Why Arabs Scream

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Steve Harvey and I flew to see a remote Arab Tribe that is SUPER interesting!!
And of course, we visited the tribe for a reason :)



15 Jan 2021



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Hani's Experiments
Steve Harvey looks way more arab than most arabs..😀
Bat-erdene Tsooj
Bat-erdene Tsooj Vor 15 Tage
Not really
R Vor 22 Tage
No he does not.
A Person
A Person Vor Monat
I never new he was an Arab fun fact
ameen eagle
ameen eagle Vor Monat
@MrLegoStepper because he thinks every arab have beards and look like they live in 200 bc
•Nada’s Gachas•
I’m an Arab and I appreciate that you show arabs aren’t all mean or weird. I used to be made fun of at school because I am an Arab but I still stood up for my culture and I’m proud of it! (We don’t do the screaming nowadays)
Just Something Random
Wow, you were made fun of? It's not good to be make fun of and making fun of people is not a nice thing. Making fun of people hurts and you must be hurt when people make fun of you.
شيشة ةشلىخس
Me too girl
mooddude Vor 29 Tage
@monkey balls true
Abdulellah Sadik
I’m an Arab as well but I don’t recognize the screaming
خلود العجلان
I am arabic and after seeing this video i dont feel insulted anymore I feel special of my culture now :)
Hattan Ziyad
Hattan Ziyad Vor 17 Tage
My bro we all are Arabs I’m just saying that because there is very little people talking about us but now I’m just happy that now people are talking about Saudi Arabia
mooddude Vor 29 Tage
@] 666[ I'm Palestinian and I never heard arabs like that ever scream like that
Skittle Jr 2.0
Skittle Jr 2.0 Vor Monat
Ghalia Fathy
Ghalia Fathy Vor Monat
I'm a arab and I feel the same
Millyplayz Vor Monat
I'm an Arab and I appreciate how you show people that Arabs are not scary and this is amazing
Glugi Vor 11 Monate
This is like when musicians get together, party and make music. It builds bonds, and creates lasting memories of expression.
I’m dat weeb yoongi stan
I’m just pissed that people judge things that they don’t even understand.
Rahima Alavudin
Rahima Alavudin Vor 9 Tage
Alex Vor Monat
I’m Arab
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Vor 2 Monate
مهجول / MHJWL
مهجول / MHJWL Vor 3 Monate
@rat not trying to be racist but theres these black guys in my arab school who cause arguements, school fights i also stay away from them and go to my 6 cousins in school to feel safe
Homemade memes
Homemade memes Vor 10 Monate
Helgali Vor year
Hey, I never new this. The yelling thing. At all. I'm glad I learned from THIS channel. You should show more things like that! PS: Sad we couldn't see the wen from that city. Do they perceive it as still dangerous?
Pro75 Vor year
As a Somali I have to say I love Arab people so much. Arabs are one of the most generous kind people you and I have ever met, Arabic culture, food, people everything about Arabs are the best, I love you so so so much all My Arab brothers and sisters you guys are the best people ever 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩 🇸🇴🇩🇯❤️🇮🇶🇪🇬🇯🇴🇾🇪🇵🇸🇸🇾🇱🇧🇲🇦🇱🇾🇹🇳🇩🇿🇸🇩 🇸🇦🇶🇦🇧🇭🇦🇪🇰🇼🇰🇲🇲🇷🥰🥰💝💝💕💕💚💚 Arabs are the best I love you guys so so much Love you so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕
SanKo Vor year
I’m an Arabian, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this
أميرة الغموض
انا كمان
Mohcen CH
Mohcen CH Vor 8 Monate
Me too idk what is this guy talking about
Malek Qattan
Malek Qattan Vor 10 Monate
SanKo Vor 10 Monate
@dxb Multi interesting
dxb Multi
dxb Multi Vor 10 Monate
Yea it’s because it’s a tradition of a tribe in uae called “al shehi” الشحي
Galaxy scuba
Galaxy scuba Vor year
They are so cute when they scream I love it so much! ❤️
Ultramarine Blue
I’m Emirati and my family is very traditional but in the twelve years I’ve been around I’ve never seen anyone scream like that
LDaz Vor 29 Tage
it's a shehhi thing
Amatal Wahib
Amatal Wahib Vor Monat
Facts lmao
thebasilee Vor Monat
Noor💫 Vor Monat
I live in Bahrain but true LOL
محمد عبدالله
@قـرم الشـحي シ اففففف يالقصف😂😂😂
Ali Khalil
Ali Khalil Vor 10 Monate
Im sure that i am an arab and from when i was born no one screamed 😂
Fatanah Trading
Fatanah Trading Vor 10 Monate
I’m am arabic I’m Very Happy for My country and My culture I don’t know why people make us evil And thank you Nas daily for showing this video
QUEEN SUHAILA786 Vor 6 Monate
These are sweet ppl MashaAllah beautiful arab brothers here 💜💜
ρ᥅ꫀꪻꪻꪗ ᦓꪖꪜꪖᧁꫀ
even though im not arabic, i feel like this culture is super unique
cedgaming. ph
cedgaming. ph Vor 10 Monate
Internet: *Making fun of Arabs Nas: "And I took that personaly..." Nas is an Arab.
Bobux-19 Vor Monat
@Abdellah Moukrim huh? Why are you mad? Did the commentor say somethkng bad?
Abdellah Moukrim
What’s your point little boy?
Shadeblox Vor Monat
what's your point?
ah3ad alnajjar
ah3ad alnajjar Vor 9 Monate
I'm a arab
-Agent Vor 9 Monate
Actually we dont scream like that
Wisdom Living 🌟
Tysm nas for really make us aware that we're just was living in the imaginery world, but this is the reality of my mother globe! Peace💖
Natali☪️ Vor 6 Monate
i love my tradition ❤️
nadine pratically on her knees
Me : **screams** Also me : Yay I'm an Arab now.
Lina plays
Lina plays Vor Monat
GodzillaFanboy Vor 10 Monate
@Sam_ yak dont be racist, Arabs are people from countries not religions
Yuki Ela
Yuki Ela Vor 11 Monate
It doesn’t work like that
Khitara Aldilla
@Sam_ yak you should respect
Rimuru the Slime
Rimuru the Slime Vor 11 Monate
Nas thanks so much i cleared my long lasted misunderstanding because of your videos about Arabs😍😍😍👌
BobaEverything🧋 Vor 6 Monate
i am arab and this makes me soo happy thank u Nas🙏🏻
War Horse
War Horse Vor 8 Monate
I love emirati people. They are so generous and humble . That why UAE is blessed.
the king koky3456
This reminds me of my country one time my grandpa told me that half of the Arab countries got attacked and the country I was born in was attacked by American soldiers
unseen Vor 10 Monate
Iraq right
Mark Daniel
Mark Daniel Vor year
They shouted like my classmates when the teacher is gone
Andreea Raluca
Andreea Raluca Vor 15 Tage
XD same,idk how we didnt got expeled,all of us XD
Max Dorian
Max Dorian Vor 23 Tage
ur name looks too much like mine, we are brothers now
haeun Vor Monat
So true- bit my classmates make 10x that sound we're the loudest class in the whole school-
Wisdom Living 🌟
He made vids with celebs and never mentions in title so that people out of curiosity see not for their fav celeb.. such a great move. ❤️✨
im proud that I'm an Arab now thanks Nas :) 😃 love ur videos
Rehab Hamdy
Rehab Hamdy Vor year
I just love it when Nas replays and zooms in over and over again when the man screams
The Tetons
The Tetons Vor year
My favourite coworker is from iraq. He is so wholesome and has massive wholesome dad energy
Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves Vor year
I’m an Arab infact im an Emarati never saw people scream like that 😂😂😂
XxfrakinGamer Vor 6 Monate
هذيل شحوح يا ولد
Asap Vor 7 Monate
Me too
(فیصل🇸🇦) Vor 7 Monate
@Amjad Al Tamarry التعمري شام؟
(فیصل🇸🇦) Vor 7 Monate
My Tribe Is Screaming 😂
GC Vor 7 Monate
Thank you for the clear explanation i watched ad somewhere that led me to ask why Arabs scream ...am sorry ... thought they possessed
Altair Evangelist
Altair Evangelist Vor 11 Monate
What a Beautiful Tradition and Culture
LivGames Vor year
This is very interesting, thanks Nas for making this video.
Arabs are so friendly once I visited emirates I saw nice and generous people I don’t think Arabs are bad people
I am me YT
I am me YT Vor year
Look at nas in 3:24 He is not holding sword 🗡️ He is using his thumb Only legends can understand 😂
Hyper X
Hyper X Vor year
Every country has its own traditions and we must respect every one. We don't need to laugh or say bad things guys Let's establish a state of peace in the world Amen from India🙏🙏 Namaste
rahmath mv
rahmath mv Vor Monat
True im an indian and arabian
Nicole M. R.
Nicole M. R. Vor year
Nice work nas always showing the truth instead of what the media shows us
Mondo Vor year
yes Nas great work!
Flix Noob
Flix Noob Vor year
I can't stop laughing 😂
Pellerin, Claire Owen
I mean living in the UAE an Arab country shows how generous and underrated Arab people can be
heaths roblox
heaths roblox Vor 11 Monate
im from the emirates and i have never seen or heard about this tradition before but its kinda funny lol
Bappo prottec and Bappo attacco
He got Steve Harvey on his channel that's so cool
Judicator Hurayth
@Abdullah Iqbal Bruh This is different kinda scream The scream in Quran is about Mad each other by using scream. This scream is a traditional, as long if you done something good
molss Vor year
Nusier is quite influential... no wonder he got Steve on his channel
نمر الفلا
Emarits are not arabs at all, they are mixture of indians and Africans living in the costal areas of Oman.
Landstalker Vor year
Is this the guy in the meme "nani"?
Z Vor 3 Tage
This scream Shehi tribe invented during the wars against the Portuguese .they are still have it as a sign of glory,history and dignity .it’s like an assembly call to gather the tribe to the location of the sound .It helps the tribe individuals to assemble and to scare the enemy .Imagine you hear this scream at night
Comment Comment
Comment Comment Vor 7 Monate
ROLFROLFROLF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This channel is hilarious and really well made👍🏻
Habeeb Amv
Habeeb Amv Vor year
You earn my subscribe for this for the Arabs ❤️❤️
Zarvis _
Zarvis _ Vor year
I am a big fan from India and I like you video so much that I fell in love with you. Jo bole so motivating and everything is a is correct I think according to me. I just around two months ago I recently discovered your DE-vid channel. By the time now have seen the entire playlist from the beginning to end😍😍😍
airjon0417 Vor year
Title: Why Arabs Scream Me: I Mean Like, Everybody Screams.
Coding With Ryan
Coding With Ryan Vor 9 Monate
Air Freshener
Air Freshener Vor 10 Monate
Well they dont really scream at weddings
TheRealAfdhal Vor 11 Monate
yep i do love screaming
f phil and Neo fan
Nite Driv3r
Nite Driv3r Vor year
But it's dat Indian Scream
Smoshi Vor year
all i got to say is, this is the best video Nas ever posted
Army X Blink
Army X Blink Vor 10 Monate
I appreciate your thoughts from india ♥️💓
Dodi Alkubaisi
We don’t scream what we’re good we have fun we play we respect ✊
andrea tozzi
andrea tozzi Vor 26 Tage
Arabs are such great people. Love their culture and traditions. I don't know why are they treated so badly.
Starisuki Vor year
Wow, that was unexpecting to see Nas and Steve Harvey in a video together.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Vor Monat
I know 💀
Meagty Vor year
steve harvey has been in a few videos with nas daily
notyax23 Vor 10 Monate
this video helped me alot to fight my insicurities ( sorry if i type a bit badly its bc im arab too ) you're a legend nas daily i also don't like seeing that youtube allows racist videos and they say that youtube is trying to be as safe possible smh
mohammed almanea
I’m proud to be an Arab 🇰🇼
Neo Vor year
I laughed by own he first kept screaming with the others
Lauren Yau
Lauren Yau Vor year
HoneyC Codez!
HoneyC Codez! Vor year
I have never ever seen or met "mean" arabs in real life. Me my self living in dubai and they are the sweetest. (i'm half indian american).
Advice Lover
Advice Lover Vor year
🥴 confused
Mmat2020 Vor 11 Monate
Sadly every Arab that I met in my life has been mean to me but I try my best to look at Arabs in a good way
Greenest Boi!
Greenest Boi! Vor year
I’m gonna cry this is so emotional 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bahrain Phone Gamer
Bahrain Phone Gamer Vor 10 Monate
In the middle east there are many traditions. Like when I say many, I mean many many. One of our traditions, is hospitality. Like our great grandfathers raised us to treat guest well. Like if I invited you to my house, then you invited me to your house. Then I will invite you to my house and treat you better than you treated me in your house.
April LeBlanc
April LeBlanc Vor Monat
I live in Qatar, an Arab country , and the arabs here are truly amazing, they are so kind and welcoming, you simply can’t judge them
Klaus Heissler
"Why Arabs Scream" Me, a French person who screams when getting hurt or Raging at a video game: Guess im an arab.
Joody Vor year
xD your not I AM arAb
Omar II ElAraby
😂 ... Lol ..... This is the culture of a particular tribe in the Gulf, and not all Arabs do that Oh hell no ... Please don't make a lot of mistakes like these, as they are sensitive to the image of Arabs
Adem mrman
Adem mrman Vor 11 Monate
thank you so much for showing that arabs are good! (im from saudi)
wahida's ABO
wahida's ABO Vor year
I love my culture😭❤
Eric Fischer
Eric Fischer Vor 10 Monate
4:02 to 4:15 spot on & so very true !
BALWA_UvU_ Vor 10 Monate
I am an Arab and I appreciate that you love Arabs, ( but not all Arabs are the same, and there are some Arab word's that are slightly different.🥰 )
Cynthia Art
Cynthia Art Vor 10 Monate
Isn't Nas Arab himself?
Wala Vor 11 Monate
I'm an Arab but this is the first time I see something like this 😂😂😭😭😭😭
Eidor M.
Eidor M. Vor 10 Monate
To be honest the Bedowim's battle scream is the greatest presentation of Arabs I saw in the media. My grandmother is Morrocan Jew and during weddings and other merry-making events she makes the famous 'ku lu lu lu' sound with her tongue. Love to the Emirates from Israel ❤
Orphan Killer
Orphan Killer Vor year
I already wondered “where have I seen this man before? He looks familiar” only to hear later he’s Steve harvey😂
MH Gamers
MH Gamers Vor year
Sorbet Shark Cookie [Diyana Haziqah]
@Abdul Rahman Ariff Riza No. Thats Technoblade you’re talking about-
ZeeBag Vor year
Orphan killer?? Huh??
@Youie. it is
Youie. Vor year
That's Steve?
brown laytte31
brown laytte31 Vor 11 Monate
I'm Arab too and I've never seen,heard,or even read about this !
luvxsplash Vor Monat
I am not an arab, but you should respect all the cultures
Thatonecat🐈 Vor Monat
In the Arab country is just lovely we all are sisters and brothers my father used to do this screaming and yelling it’s so amazing!
The Unknown Guy☪️
We use this sound in combat to scare our enemies, it was very effective in old days 🇸🇦✌
عبد الرحمن الغامدي
@coffee beans من فين العلم
coffee beans
coffee beans Vor 5 Monate
@عبد الرحمن الغامدي ترى على فكرة هذي القبيلة اصلهم من إيران مب عربيين والله في نصهم يفتخرون في اصلهم الفارسي
عبد الرحمن الغامدي
الله يطيح حظك ليتك تدري انك مسوي كرنج والصياح دا كله من قبيلة وحدة بالإمارات
Syed Akib Uddin Alam
Dothrakis *screams* Al Shehhi Tribe: "they are our brothers"
asmaaa Vor 4 Monate
proud to be shehhi ay
crewmepr Vor year
Everyone are 1 family together
I’m dat weeb yoongi stan
You’re welcome I turned it 666
XeNoM Vor year
@Reddy bruh it’s litterly in his name wdym
3li Vor year
@Reddy no im actually Shehhi
–Merlin Vor year
When I think of arabs (in an Arab myself)I think of many kind Modern amazing serious people with the smell of coffee lolz
5aloomyHD Vor 6 Monate
I live on the Emirates and I love my Culture thank god I’m a Arab on the uae اهب ال اراب
Jaiden the Mii
Jaiden the Mii Vor 6 Monate
I love Arabs now! I kind of want to be a Arab!
يـٓوسـ،ف 🦁
I am arabic from iraq but never in my life saw people screaming lol
Ein The Shooter
"They used the screaming as a battle cry to intimidate the enemy" maybe it's slightly *too* efficient
Riya's fun activities
My friend is Portugal
Bilal Web I بلال ويب
@Priyanshu Singh hearing a thousand doing will change ur mind There's a similar thing with the natives americans
Priyanshu Singh
Priyanshu Singh Vor 11 Monate
Could have used A real battle cry 😂
M AK Vor year
Yeah they actually used it to kick Portuguese empire out of Musandam and Ras Al Khaimah hundreds years ago. But now they use it for wedding and happy events
Zaid-is-playing Vor 6 Monate
that looks very fun i wanna go there someday
JJS Vor 6 Monate
Bruh I've never seen or thought of screaming Arabs until you showed me in this video 😂
Ada A
Ada A Vor 11 Monate
I actually have an Arab friend and she is from Dubai, and she is the nicest person I know! She is kind, generous, helpful, and even if people are mean towards her, she always shows her kind side. When I got bullied, she was there for me. And I am Greek, so we started to teach our languages to each other. Her family is super kind, and isn't not what the media shows. Because of a group of terrorists, people think that all Arabs are bad people. But get to know them. They're are millions of them that are kind, like my friend💛
Danzi Vor Monat
I want to scream like that too! 🤩✋🥺
Title: why Arabs scream Me: finally, gunna find out why my dad screams when he is on the phone
Cookiecorn Vor year
IKR he always screams
@Habeeb Muhammad u too
Idiot Vor year
So Similar
Fafie Mhla
Fafie Mhla Vor year
Lol same
David Aldred
David Aldred Vor 6 Monate
As an Arab this is so true they show to bad side and I was made fun of everywhere I go.
max  ◇she, her◇
max ◇she, her◇ Vor 11 Monate
I'm not Arab but I respect them. movies show the bad side of their culture and I honestly think they're amazing and humble people
Noor Bebe
Noor Bebe Vor year
I am an Arab and everybody screams not just Arabs For example when you get kidnapped you scream because you’re so scared And the video the Nas showed you it’s a traditional thing We’re just different and we are way nicer than you think we are That’s one minute see you tomorrow In arbabic هاذي ‏دقيقة أن شوفكم اليوم الثاني
Ali Majid
Ali Majid Vor year
i was born and lived in United Arab Emirates all my life, never came across this in Saudi Arabia or rest of Arab world too, maybe its location-specific
Loffi fn
Loffi fn Vor year
Lol I think nas screamed louder than the Arab guy 😂
Lalfakawmi Vor year
him:aaaaa his friends: whohaha me: they do be enjoying themselves
Nida Nida
Nida Nida Vor 10 Monate
This is so funmy 😂😂😂
Kruger Fred
Kruger Fred Vor 29 Tage
We do not scream but this made me laugh
Nemia Dela Fuente
Arabs are not bad there lots of arab who help lot of people and i even had a good arab freind and hes a nice person and i respect hes culture
Baneen afif
Baneen afif Vor Monat
After watching this video i changed my name to engilsh and some people and think we speak english and think we are crazy but some arabs can speak engilsh like me 🇮🇶
Beefy Gr
Beefy Gr Vor 10 Monate
I'm happy that Nas Daily showed to my recommended randomly bc I learn too much
WIlliam Mendoza's Vlogs
like they always say, don't judge a book by its cover
Ahmed Hossam
Ahmed Hossam Vor year
I'm an arab for over 16 years and I've never seen this screaming they're talking about
KAREEM Vor year
Yep it sounds cool but maybe its in some tribes ❤️😂
laur Vor year
Exufo Vor year
me too XD
punisher Vor year
Im an arab and im LMAO at this video 🤪
h_smarti Vor year
So true LOL
kafenwar Vor year
This is obviously a remote thing, because I've never seen it anywhere I've been in the Arab world.
RendroFye Vor year
I gotta say, Steve Harvey looks like an Arab ever since I saw him for the first time.
Ahyan Arvin
Ahyan Arvin Vor year
i have known that for a very long time and as a muslim i agree with you nas!!!!!!
Clay Vor 9 Monate
i'm an arab and even i don't know why they're screaming
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