Why I'm Excited For Dragonflight

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25 Nov 2022



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darius shaban
5 years following this dude and still his content is time well spent.
JuWe JoHo
Wow...haven't seen you this positive and relaxed and you seem happy. That's really great to see :)
Identical presentation to Asmongold being excited for BFA and Shadowlands, pre launch..
I just need a buffer dragon in my life and I will come back
Brandon Sky
As someone who loves skill trees, these talent trees are an absolute treat. And this is from a newbie for only a few months so all I know is open world leveling and some basic Normal dungeons.
Stefan Oyx
You live what you talk, stay consistent, and for many of us your content is now even nostalgic. Hope you have fun Asmon!
As long as I'm not forced to do something I don't like everyday to keep up with the things I like to do, I'll have fun in Dragonflight.
After watching your videos for ...years, this one spoke HUMAN to me. No hyper-mile-a-minute craziness, this was refreshing to watch, calm and cool, and showed us Asmongold cares about WoW and his fanbase. I'm very impressed, it took me by surprise, in a nice way. Good job Asmon and appreciate the sincerity.
tbh the talents make me want to play again. the ability to have diffrent specs for world content, raiding and M+ is so enticing. there are like 2-5 builds per spec that are really close to one another, and vary the playstyle meaning that you arent gonna be shoved into one role.
Brandon Lewis
I love the talent tree to be honest so much you can work with and with my main being a druid I have many different builds. It's something they can work with going forward and perhaps new expansions of patches add new talents to the trees.
Wade Allen
I think the thing I was looking forward to most with Dragonflight is the talent trees, and they've been really good. They make leveling alts feel much better. And now the next biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the profession revamp.
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Yung Deso
"If you think about playing the game when you're at Taco Bell, that means you're dealing with a very good game" -Asmon 2022
I think the new talent trees are fundamentally a great design. Unfortunately, per Rextroy we know there are a ton of bugs still, so you don't know if anything actually does what it says it does.
I feel the same way about the talents, it'll be really refreshing to be able to play around with builds without having to get over the hurdles first to get all the legendaries / conduits / azerite gear / essences etc. The talent trees are a significant feature
Started playing again after a 2 or 3 year break and really having a lot of fun, the new talent tree is so much more interesting and varied than before. It's not perfect of course, a lot of times you feel obligated to take certain paths but hopefully with the extra points and a bit more patch tweaking it will be even better.
Dominick DeBellis
Talent trees are solid - looking forward to playing different classes more and havent had that feeling since Legion. I still think they need to make loot more interested (although looking at some of the gear in Dragonflight they seem to be going in that direction) and I do agree with the patches replacing your gear and it being a "reset" is kind of a penalty for people and I would prefer they figure out a solution to that.
Jar of Pickles
New talents are awesome, for sure! As someone who loves world content, the severe lack of it in recent expansions in favor of M+ and raid stuff has meant I've kind of been just leveling a lot of toons to experience the world and all the old quest. One of the main things that killed leveling for me before was having to go 5+ levels sometimes before I get any kind of ability, and then it's something useless for leveling like mass dispel as an example. With the new talents, I can pick something neat up and actually begin working out what kind of build I like well before max level. I have multiple characters now just waiting on those extra talent points at 70 to round out their builds haha.
Jamie Bazua
The talent tree adds variety and fun, I think. It makes playing Outlaw Rogue more exciting and I’m excited to fly, too. I messed around flying with my Dracthyr and my brother tried it out, too (this is really his first WoW expansion) and we had a great time. I’m super excited and not bothered about saying goodbye to Shadowlands.
George Indestructible
While the new talent system (or old depending on how one views it) seems great and there are also some really cool ideas places into them, it still needs some work for a lot o classes because some of them have really really messed up talent order.
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