Why do YouTubers clap at the start of videos?

Tom Scott
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It's about synchronisation, right? Well, not exactly...

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18 Sep 2022



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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Vor 14 Tage
Don't worry, I didn't travel to New Jersey just for this; I was in the area and it seemed like an apt location. I did try to remove the truck-reversing sound near the end, but it just sounded worse: and given what I was talking about at the time, that also felt apt!
Anthony Harris
Telling the audience that you're doing a thing to subtly manipulate them, and how and why it works, with no intent to stop because it DOES work, thus establishing trust by being forthright about a lie to establish trust is probably about the most Tom Scott thing ever.
I really appreciate how he gets straight to the point for people who are just curious then goes into all the details and stuff through the rest of the video
Brad Davis
Brad Davis Vor Tag
100ms (or ~6 frames) is actually roughly the upper limit where most people tend to notice audio and video are desynchronized, as long as you're dealing with something like talking. This comes up a lot when building VR environments where you're trying have a central server match up audio and facial animations for a lot of clients. Source: former VR developer.
T2and3 Vor Tag
It's amazing how Tom manages to look like he's both in his 20's and in his 60's at the same time
Dorian Vor Tag
I have an auditory processing disorder. I noticed the lack of sync immediately, because of being so used to reading lips and searching for visual cues. Also, knowing Tom Scott, I was kinda expecting it to be unsynchronized on purpose. Very cool video.
Mara Jade
Mara Jade Vor Tag
What I love is that he not only answers the question, but he does it in such a way I don't want to skip to the end.
MysterySteve Vor Tag
I respect the hell out of Tom every time he pulls a baller move like giving exactly the solution you're looking for within 10 seconds of the video starting, trusting you to be patient enough to wait through the rest just because you seek the pleasure of learning something
Lionkingview Vor Tag
Lindsey Ellis did a huge (video)essay on the manufactured authenticity of youtube videos. It dives a bit more deeper into ideas like "calls to action" which thankfully Tom did not have in this video. Also the mid video outtake and off script remarks are being analyzed in the essay too
koshkamatew Vor Tag
6 seconds into the video and we already have our answer, other youtubers should look up to this guy
Toyss Vor Tag
It’s crazy but I actually did notice the three frames off (I didn’t have a count but I knew something was a bit off) before you said. Also I learned about the clapping in video production class in high school, so I think it’s very cool to also hear it from a DE-vidr as not everyone has the opportunity for a video production class.
Jason Osmond
Jason Osmond Vor Tag
In case some people don't catch the irony of showing the monument in the end of the video, in 1938 Orson Welles did a radio theater adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds"... except he didn't tell the audience at the beginning that it was just a theater show, so people across the country started panicking because they thought a real life alien invasion was underway. People at the time got much of their news from radio, and Welles created a show that used theatrical authenticity to exploit the audience's trust in radio as a news medium, while here, Tom is demonstrating how he uses theatrics to create authentic trust between himself and the viewer.
Maguc •
Maguc • Vor Tag
This makes so much sense. It gives off the idea that this DE-vidr could be one of your friends making a video in their bedroom, sells on the idea that it's not a corporate personality talking to you, but a genuine person who isn't a professional in video making.
James Brixey
James Brixey Vor Tag
The wave to the crewmembers who may or may not have been there is an absolute masterpiece of subversion, creating just a tiny bit of doubt.
Bill Doorley
Bill Doorley Vor Tag
We used to call this "double-system sound" in the 16mm film days. Much as Tom is doing here, we had a sound recorder separate from the camera, usually a Nagra or some other high-quality (ie, "expensive") type. Sync was either with a cable connecting the camera and recorder or motors on both devices controlled by crystals that kept the speed constant. In post, we transferred the sound from 1/4-inch, reel-to-reel tapes to 16mm film that was coated with magnetic recording material. That way there was a frame-for-frame match between picture and sound. Of course, it took a lot of machinery to make this happen, and that's why movies with sound were beyond the range of most people. Thanks, Tom.
alphabet is gay
Honestly Tom you have been a standard of what youtube videos can be and how they should cater to their audience, thank you for all that you do.
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan Vor 16 Stunden
Tom always impresses me with those incredibly long shots of him talking. I can't imagine how hard it is to not slip up for that long.
J L Vor 19 Stunden
I get a weird uneasiness sometimes with poorly synced audio. I did this time, was actually noticing in real-time, and only realized why after you explaining and changing it back a few seconds later. Certainly confirmed a lot for me and possibly explained why at times I’ll find a video I just find unsettling to watch for unapparent reasons.
keyboardsmash Vor 4 Stunden
Thanks for clearing up why I feel vaguely insane for audio and lip syncing discrepancies (I wear HAs and heavily reliant on lip reading so I catch the spots where audios doesn’t quite match the video, but it hard to quantify so I just feel vaguely insane 90% of the times it happen😅 especially cause it doesn't bother all of my hearing friends less)
Shawn Christopher
"I don't want to be relatable, I want to be trustworthy" - I think this is why we all love Tom.
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