Why I'm Excited For Dragonflight 

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25 Nov 2022



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5 years following this dude and still his content is time well spent.
@snazwonk2066 Vor year
Aye. Remember finding hem when he was doing iron man challenge and reading fan male at end of each video
@joboiwonder Vor year
2 years here. Loving every minute.
@reapermano Vor year
Well said 👏🏿 👌
@Laptican Vor year
@@Tigerhearty Well that's your opinion.
@erike9074 Vor year
Been following him since the MoP DE-vid days. He’s always been strikingly genuine. What’s impressed me is he’s never lost his passion. And he’s learned to navigate the streamer space on a professional level.
@juwejoho2510 Vor year
Wow...haven't seen you this positive and relaxed and you seem happy. That's really great to see :) The talent trees are awesome. So many ways to play a class...you can basically choose between 3-5 t-sets whenever you feel like it
@Grumpypu Vor year
Unless ur a paladin
@thezerb Vor year
@@Grumpypu TBH Pala trees get a bad rap, and only some of it is deserving. While there are a few things I would like to see changed, most of them in the classtree, Prot in particular just feels awesome right now and will only get stronger moving forward.
@TheStefanOyx Vor year
You live what you talk, stay consistent, and for many of us your content is now even nostalgic. Hope you have fun Asmon!
@Blizzyy16 Vor year
@@mdamon06 you’re extremely slow
@@mdamon06 checking your comments history displays that you're somewhat obsessed with asmon
"live what you talk" uhh, if he says he's going to do 10 things, then you'll be lucky to see 1-2 come to fruition and maybe 3-6 of the 10 will be stretched form the original plan to multiple years (if ever). All I know is that if you look at the last 1.5~ years, I used to put stuff on while getting work done. I haven't watched a single stream in months because I just don't care about WoW, Lost Ark, New World, nor Diablo Immortal. I occasionally watch youtube clips unrelated to gameplay because that is still enjoyable.
@@gloriaparker1854 how can you see that?
@whataday443 Vor year
As long as I'm not forced to do something I don't like everyday to keep up with the things I like to do, I'll have fun in Dragonflight.
@arzos2603 Vor year
raiding atleast twice a week
@srambrero Vor year
you're gonna do it and you're gonna like it mister
@BengNinja Vor year
Standards of WoW players have surely dropped
@MichZilla90 Vor year
Big same
@Darkclowd Vor year
@@BengNinja that's all I played the game for back in the day. Level, raid log (m+ now), next xpac. That's all I need bro. I don't want that other stuff.
@xkookypandax Vor year
The talent tree adds variety and fun, I think. It makes playing Outlaw Rogue more exciting and I’m excited to fly, too. I messed around flying with my Dracthyr and my brother tried it out, too (this is really his first WoW expansion) and we had a great time. I’m super excited and not bothered about saying goodbye to Shadowlands.
Fellow rogue here of assassination variant. I love the talent trees, I can finally choose if I want to push Huge ST for raiding or decent but acceptable levels of aoe for m+, or huge burst for pvp and don’t feel forced to just reroll outlawl or subby regardless of the fact I know those specs as well.
@Nadaters Vor year
I'm optimistic about the expansion and dig the new talent system. I'm also excited because I actually have friends who will try it out this time
Only had thr 4 min cooldown for useing the new flying
@tomfury5632 Vor year
Well said. I agree with you 100%. Borrowed power always made me sad, especially coming back after a break. You're a great communicator!
@ZK-sz8vs Vor year
the new talent trees are excellent. they have all the flexibility and choice of the very old wrath era trees but without the 5 point filler talents that plagued that era. every talent in these new trees feels meaningful and exciting to select, and it is legitimately difficult to choose between talents in every tier, which is definitely a good thing. all wheat, no chaff in my nearly 20 years of playing this game these talent trees are definitely the best iteration of talents the game has ever had. looking forward to an expansion thats more focused on fun than systems
@BeeLightning Vor year
I wouldn't say it's excellent. from what I've seen seems like some class still have a problem of talents not making sense or being underwhelming within the class/spec's toolkits (Looking at you Consecrated Ground) but the current talent tree system seems like a decent framework that they can work and build upon (if they can even balance it in the first place)
@fool4143 Vor year
Some classes have amazing talent trees but Paladin is not one of them. Not saying they will be weak as you can have a shit tree and amazing damage. While I like how they split class tree and spec tree, I think they needed more talent choice nodes that change how you play your spec. MoP had a talent tree for Holy paladin that changed how they play and gear with the Lvl 45 talents which was amazing.
@goj9484 Vor year
@@BeeLightning it's excellent if you don't play paladin kekw
@Gunpoint1015 Vor year
@@Direwoof well swapping from paladin to anything feels great, the avengers shield holy power generation being removed makes it feel like straight garbage
@@RisqueBisquetz nah even when people have tried running sims on the talents, its got so much variables and combinations, its nearly impossible to calculate the best combination.
@WadeAllen001 Vor year
I think the thing I was looking forward to most with Dragonflight is the talent trees, and they've been really good. They make leveling alts feel much better. And now the next biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the profession revamp.
@lusbox4724 Vor year
Started playing again after a 2 or 3 year break and really having a lot of fun, the new talent tree is so much more interesting and varied than before. It's not perfect of course, a lot of times you feel obligated to take certain paths but hopefully with the extra points and a bit more patch tweaking it will be even better.
Blizzard, I’m begging you to listen to this man. He speaks for all of us. The talent tree’s - you guys nailed it! Removing absurd grinds like covenants and artifact weapons - you guys nailed it! Professions that are actually useful throughout the whole game - you guys nailed it! Can’t wait to play this expansion… that said, please let BM hunters tame dragons! Thanks!
I love the talent tree to be honest so much you can work with and with my main being a druid I have many different builds. It's something they can work with going forward and perhaps new expansions of patches add new talents to the trees.
@Mediocrityo Vor year
Talent trees are solid - looking forward to playing different classes more and havent had that feeling since Legion. I still think they need to make loot more interested (although looking at some of the gear in Dragonflight they seem to be going in that direction) and I do agree with the patches replacing your gear and it being a "reset" is kind of a penalty for people and I would prefer they figure out a solution to that.
@MaxBeaulieu Vor year
tbh the talents make me want to play again. the ability to have diffrent specs for world content, raiding and M+ is so enticing. there are like 2-5 builds per spec that are really close to one another, and vary the playstyle meaning that you arent gonna be shoved into one role.
@Kikkia2018 Vor year
There are some talent tree paths that are a bit undesirable for me. Mistweaver, for example, has some talents that branch into other talents for something else entirely. I found myself picking talents I probably won’t use / forget about just to get something else. I know damage is necessary for high end content but I just want damage to be filler when I’m not healing and not required to proc things (sun kick). But for people who enjoy that they should be able to do that too. It’s a hard balance to make two builds (full healing & fistweaving) equally strong but I hope we can actually build how we want.
@tabl3s Vor year
One thing you didn't mention was the how many people, myself included, didn't go straight to icyveins to find a build. On my main and all my alts, I went through each tree, tailored it to how I like to play. I felt zero need to find the meta build. It's that accessible to the base and hands down, one of my most favorite changes to come to WoW in YEARS!
New talents are awesome, for sure! As someone who loves world content, the severe lack of it in recent expansions in favor of M+ and raid stuff has meant I've kind of been just leveling a lot of toons to experience the world and all the old quest. One of the main things that killed leveling for me before was having to go 5+ levels sometimes before I get any kind of ability, and then it's something useless for leveling like mass dispel as an example. With the new talents, I can pick something neat up and actually begin working out what kind of build I like well before max level. I have multiple characters now just waiting on those extra talent points at 70 to round out their builds haha. I am pretty excited for the expac. With the lack of any borrowed power systems and the reworking of the game's fundamental mechanics like class talent trees and professions, I hope this means they're leaning into a more simple direction with improving the game. I don't care about all of these contrived systems that they make. In fact, they've been hurting WoW for a long time for me. I just want to play and have stuff to do out in the world, that's my favorite part of the game by far. Obviously Legion had a lot of borrowed power stuff, but if they can just ignore that and go in Legion's direction with all of the cool stuff there was to do out in the world, I'll be absolutely satisfied.
@Chambers_90 Vor year
I feel the same way about the talents, it'll be really refreshing to be able to play around with builds without having to get over the hurdles first to get all the legendaries / conduits / azerite gear / essences etc. The talent trees are a significant feature
It. Makes personal customization a thing again . Before you only had 3 options per talent row .
@molin1 Vor year
I think the new talent trees are fundamentally a great design. Unfortunately, per Rextroy we know there are a ton of bugs still, so you don't know if anything actually does what it says it does.
@TheOnlyGreen Vor year
Asmon in this video. ''I might try and play the game more seriously this time (ie raiding) and do theorycrafting''. Asmon in his stream not 12 hours ago ''I f***ing hate raiding and everything to do with it, this is why I don't raid''. Lets be honest - you'll play and stream it full time for 2 weeks or so like the last 2, try and pug the 1st raid, won't complete it, say its shit and go back to doing anything else.
If Blizzard doesn't have someone watching your videos and taking notes for a player perspective they're doing something wrong. This was an incredibly well articulated video. Thanks Zach!
Blizzard is literally so lucky to have people like you playing their games even through mishaps.
I mean it is still the best mmo even with all the issues. FFXIV is the only competition. The other MMOs are bad
@joed5150 Vor year
@@NoobGamer-di1dw Bahahaha it's not remotely close to being as great as FF14. Ya'll are seriously like battered spouses. Just can't let go and face facts
@kornfreak78 Vor year
I found myself smiling while watching this video. I agree with 100% of what you said throughout this video. It's just nice to hear someone with the same thoughts towards Dragonflight.
Yes I am very positive and happy about borrowed powers. The new talent system and the focus on foundation is also good. Including tiered sets is great too. I am very happy about this.
@6reps Vor year
I like the idea of trying to remove borrowed power and just expanding on the talent tree. I'm slightly worried everything is just an excuse for lowering manpower and there will be no additional content though. I'd like to see if there is the same amount of man power just more raids, dungeons, fun content or anything.
@Shadowsdeity Vor year
The new talent trees feel amazing. I enjoy way more classes than I did in Shadowlands. Hard to choose a main now! I'm going into Dragonflight blind and it's exciting. Great video as always Zack.
@itsmrnuggetz Vor year
I'm literally feeling the same way, I don't know if I want to main my mage or my Paladin lol
@Ekvorivious Vor year
@@itsmrnuggetz That's quite telling! 😂
Yup haven’t decided my main either maybe outlaw rogue, but it’s so hard to decide.
@bobbyp6592 Vor year
every spec i play feels significantly more satisfying and fun with the new talents. Dragonriding is dope. Making the core game better, adding some new beautiful new zones and a couple banger raids without punishing disasters for systems sounds like a W to me.
@reactive8 Vor year
Hey Asmon! 👋 Personally I am really excited for DF. I can only speak to the talents for resto druid as its been my main since vanilla, but they offer really neat choices and different builds i can see working really well! I would love for them to spend some more development time in the coming patches/expansions on developing more customization for classes (alternative spell appearances/ shapeshift forms/ class fantasy items) I also think it would be cool to add a new affix to legendarys something along the lines of "you recieve one aditional talent point" or similar to how old d2 worked where gear could roll an affix or talent which would either buff or just free up another point!
9:50 definetly agree with the choices that we have in wrath to design our character how we want. This is shown in DK’s very much so where different metas keep coming out every month. At this point the best builds you look up are often times outdated where people are still learning everyday how to make their char better
@blech71 Vor year
I totally agree with having build diversity opening up ways to do content with a unique approach. Having the ability to change up gear and tree to do a certain type of content makes the game fun. I always wanted to have a way to change up a soec to do better more efficient not runs for example. Sure the build won’t be viable in a raid environment but is real good for culling big low groups to burn them down and grab the loot more efficiently.
@Shibzstain91 Vor year
I am looking forward to DF also, I am probably a little more excited than I should be but I am just glad to see the end of SL, I enjoy the new talent system offers more options for everyone, even if you look up the best build for the content you're into you can still change things around that fit you more while still being competitive, not farming borrowed powers is a much needed breath of fresh air, never really cared about crafting but going into DF I think I will take more of an interest in them with the changes they have made, I like how they have put the M+ dungeons on rotation and used old dungeons so you're not farming them same dungeons for majority of an expansion.
@cherriida Vor year
I definitely love the new talent trees, strong agree on them being better than the previous ones.
First time talent trees actually feel better than wotlk
@TheLi0nc0urt Vor year
The new systems are dragon riding, which only works in the dragon isles, and the crafting system, which has a either weekly or daily limit for work orders.
@Sicnus Vor year
thanks for posting zach and for being a fun albeit controversial community figure that keeps things real!
@zenwilds2911 Vor year
Flying as a dracthyyr is what brought me back to WoW. I hope we get dracthyr druids who can shape-shift into a dragon flight form (with a cast timer) and can carry a player. We already have the sandstone dragon mount that does this, but I'd like different models for the dragon I shapeshift into.
Great video! Personally I think WOW should release raids at the same difficulty first. So something along the lines of releasing 2 different raids but only having normal difficulty available, then later on in the expansion release heroic and then follow with Mythic. This will allow for everyone to progress at a similar rate and not feel as their progression efforts were wasted when the new patch comes out. With dungeons they could release the 3 difficulties right away, but maybe to a similar way of rewards as the great vault was. That way you'd work for stronger gear with higher mythics. You could have heroic dungeons and raid normal gears at the same level. It would be that anyone who is really going for the highest level gear can keep grinding the mythics and those who like PVE for content can balance it out with raid content. I love the way the game is headed now and I'm really looking forward to having more Account Bound content as repeating things on multiple alts indeed is a drag. I also agree with you saying that most people will rather play a different class than turn the game off, and I'm one of them people. So changing certain content to account Bound only retains more players within the game even if it's just on a different character. Love your content and you have great insights.
Ive been waiting for a non-borrowed power system expansion for years. Excited to see how this turns out with a focus on alts.
I am 100% with you on most things. Talents can get some improvement, like not having signature spells in the trees is something that should happen. Another nice video mate. Thank you!
Love the new talent trees! i now have 10 max lvl toons and so far i think all the trees ive gone through have been good EXCEPT for shaman, the enhance side is ok but the base shaman side is pretty awful
The new talent system is incredible for WoW. It takes the best of class fantasy, without taking away from all of the spec progress and identity since MoP. Each spec now has dynamic sub specs which is just awesome
@fool4143 Vor year
I think the idea is great for the talent tree being split between Class and Spec but overall the spec tree is rather lazy attempt. It's just stuff you had back in the old days or borrowed power thrown in. I think talent trees should have Mastery node in the spec tree that changes a playstyle but uses the same abilities. So it is a overloaded talent that just changes the function of some skills. For Example for Holy Paladin if they want a Range and Melee. I think they can make it where Avenging Crusader and Tyr’s Deliverance is a choice node to the right of Radiant Onslaught and to the left of Tower of Radiance. Clearly all would need tuning and just an Idea especially in the long run. Choice Node of Avenging Crusader and Tyr’s Deliverance Avenging Crusader- You become the ultimate crusader of light, increasing your Crusader Strike, Judgement, and auto-attack damage by 30%. Crusader Strike, Judgement, and Hammer of Wrath cooldown 30% faster and heal up to 3 injured allies for 250% of the damage they deal. Last 30 sec. Costs 3 Holy Power. -Judgement now gains 1 Holy Power or make it a talent -Divine Purpose cannot proc Avenging Crusader. -Another idea is just to let it be passive. -Different Mastery Mastery: Divine Judgement- Increase heals from your damaging abilities with Avenging Crusader by x%. -Maybe gain Selfless Healer - Crusader Strike, Judgement, and Hammer of Wrath you gain a stack of Selfless healer lowering the cast time of Flash of Light and Holy Light by 50%/33% per stack and increasing the heal by 20% of Flash of Light. Max 2 or 3 stacks. Replaces Infusion of Light. 2 stacks for Flash of Light and 3 stacks for Holy Light. 3 stacks for Holy Light because Holy Light’s have better Holy Power generation/mana regen. or Tyr’s Deliverance- Releases the Light within yourself, healing 5 injured allies instantly and an injured ally every 1 sec for 20 sec within 40 yds for (47.25% of Spell power). Allies healed also receive 25% increased healing from your Holy Light and Flash of Light spells for 20 sec. 40 second cd. -Holy Light cast time reduced by 0.25. -Exorcism replaces Crusader Strike. -Different Mastery Mastery: Beacon of Hope- Healing with Holy Shock, Flash of Light, and Holy Light will shield all Beacons of Light for x% for 10 secs and refreshing every 3 secs of cumulative healing. The more beacons you have the more it is shared/reduced per beacon. -Infusion of Light can stack twice and Holy Light can be casted while moving -Maybe gain Daybreak after using Light of Dawn or Word of Glory. Holy Shock will heal 5 allies for x% within x yards. Only the main target of Holy Shock can benefit from gaining Glimmer of Light if you chose this talent. This idea could be used for other specs like Survival Hunter being range, Enhance Shaman being a tank, and warrior gladiator. It’s a idea and clearly everything above would need tuning.
@ultraboy971 Vor year
About character progression, I feel like some players may want to create a new character to start fresh again, and while I think that may be a small amount of players, I think it'd be a good idea to give the player the option to either Start a character from scratch or give them the option to start a new character with the progression of another.
Thank you for taking your time to talk to us like humans and not taking about the negatives. Yes blizzard has had its problems but there trying. And at the end of the day we all love wow and I hope dragonflight is a win for blizzard.
@ellyon80 Vor year
i think they are taking a more classic approach to this expansion and i think that i just what the game needed, talent trees and no borrowed power. and dragons, can not go wrong with dragons
@nikkoREEE Vor year
riot games actualy made the most boring tft season with dragons
@RZethusE Vor year
I'm def leaning more towards serious raiding (as much as one can for a 2 night/week raid schedule). But the talent trees have been great fun so far. Def made my Fury Warrior feel fresh after they got put in.
@True_Slav Vor year
I love playing wow the way it is now, me and my friends play and even though I havent been playing for long i can grasp and find anything i need to in this massive world. I think its just great the way they have done things i feel immersed, i have laughs and make memories and my heart gets pumping in pvp or when i see new larger numbers on any of my stats. its just a great time, and i look forward to continuing to play the game, make more characters, enjoying the ups and downs of the journey this community and the game has is and will go through. much love, Sonic.
Sharing the excitement. Hoping to catch your streams while leveling through.
@PJsutnop Vor year
On the point of making things account wide: If the worry is thatbpeople will finish things too quickly, i'd rather have it be account wide but much longer than per character and shorter. Having each of your characters all contributing to one patch long goal sounds sooo much more fun
I hope we get the ability to use (get the appearance of) all transmog items using a single character. I despise getting rare boes on toons that can't use them. And at this point there is simply to much to collect to start over when you want to change characters. Second big one for me would be account wide rep. Allow it to be an option in the option menue if there are players who don't want it.
I feel the same way, going to take my time and enjoy the lore and the questing, dungeons, professions and raids. I really think its gonna be refreshing. Cant forget dragonriding!
He always says he will do that but like usual he lies and speedruns the expansion.
New talent trees have made Outlaw much more interesting for me, having the different options are nice and add a bit of variety, good change. A bit nervous for how it'll feel once legendaries, conduits, and the like are gone come release though
@@sephrinx4958 this is exactly what makes it fun lol
@@sephrinx4958 bro outlaw is literally one of the best specs so far in df lmfao
@@sephrinx4958 why???
@byrdmaan6171 Vor year
I'm super excited for DF. Stayed out of beta intentionally. I cannot wait to dip my toes into this new one. Trees are overall good. These they can tune. Only a positive if you ask me. Good luck everyone! 👍
I enjoy the talent trees. Very casual player. Haven’t raided too hard. Always did lfm. Sucked at pvp. Dragon flight brought me back. Love dragons and the story behind the dragon flights. Shadowlands just seemed crazy. Bfa had too much stuff to grind. Excited to hopefully get some new dragon mounts that aren’t super grindy to get or super low rez.
@petre1758 Vor year
I love the talent trees, they are really fun to experiment with, without the restrictions classic talent have, where if you miss clicked an icon you might as well go delete you char.
I agree 100 percent. Keeping it simple by redoing the talents is safer and has more potential to creat new fun play styles than adding long grind simulators in a grind simulator
I'm interested on Asmongold's take on the lore, narrative and worldbuilding of Dragonflight. I'm also especially interested on him reacting to Nobbel's interview with Steve Danuser, since he was so fucking brutal to Danuser.
@BazzbeTV Vor year
he doesnt even know the old lore without a youtuber telling him about it
@carneios08 Vor year
I like the design and theme of my talent tree (Shadow Priest), but there are still a handful of specific gripes I have with it. I look forward to what it could be now, which is more than that could be said the last couple xpacs.
@wukain6697 Vor year
Shadowlands took positive steps towards the end. A lot of people, including myself, didn't experience this cause we left so now the first patch in a new expansion is building on those steps and adding positive features gives me hope so even if all this will give me is dragon flying and new professions I'm happy cause it's the first step in a new expansion
@ZetsuZack Vor year
Pretty excited to see the raid struggling and achievement grind. Progression is fun.
@tylox7521 Vor year
i'm actually enjoying logging in and just playing my dracthyr. i like casting stuff while moving, i love the empower abilities, the race looks COOL AF. it's fun to just log in and play the class, which I haven't been able to say in a long time.
Love the new talents! I've been experimenting with different builds and it's fun every time.
I am loving the talent changes, and UI changes. Everything so far has been awesome. I'm excited.
@Attalai Vor year
I played Legion, BFA, and SL. I never actively played the farming systems as AP, Anima, etc. I always got my stuff during catch-up. Hence, I'm not going to miss this additional content at all. Even better, I don't feel any guilt not doing them
@madtrade Vor year
i agree with the talent tree there is enormous potential sure not every spec is perfect and being a monk tank right now i cry but that's the monk life but all my roles are fun tbh they just need a bit more tunning/fixing replacing some dead talents new sets / trinkets / item proc to refresh the gameplay and were good
@cackle6682 Vor year
I'm super stoked, can't wait till tuesday. I wonder how the revamped professions will play out. Maybe there'll be some ways for us non-speculators to make some gold finally.
@MrIcontrol Vor year
I played the game during the free week-end after a very long time. I leveled up my druid, DH, mage, lock, war, rogue, shaman and paladin. My only concern is that the game play felt extremely slow. I hope that they work a little bit more on talent trees and cooldown duration, aoe etc. I mean they could just go and bring back the favorite gameplay/spec for each class from each expac.
@TeeZett89 Vor year
i love the new talentsystem. back then in BC/WOTLK i did not have the feeling it had an impact when i put a new talent in the tree, it always needed a lot of points to see a difference. then the newer talents, no need for me to talk about it: i hated it! but NOW! a few points and BOOM something new and different!
@ClowdyHowdy Vor year
I'm new to the game. Just joined a couple months ago to learn the game before dragonflight sou could get into raiding with the family/friend guild. It seems like a great time to get into the game. Im going into DF with 4 level 60s and a lvl 42, and I'm just excited to actually be a part of a new expansion.
@coldorange5 Vor year
Whoa its the Korean immersion guy
@immasurvivor Vor year
Reading shit like this warms my old, bald heart. Have fun dude :)
@ClowdyHowdy Vor year
@@coldorange5 small world huh? Lol hope your immersions going well.
@ShamSoap Vor year
Go play classic if you want a family/friend guild, in retail everything is spoon fed to the player
@Kumoii Vor year
The fact they're making crafting ACTUALLY matter, feels pretty good. The fact you can essentially craft Mythic tier gear. Makes it so good to be able to get caught up. I HOPE they add a system similar to Shadowlands where you can upgrade a Mythic Dungeon gear piece to a Raid tier set for your respective class
Pretty sure it’s confirmed that they are doing “tier forging” again yeah
@Kumoii Vor year
@@sassyplays8140 Ahh okay, I haven't seen anything in regards to it. So wasn't sure if they'd bring that back. Cause that's another good "catch up" mechanic tbh
@slr9102 Vor year
Love your content Asmon, comforting, like watching a 90's series.
@Crossfirev Vor year
@@CynicalSpheres you're
You is
@slr9102 Vor year
@@CynicalSpheres well spotted, here's a cookie 🍪
Considering coming back to WoW after like 7-8yrs. Some positive buzz around it after all this time and nostalgia is a powerful drug. More than that though, MMOs are just a fun little escape if you can chill out and approach it in the more casual manner that you describe here. Been enjoying casually playing New World, and looking to do the same with Guild Wars 2 and now maybe even WoW. Feels good man.
@thezerb Vor year
The new talent trees do something very important that has long been missing from teh game that nobody seems to have realized.... The make you think at least for half a second about what you´re doing , how you´re doing it, and what you want to improve, during the leveling process. I´ve filled out from 6 to all but 2 classes (Monk and Priest are still missing). Leveled DH, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue and Evoker in the last 2 weeks, all from scratch to 280+, 'cept Shami and Warri that didn´t exist last reset. And it all started with me wanting to be able to never worry about lockboxes ever again and leveling a MechaRogue-Can Opener solely for that purpose :P IMO leveling is just freaking awesome now... you play with your 3 buttons, you level up, you look at your talents for what you want and whether or not you want another button or not, and spend accordingly... and 60 levels later, while you may have a suboptimal build and playstyle for content X, you at least know exactly why you took each of those buttons and how they interact with each other. Hell, you can almost make a D3 Rend-Whirlwind barbarian out of a fury if you really don´t care about being meta ... you can basically reduce almost every class to the point where you can play with one hand on WASD and really stubby fingers that have to stretch to reach "5", or you can go full NASA launch complex and have all the buttons you can possibly imagine, or anything in between.
@GrimBQT Vor year
I'm hype for Dragonflight. I agree completely about the relief of no borrowed power infinite grind. I love the talent tree, and have missed it for years! I hope we get less currencies and lots of alt skip options.
The Talent tree is great! But all in all it could still be improved overtime. Solid W overall.
@cgp7781 Vor year
I probably wont have the best opinion as I have only just started playing WOW but I think Asmond is completely correct. As a new player I feel the game is good but very confusing first time around, the introduction of BFA has really improved the starting experience and made me actually want to continue playing, I picked the game up probably 10 years ago and after completing the first 20 levels of the game I was ready to give up. Now I have some grasp of what is going on, the new class system allows me to try out different talents and figure out what works best for me without it being super confusing and time consuming! I think the more streamlining of the game they do to allow me to understand how the world is evolving around me the better the experience will be for new players! The community seems somewhat stuck in the old way of thinking and coming in as someone who has limited knowledge of the game has allowed me to enjoy the implementations they have made without having a need for the nostalgia of the old ways!
Always loved your vids! I’ll also love the tree house video you will make in 3 months talking about all the terrible ways blizzard disregards their players feedback, and how they ruined this expansion because it’s what’s gonna happen so I’ll see you all back here in a few months as we all question why we spent more money on another expansion and how we’re un subbing. The cycle repeats.
As a father and full time worker im absolute buzzing with blizzard and DF IT WAS ABOUT TIME to wake up and make a different expansion. Great video as always Asmo
@caltho6295 Vor year
I just love these talks, thanks and keep it up Zack !
@Teh_Duck Vor year
As Unholy I love the tree, I haven't played the prepatch much but I did make a build and tested it on a dummy. I am so glad I can now play DK w/o rune downtime and I can't wait to tinker with the tree with full points. Edit: also looking forward to the profession overhall & hope to make bank this expac
@ghostrobles Vor year
I hate life right now, and you make me feel better Asmon. Take care so people can have you for a long time.
@jjsco6282 Vor year
Dont hate life keep going ❤ it will get better TRUST ME
@korketre Vor year
@Heyitskayxx Vor year
@FadedTheory Vor year
Things will get better I promise, as grim as things look right now
@MechVince Vor year
Very well said, as an 18 year veteran of WoW I agree! I hope it's great, I think it will be at least very good, and if it's not I'll take a break and do something else!
I hope WoW is gonna get back on track soon, hopefully Dragonflight will be good! Let's hope for the best!
It’s a start in the right direction for the core fundamentals of the game.
@ShamSoap Vor year
Each expac people say that, and each time it sucks because blizzard cant make good games anymore, stop giving them money to get disappointed, its insanity at this point.
@Libritor Vor year
Dragonflight has one of the grindiest systems.. Very time consuming and requires months to develop. But the genius thing about it is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT if you don't want to. It won't keep you weak if you don't do it. You will be able to complete the content that you want. And whenever you have nothing to do, you can spend hours developing it. And it isn't Blizz account bound. It's just work. Professions.
@Max9string Vor year
playing WOTLK again and damn this game was good for back in the days. There was some things I didn't like but overall it was just more engaging. 1. Stats mattered, Soft Caps. 2. Class fantasy was better. 3. Class Resources had to actually be manage. 4. Party composition mattered, 5. Traveling to objective, like going to instances, cities, quests, specific venodrs, made the world fuller and not as empty. 6. Toon progression, your toon starts off really weak and basic, the game is actually hard, then after investing skill points, unlocking skills, equiping better gear, the feeling that your becoming stronger and having that class identity feeling actually feels rewarding, now you start very strong with 1 or 2 shotting abilities and then everything just takes longer to kill and becomes like sponges, it feels horrible. 7. Daily activities, wintergrasp can only queue for it every 3 hours, it's actually something I look forward to do, not because it's pvp, but because it's limited. Heroic dungeon are not spamable, feels like you accomplish something when you done all your heroic dungeon for the day.
@TheThompsonP Vor year
My problem with going to the instance to use the summon stone is I find 95% of all player base is one of 2 people. The people that don't go to the stone and say nothing or the asshole that either leaves or says some shit like WTF why no summons and then leaves. :) I agree it's more engaging and makes the world seem a little less small but atleast nowadays people's patience is borderline pathetic
@Bougeek Vor year
Honnestly serious raiding on alt instead of main could be something good for you if you feel you want to raid. I heard the mecanics of the raid are way more visual which is a thing that you talk a lot about
@voodotc11 Vor year
Started playing retail again (since castle nathria) and I’m having a blast, doing the old legion quest lines to get some cool artifact transmogs, and some light mount farming. The older zones looks so beautiful. Can’t wait for dragonflight.
If you can enjoy this all I can say is I'm happy for you man.
@jedde4248 Vor year
I love the new talent tree. A really great change imo
im excited ive spent the last couple weeks power leveling up alts ive made over the years leveled a little got bored and gave up on, its nice to go back play them and get them ready and be able to enjoy all the different play styles feels really good im super happy to play this new content
@@masterpain7742 🙄
@badams2190 Vor year
I love the new talents. As a holy pally I feel like I got everything. I have my age healing hammer. Consecrate heals, my interrupt is back, I have divine toll, and a brez. It feels awesome!
@MM-yy9us Vor year
The new talent tree is a big win for wow, its refreshing and you get something almost every level which make leveling alts way more interesting and fun. Glad wow is turning it around
@XyphonXero Vor year
Normally I would completely agree with this statement, wholeheartedly even. However, seeing how fast leveling has been made, how much fun can really be had if we can max out every class in the game in a two week span? I just feel like so many have forgotten why leveling was important to begin with. It was a journey and great way to spend time while in between raid timers or even waiting on new content. It also gave the developers more time to sink their resources into creating quality content rather than having to rush through development of the next raid because too many people have nothing left to do.
@ispear6337 Vor year
@@XyphonXero I've leveled a character from fresh to max in pretty much every expansion. Dragonflight fresh to max is the most enjoyable of them all by far. You get the majority of your specs fundamental toolkit very early on so you can feel like your gameplay is meaningful and actually kind of fun. On top of that you get actually impactful new abilities literally every single level rather than the old ways of 1% crit here or 5% more damage on X ability there; or god forbid the recent experience of going like 8 levels without getting anything new. The shortened time to level also keeps it from being a massive slog that ends up causing burnout. Overall the current system is so much better than the old it's hillarious. On the topic of running out of content people can just do end game activities on their max level alts to fill the gaps. Most people do that exact thing all the time actually.
@Korrath Vor year
Love the new talents, looking forward to dragonflight. My hot take? Go back and retool some of the old zones on each continent for max level. Add in new high-end loot drops that randomly drop in the open world.
@dreioo8759 Vor year
Love ya, As-man! Keep sharing the passion!
Why I'm Excited for Cataclysm, Why I'm Excited for Mists of Pandaria, Why I'm Excited for Legion, Why I'm Excited for Battle for Azeroth, Why I'm Excited for Shadowlands, Why I'm Excited for Dragonflight
Yep, and every time people say "Why I'm excited for the new expansion" will get let down greatly. Blizzard always promises new fixes, and new concepts, and yet they never fall through with it until players start to quit.
Good to see you in a video like this one. I share the same feelings. If anyone reads this, I hope you have a good day -3-
Enjoy today filled with copium! We will be waiting for you all to join us back in the other mmos in a weeks time
@CompliXD Vor year
The question that keeps bugging me: What's the use for extensive talent trees if in the end players will just take the meta ST and meta AoE build in the end, leaving many talents bleeding. What change doess the system have in that regards to people wanting you to play meta covenants, soulbinds, legendaries and all that stuff? What good is there in having options, but than again not really (if you're going for the best utilization of your specs)?
I'm very happy with the ele shaman tree, even my balance druid alt is loads of fun rn! I haven't played on the beta at all and am looking pretty forward to dragonriding. See you all in the Dragon Isles on Tuesday :D
@bigbmhyt Vor year
im playing both of those classes aswell, super cool.
@oneone4203 Vor year
Power of the maelstrom and Electrified shocks are boring chore buffs
@AdamMS1384 Vor year
Can’t decide between ele or enhance. Love em both!
@MrBlvdman Vor year
The tree's idea's are amazing for ele shaman, but the actuality is going to be a nightmare. Too many mini buffs to keep track of meaning your damage variance is going to swing greatly depending on what procs. Also lava burst build is just dead unless they buff it.
Think the new talent trees look great so far and have a great chance to be good. So far im happy with what i have
AZ, can you knock out a video about what mounts are not ones you want to pull out for those of us who have been gone for awhile? Everyone does a best mount video but you know, there are some mounts that just breed negative player feelings when someone has a certain mount. An example would be say bobby's favorite boat mount etc....
@fool4143 Vor year
For people who don't raid/mythic + need a endgame activity in current patches. They need to make small areas of each zone have a timeless Isle effect but instead of catch up gear it's gear they can work on. For example: Zone 1 will be for fresh max lvl. Gear achieved can be up to heroic dungeons. Zone 2 will be for people that reached a certain ilvl from zone 1. Gear max is equal or a little less than Normal ilvl raids first bosses. Zone 3 will be for people that have high enough ilvl from zone 2. Gear max equal to or less than heroic raids first bosses. Zones will rotate every few days or a week. More areas in a zone unlock as major patches with a new raid hit. With more gear upgrades that need new materials. Old zones will drop more materials for easier time to upgrade gear. Now we just have to know the time frame of when they can max out a character. It should take longer than a character that raids Heroic. How people gear up is using gear they don't need to make material or material drops from rare creatures. Use those materials with professions to upgrade your gear a certain ilvl or you can use the materials for a vendor to make for you. I think it would be a better way for a player to craft for you or you can yourself. Another way to do gear is have 5 pieces of set gear that helps you with world content. Set pieces can be upgraded to High end heroic or low end mythic ilvl and non-set gear can be upgraded to normal. Set gear only works in the world. The goal is they can have fun with getting new toys, mounts, treasures, rares, etc while gearing up and each zone has different rewards. Plus it would be alt friendly and no need to have a catch up system at the end of expansions.
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