Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

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Behind the scenes of Eugene Lee Yang's coming out video, "I'm Gay:" a never-before-seen look inside the mind of a young artist and his complex, dark struggles with his identity, his work, his public persona, and his private life.
A documentary video by Kane Diep @kanediep
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17 Jun 2019

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Csengee Fekete
Csengee Fekete Vor 40 Minuten
I usually don't watch these types of long videos, because it's not entertaining for me. But this video, made me realize a lots of things about myself, and my thinking about in my head. Thank you Eugene for this mind opening video, about your struggles, and about your development. Thank you on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Thank you on my own behalf. Pride of you!
Ed B
Ed B Vor 41 Minute
Yes please whine for more attention. You are gay. Big fucking deal. Go make another pointless video and try to sell some crappy t shirts
cynthia rose
cynthia rose Vor 41 Minute
I never understand if you are accepted without someone knowing how you are no longer acceptable after knowing. It’s not like you killed everyone’s mother/father/etc. because you are just evil. It’s just another part of you.
KYyolo Vor 41 Minute
Where did that 9k Dislikes come from?! Who clicked that huh?!?
spoderbou Vor 41 Minute
Jaylen Miller
Jaylen Miller Vor 42 Minuten
Eugene : on god it’s hot in here Devil: on who?
Harpy854 7
Harpy854 7 Vor 42 Minuten
AMisfitsDiary Vor 42 Minuten
I love this. So intimate, so vulnerable. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Meave Louise
Meave Louise Vor 43 Minuten
The main fact that he wanted this video to be the best video in his life that he would make is wonderful. The way he chose to come out like this, is beautiful. The video was a masterpiece and I am so happy for Eugene. 💜🏳️‍🌈
Reshawn Facey
Reshawn Facey Vor 43 Minuten
okay glad to hear you are happy Eugene great, okay now not to undermine your personal struggle but I'm about to undermine your personal struggle, you guys work at BuzzFeed probably one of those most liberal progressive places to work in the DE-vid space so can we please stop making a big deal over this its current year guys can we not denormalize this by making a huge video over it and just kind of let it sit with some class no need to broadcast it, no need to dismiss it but I don't see how this matters that much as a video maybe thats just me and if so I apologize otherwise though a wicked sick video and I'm super glad it's come out it just looks awesome so yeah that too keep it up happy for you Eugene LOVE the try guys
Chanel Armanios
Chanel Armanios Vor 43 Minuten
But I already new that Eugene was gay and I’m proud of him for showing it in such a big way
emilyharwood89 Vor 44 Minuten
But he already came out on Kelsey from Buzzfeed's podcast with no fanfare whatsoever...so this was pointless.
Alyse Hopping
Alyse Hopping Vor 45 Minuten
Having to feel like you need to be better just because you are of a different race is proof of how systemic racism still abounds. The fact that Eugene feels like he can't just be human with human emotions and faults is heart-breaking. So glad he made this video and opened up about everything. That takes so much strength.
Nida H
Nida H Vor 45 Minuten
i got really emotional..
Mon Keen
Mon Keen Vor 46 Minuten
I was so happy to see Curly and Jazzmyne in the video, omg Eugene I can’t even begin to tell you how much this made me feel. It touched so many real experiences of my own coming out journey, I have watched it so many times and I cry intensely without fail. This behind the scenes look just brings it all together. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your courageous journey with us.
MelyMoo Vor 46 Minuten
So much love for Eugene and what he's doing for the community AS WELL AS HIMSELF ♥️♥️♥️ it's crazy how perfectly the messages were portrayed. Such a powerful piece.
quark Vor 46 Minuten
Fucking faggot.
Παναγιωτα Πατερελη
This is such a nice video . In addition , is very sad the fact that he thinks people won't except him anymore by knowing his sexuality .
goldn Vor 47 Minuten
u know what i love you guys and i dont care whos gay and whos not but you don't need to tell the whole world. Just keep it to yourself no one gives a fuck. Be who you want but you dont need to tell everyone.
Sarah Vor 47 Minuten
Am i the only one that already knew that he was not straight? Like he talked about it a lot, and now it seems like he never ever said it.
dark N
dark N Vor 47 Minuten
What the fuck is going on with youtube trending fucking gays
aplsos112 Vor 47 Minuten
Is the one in four guys joke apropriate in this situation?
vaibhavi jagtap
vaibhavi jagtap Vor 47 Minuten
I'm crying so much,😢😢😢 Eugene you went through a lot, We're so proud of you,we love so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mary Phuong
Mary Phuong Vor 47 Minuten
me: im not gonna cry after this video eugene: are you finally happy? me:*sobbing*
♡Pink Wolf♡
♡Pink Wolf♡ Vor 49 Minuten
Me when the video starts "it'd be so cute when he is or already is with someone and like shows pictures" btw I'm Bisexual and I love this video so much ^^ it has so many different kinda scenes and parts of life you gotta deal with and stuff like that but I really love this video ^^ the first video I ever watched on Try Guys was when he went to the place to talk to children who are scared and need help and stuff that's the first time I saw him I don't know why but I feel he has come so far ^^
Gabrielle Bartlett
Gabrielle Bartlett Vor 49 Minuten
YOU ARE SO LOVED. I cannot say how much I relate to your struggle and how much i appreciate your bravery in doing all of this, the video was moving and gorgeous and the world is blessed to have Eugene as a role model.
ww g
ww g Vor 49 Minuten
His hair style changed
AllThings HipHop
AllThings HipHop Vor 50 Minuten
everyone is gay and is dont mind, but youtube needs to stop forcing it on these kids watching youtube,,, pretty sad imo
Giny Loveliet
Giny Loveliet Vor 50 Minuten
He is amazing
Amit Chakraborty
Amit Chakraborty Vor 50 Minuten
Eugene, you are proving the stereotype that Asians are good at everything. I can't imagine things you'll achieve with the amount of talent you have and hard-work you put in. More power to you Eugene. Keep shining 🌟
Afnan Studio
Afnan Studio Vor 50 Minuten
In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
Philly Cheung
Philly Cheung Vor 45 Minuten
Chris Vazquez
Chris Vazquez Vor 50 Minuten
wait i thought he came out as Bi a long time ago. i wasnt suprised by his other vid either
Benton McDaniel
Benton McDaniel Vor 51 Minute
I'm just so heartbroken and amazed and definitely not crying, nope, probably some onions near by. But seriously, this is by far the best best coming out and behind the scenes ever. Eugene, may you find happiness, because you are wonder and you deserve all the love in the world. I think I can say that we're all so very proud of you.
kleighteen21 Vor 51 Minute
This is so sad but hopeful. I just hope someday Eugene will find his own version of happiness
Alex Vega
Alex Vega Vor 51 Minute
Daniel Howell: so basically, I’m g- Eugene: hELLO!
Kainoa C. Akau
Kainoa C. Akau Vor 52 Minuten
damn idk how people can dislike this video, like it’s so great and the video gave us so much great details about pretty much everything
J arianee
J arianee Vor 54 Minuten
Eugene: "And Dad, that involves a crane" Ned : "Son, you can have two cranes" Oof my heart 😍💓💘
XxX SadGamerPro xXx
XxX SadGamerPro xXx Vor 54 Minuten
we always Kind Of Knew 😊 poor guy getting stressed out over who you truly are. Just be happy Man Its the Try Guys Not Try adam and Eve. :D
Zerkima Vor 54 Minuten
because beta will do anything for views
Gabriela Bruns Lenz
Gabriela Bruns Lenz Vor 55 Minuten
you’re such a special person Eugene, thank you for that video even though i’m not queer, i have loved ones that are and i know this project will make a beautiful impact towards equality and love thank you ❤️
ToXciTy Vor 55 Minuten
You can be what you want to be. ➡
Asian Import
Asian Import Vor 56 Minuten
Daniel Howell: Basically I’m gay Eugene: Hold my dick
Dog with a keyboard.
Dog with a keyboard. Vor 56 Minuten
LGBTQIAPEDO Suicides make me LMAO! Praise Allah
Roselia Jackson
Roselia Jackson Vor 56 Minuten
No one gives a fuck that you're gay. You joined BuzzFeed, it's obvious
Caitie Vor 57 Minuten
I literally cried throughout this entire video. Not because I've had a huge crush on Eugene and now I know it's never gonna happen, but because I'm really happy and excited for him in this journey. Im proud and I look up to Eugene so much. Thank you for this video
Owllover 123
Owllover 123 Vor 58 Minuten
So proud! I genuinely can’t picture anything braver than what I just saw
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson Vor 58 Minuten
They should teach this to the Bill Gates / George Bush crew. Proud of being comfortable with it behind the scenes. But scared to ever say it. This goes for the handler as well.
Dog On Dog Action
Dog On Dog Action Vor 58 Minuten
Coming out as gay? What the actual fuck? Is here anyone, who didn't already know you were gay? If it looks like a gay duck and sounds like a gay duck, then it most likely is a gay duck.
A Court of Books and Nerds
I didn’t realize until recently how much I struggle with my sexuality. I was blessed with an accepting loving family. I was never afraid of coming out to them and I don’t even remember doing so. It just happened. But I came out as Bi and it didn’t feel right to say that. To me, I wasn’t gay enough to be bi, but I was too gay to be straight. But bi wasn’t right either. And it never settled right to say that. And then when I learned the word pan, it felt right. But also didn’t. And then I learned the word demi. And it fit when I put them together. I’m pan demi. I’m both. I’m not gay, straight, or bi. I’m pan demi. And that feels right.
Jackson Borg
Jackson Borg Vor 59 Minuten
Bruh when I saw this I was like I been knew that he was gay
eoeo Vor 59 Minuten
is anyone really suprised at all?
Return my Donuts Bitch
Return my Donuts Bitch Vor 59 Minuten
Thank you. Eugene. Thank you so much. The hopes, the inspiration you radiate. Thank you. Maybe, some day, or 10 years from now. I too will find happiness. I too could be honest and open about me to my close and loved ones. Thank you, it means beyond definition of words.
okk Vor 59 Minuten
Why?? For attention of course
ddeok chim
ddeok chim Vor Stunde
“I am afraid that some people I am close to will disown me and not talk to me anymore because of this video.” It’s hard to come out when you know nothing of the outcome, when you don’t know if the closest people will accept you. That alone hurts the most.
Jake Marko
Jake Marko Vor Stunde
We love you Eugene! Thank you! 🏳️‍🌈
riririchieno Vor Stunde
the guy from 23:28 is nikita dragun's ex boyfriend oscar right? 😂
Ricky Kokiri
Ricky Kokiri Vor Stunde
kia atawhai ki tetahi ki tetahi mo tenei ao e hiahia ana trans be kind to one another for this world needs it
Inés Vor Stunde
wow this is so pretty and truthful
Tanya Bhaskar
Tanya Bhaskar Vor Stunde
okay but quickly i just want to point out eugene in that leather jacket is giving me youngblood mv vibes
Big Besar831
Big Besar831 Vor Stunde
Like it wasn’t obvious
Gh0stCrZ Vor Stunde
Noooo, the reason your coming out as gay is for attention, your a little beta-male attentionwhore who thinks he’s so special because he’s gay, newsflash it’s 2019 it’s not brave to come out as gay anymore, and the fact that your politicizing your sexuality is offensive and detrimental to the normal gay people who just want to live their life with who they love and not be a weapon of the fascist leftists agenda. Fuck you you little cuck beta bitch and fuck buzzfeed.
Crazed Vor Stunde
It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
not all heroes wear capes
Ignacio Man
Ignacio Man Vor Stunde
It was pretty obvious from the beginning he was gay
Alfred Evangelista Jr
I was extremely amazed and satisfied from the story that was told in the recent number 1 trending video. I have a blood uncle who is gay and has a boyfriend since I was young. To me, I don’t know if it is bad or not but how I see things is if you are a nice person I’ll accept you and come to be friends with you and have you part of my family. It doesn’t matter what your orientation is. I will care about the person. And accept all the decisions they make and stand behind it. So thank you Eugene Lee Yang for expressing creating this video and amazing all of us.
Jo Spiker
Jo Spiker Vor Stunde
I have never been more proud of you, Eugene.
Serphozz I Official
yasmin perez
yasmin perez Vor Stunde
Cloud Vor Stunde
I thought we all already knew the try guys were gay
Canadian Goose
Canadian Goose Vor Stunde
I don’t watch the try guys but seeing the thumbnails on trending I already knew this guy was gay. It’s not that big of a deal. I understand the world is still kinda homophobic, but who cares honestly
Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank Vor Stunde
“Why I’m coming out as gay” To get #1 on trending again
Ricky Kokiri
Ricky Kokiri Vor Stunde
He tangata whakamiharo a eugene e tika ana mo nga mea katoa me nga tangata katoa e kore e pai ki a ia mo taua waiho
Deadpool Vor Stunde
Hello It's me.
Hello It's me. Vor Stunde
He's serious about that crane y'all
h Vor Stunde
Naynika Das
Naynika Das Vor Stunde
I so Wana give Eugene a hug!! U make every single person from the LGBTQ feel safe n proud about who they are... U are such a beautiful soul. Sooo much from India. God bless you n I know he will.🏳️‍🌈💖😊
Lord Fragcakes Esq.
Ugh, you like dudes, who the fuck cares. And i am sick of these stupid weepy videos of youtubers ''coming out" and have DE-vid shove it my face on trending and recommendations. Congratulations, you're gay. Good for you, but no one cares. Except for a small portion of the population who is intrested in this sycophantic virtue signaling bullshit. I fucking hate june.
Bum Scruffer
Bum Scruffer Vor Stunde
Tebz Meyers
Tebz Meyers Vor Stunde
Eugene is a creative genius. It was such a deeply personal story that he told, and to translate it so beautifully into visual form is beyond amazing.I am so proud of him, and he is helping many people who think they are alone.
FallsOfTheRail Vor Stunde
This is amazing. I cried for almost the whole video. As someone in the LGBTQ+ youth community, it is so hard to be honest with not only yourself but others as well. I would say Eugene explained it very well. I can't wait to see him just be himself in future videos :) I've been watching the Try Guys for long and I am beyond proud.
Sunny D
Sunny D Vor Stunde
Always knew this nigga gay
Yoongles Billybob
I luf u always bafie
Leon Lovegood
Leon Lovegood Vor Stunde
If and when Eugene gets a boyfriend/husband, will said boyfriend/husband appear in Try Guys Wive Time (and Becky)?
Rico Vor Stunde
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛 FUCK YES 🏳️‍🌈 🤩MARRY ME NOW UGHHH ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛
Petra Thorsty
Petra Thorsty Vor Stunde
This is a beautiful creation 💕 what an amazing story in dance form
lawrence washington
I wasn’t surprised he always had a gay vibe I thought he was lol
Andrea Venoy
Andrea Venoy Vor Stunde
Thanks to Eugene for pouring his heart and soul into this project. I'd love to see more dance or choreography projects in the future!
BRIBRI'S B Vor Stunde
We're proud of you, Eugene. 💖
Greg Meadows
Greg Meadows Vor Stunde
I don’t care you are gay. Just live your life and let me live mine without you distracting me on pointless information.
Patrícia Jusková
Oh I am so happy... so proud ... so so so so proud
Alice lizzy
Alice lizzy Vor Stunde
He's here He's Queer And most importantly, He's expanding his career
Rigo Vor Stunde
When are people going to realize no give a f if someone is gay anymore this is annoying g
Germae Anne
Germae Anne Vor Stunde
My God, the yellow scene was so BEAUTIFUL.
Kristen Glas
Kristen Glas Vor Stunde
Such a beautiful video. Such a beautiful person. Eugene, be proud of yourself. I hope you find happiness. Lots of love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
léna tchatchtcha
Im just so thankful and grateful to Eugene for what he has done and what he is doing He is really a great person and I hope he will be happy because what he is makes me happy 😊😊
Darlene Lesmana
Darlene Lesmana Vor Stunde
I don't wanna say asian bo burnham but Asian bo burnham
aaron Vor Stunde
aaron Vor Stunde
Sasykin S
Sasykin S Vor Stunde
Ur gay? Fine! Plz don’t wearing make up like a girl!
Kahless Vor Stunde
Look, when I did my video; I had to rent a couple cranes to get the right angle on my nuts™️, nothing else would do. So, kudos to you on having an artistic vision & sticking to it.
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