad, communists are.
Blondie053 Vor Monat
That Steven and most Hollywood and talk show host are Jew racist, he would know. Imagine if we said that about Jew or black supremacist, who commit the most crime rape and murder of White people. Those lying racist would lose their lunch denying it. Blacks had WHITE slaves as did Muslims for thousands of years first, and even in the US, so karma. Jews had black slaves and all countries throughout history had or been slaves. Black supremacist have enslaved raped and murdered more then any race in history, and have centuries of white blood on their hands worldwide. Genocide whites in black countries, and steal their lives and property. Kill White people in the US 18x more and 200x more felonies on us. What liars, victimhood bs. Just no responsibility for their violent race and atrocities against white people. That Jew racist is a joke and liar too. God sure wasn’t black as there was no blacks until God cursed those devils
John Brown
John Brown Vor Monat
If you told racist that people are brown simply because of the sun ☀️. They would try to destroy the sun!🤣🤣🤣
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
Actually they wouldn't. Racists just like to feel superior over others. So if they thought that was true they wouldn't destroy the sun because they want someone to bully. But your comment is still funny!
Natalie Maxey
Natalie Maxey Vor Monat
The dude in the audience really close to the mike lol 😂
Mike Kane
Mike Kane Vor Monat
The "white" people in the southern part of America are a mix of white and indian. There are very few pure whites in the south. That's why they act so different from Europeans. That makes them bi-racial.....like Barack Obama. You're not white when you're bi-racial. You have to be pure European to be considered white. People like David Duke, Tom Metzger, Alex Linder, and Richard Spencer are obviously part-indian. You can tell by the way they look and act. These mutt Indians make up the bulk of the republican party. They love Monsanto and Wal-Mart. They love War. They love police brutality. Europeans and pure whites in America hate those things. Midwestern states like Michigan are also full of mutt Indians claiming to be white. Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are 2 examples of mutt Indians from Michigan. There was a lot of mixing in American history between whites, blacks, and Indians. Most "white" people in america are actually mixed race.
Angelica Sander
Angelica Sander Vor Monat
This girl at my school from Arkansas USA white supremacist.She did a DNA test and discovered she's Mexican and African.Her brother and mom won't talk to her now lmao
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
Lol. Wouldn't that mean that her brother and possibly her mother are Mexican and African descent as well.
Pure Trash angel
That guy is so loud in the back
sonrisa Verdean
sonrisa Verdean Vor Monat
Kay Vor Monat
The graph in the opening suggests just shy of a 485% increase in 7 years, just shy of a 70% increase each year.
White supremacist: I am ready to see 100% European results on my DNA testing 1 hour later.. White supremacist: *I want to go die in a hole*
a d
a d Vor Monat
How about the 15 cold cases solved with the technology?
Shady Shadpus
Shady Shadpus Vor Monat
Dear Stephen Colbert Every human on the planet with an IQ of over 50 knows we all originally came from AFRICA. Now, please, shut the fuck up...You race baiting moron,
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
That is true, but that is not how the DNA tests work. He's a comedian is just making a joke.
Vale Rodriguez
Vale Rodriguez Vor Monat
Exactly why I refuse to get tested. I don't trust these companies. Next thing you know we'll be divided up by genes. Nah. And EVERYONE has African ancestry! Unless you're another species, all homie sapiens derive from South Africa.
Glaze_the _Icewing
*Because what are genes anyway*
Dessie Johnson
Dessie Johnson Vor Monat
All have African blood especially the south due to the slave mixing of the White masters very cruel sex animals the White
Bryzz Lull
Bryzz Lull Vor Monat
Wow you should be writing for National Geographic Magazine . Such a compelling comment.
karabo Maredi
karabo Maredi Vor Monat
Someone find Hitlers corpse and bring his sample here😂😂
Anonymous Anonymous
>Mfw 23andme have leaked audio saying they add bullshit trace amounts to “screw with racists”. >Mfw I guess 0% is Mfw Ancestry.com says I’m 100% Northwestern European
Chris Creaser
Chris Creaser Vor Monat
- The mainstream newsmedia Are FULL of Shite.... :( *Their politically biased towards the Extreme Left & are Lying human beings of the LOWEST type!!.... :( The british BBC (Boring,Brainwashing Corporation) are a good (BAD) Example of this as well.... :( FAKE NEWS Again!!.... :(
The Amazing Gible
Anybody else obsessing over the guy right next to the mic?
Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray Vor Monat
The ONLY thing in your genes is Bovine Excrement... However, you, and CBS, Realize that a certain group Truly have a Taste for it 😏
Sayak Das
Sayak Das Vor Monat
I wonder how many mixture of Genes can be found if an individual Indian Gene is subjected to analysis.
Codex7777 Vor Monat
You're not Irish. You're American. Considering that you had 128 great great great great great grandparents, it's highly unlikely that even your ancestry is mainly Irish. Why do Americans insist on calling themselves Irish, Italian etc? Especially when it comes from looking at a mere one or 2 twigs, of an ancestral tree that has millions of branches, and when their culture and ACTUAL nationality is American? Is it insecurity in themselves and their country? What is it???
RexTheDinosaur1 Vor 7 Tage
It's not insecurity of ourselves or our country that's literally the thing that makes our country so great and that is what we call ourselves the nation of immigrants this is a place that other people from different countries didn't have anywhere to go this is where we came to. We take pride in this fact. so no it's not insecurity, it's Pride of the this country and the inhabitants that reside.
RexTheDinosaur1 Vor 7 Tage
The reason why Americans call themselves Italian American, german-american, irish-american Etc is because we are a nation of immigrants we all came from somewhere else unless you were Native American. That is why we identify as a certain insert here American. We know what our nationality is, but it doesn't take away our family history or what our family has done to get to this country. Most of the people that we descend from didn't even want to leave their home country but they were forced to. Like the Irish that left and went to the United States, Canada and Australia. They didn't want to leave their Homeland they went to these countries because they had to. But it's because Americans really don't have their own culture unless they're Native American. And this is because we are a nation of immigrants we have so many cultures so many different languages going on at the same time and it was like that from the very beginning. It's not like England or France or Italy or someplace like that that has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years that have an established culture. So it's very hard to explain this to somebody that isn't American because they either don't want to understand or they don't care. And then they just continued talk to you about stuff that they don't understand. But that is my lengthy explanation as to why we call ourselves that. Because as someone that isn't Native American but was born in the United States that's my heritage.
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
When he said that he was Irish he meant that his ethnicity was Irish. Everyone already knows he's American.
Codex7777 Vor 20 Tage
+Punny, not Funny If you notice, I didn't claim that nationality and race were the same. Nice straw man though... ;)
Punny, not Funny
Punny, not Funny Vor 21 Tag
Technically, he wouldn't be of the "American race" unless at least one of his ancestors was a Native American. I'm not saying he's not American because I have no way of knowing, but I am saying that nationality is not the same as race.
Nebulous Vor Monat
I did the test and I'm 100% western european. Im a pure white blood
Patrick Pawol
Patrick Pawol Vor Monat
The DNA of the entire human race stops at one man who lived in East Africa 60,000 years ago. Was this the time of Noah?
ouachitaMTNSroamer 87
I'm 1% african I think I will be alright
Red Euro M.
Red Euro M. Vor Monat
Incoming angry alt-right NPCS LOLOLOLOL
patricia lafountain
.TRUE STORY I saw on TV one day that this white couple had a baby and the baby came out black the husband was furious and left his wife because he thought she slept with a black man and she said she hadn't. So she checked her family history and found that her great great great grandmother was black. I don't think the couple got back together. Which is unfortunate because this baby was actually his child.
Wee Beestie
Wee Beestie Vor 12 Tage
patricia lafountain you’re retarded but I guess that was passed down from your ancestors too
patricia lafountain
+Random 1432 Well I can tell you right now YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT. SHE SURE CAN. AND YES IT DOES AND CAN HAPPEN. She wasn't the only one that it happened to. So you really have no clue as to what you are talking about. Remember we are all immigrants, get your DNA done and see what your ancestry shows. You may be surprised. It's like my great grandmother was pure Indian and their is Indian in our family DNA. Actually one of my cousins is 75% Indian. So explain that one. And looks Indian, my grandmother, my aunt, my cousins they all look Indian so don't tell me differently. It happens. AND my great grandfather was white.
Random 1432
Random 1432 Vor 15 Tage
That's not possible. Skin types are created by co-dominance which means that even if the mother had an African ancestor. She wouldn't have "black" baby.
Roman Darius
Roman Darius Vor Monat
The old tool of the communist left, play one race against another. Constantly build into white people--a white guilt---for how blacks were treated in the past. I know, Stephen, No KKK, No Fascist USA, NO TRUMP!!! You are so full of hate!!! Check out this video: Breaking the power of anti-white media.
UGO AWA Vor Monat
I am Nigerian, and this right here is why America is the greatest country in the world.
alphawav3 Vor Monat
4:17 if you want to laugh 😂
Lee Guerrero
Lee Guerrero Vor Monat
I did it my blood line is as white as can be. I was a little bummed my Dad is so full of hate toward immigrants. I was hoping there be some sort of bloodline he's racist toward to shut him up lol.
Dr Ogger
Dr Ogger Vor Monat
Colbert = 100% anti-White.
More like jewish supremists don't like what thier DNA proves.
Karim Dunem
Karim Dunem Vor Monat
Mass cloning
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