Why No Flag In The World Is Purple

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No Purple.
Look up any flag in the world, you won't find any purple.
It's only one of the many secrets countries have about their flags

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14 Nov 2021



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Eisa Alhabib
Eisa Alhabib Vor 7 Monate
Almost 5 years ago I bought a Nas Daily hoodie (the expensive one) as a fan, and thought: man this guy on Facebook is really cool, his videos inspire me. I hope one day I get to make videos this cool that inspire others. Little did I know 5 years later I would be presenting on his channel. Thank you bro for the opportunity, I’m honoured, Nas Daily. 💜
Nor Holwani Yahaya
Nor Holwani Yahaya Vor 5 Stunden
Danilo Vor 4 Tage
Dominica and Nicaragua 🇩🇲🇳🇮 bruh
Moe Hourani
Moe Hourani Vor 7 Tage
Yeah you're right
Prime And Empress TV💙
Yes his right
Austine Piñera
Austine Piñera Vor 10 Tage
Did you forget that Nicaragua and Dominica have purple in their flag
Dabo Life
Dabo Life Vor 7 Monate
Your presentation is really amazing Eisa. Thanks Nas Daily for giving this man an opportunity.
NYMonroeNOAA Vor 7 Tage
I see u everywhere...
@Eisa khan haha
- Nessa -
- Nessa - Vor 13 Tage
Poland Ball
Poland Ball Vor 26 Tage
What about Dominica!
Times Square Countdowns On VHS
I hate dabo life.
Aasmi Vor 8 Tage
I'm from Sri Lanka, & the Sri Lankan flag has a detailed, unique meaning too..🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰 The leaves represent Buddhist loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and happiness, the lion represents bravery and the Sinhalese people, the sword is bravery, curly represents hair wisdom, the tail is Noble Eightfold Path and the beard the purity of words. The red represents Sinhalese people, green the Muslim faith, orange Tamil ethnicity and yellow is all cultures.
Omicron Vor 10 Tage
One of the best things about this dude is, that he never takes credit for himself, when he achieves something. He always respects us the audience and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come💞💞.
Sapphire Carrxts•
I’m Nepali and I’m proud of my flag and how it it unique like the other flags.
AbbyBerrys Vor 18 Tage
My flag is 🇲🇻 Maldives! The red is to represent blood because there were soldiers who sacrificed them selves to save our country! Green represents peace and wealth and white moon is to represent Islam!
GamingWithHip Vor 8 Tage
Danisz Vor 15 Tage
Sad Vibes Forever
Sad Vibes Forever Vor 7 Monate
my favorite color is purple and I've never noticed it not on a flag before wow
wolf-fox Vor 5 Tage
Dominican rep. and Nicaragua.
NATO Vor 5 Tage
CelticsRoblox Vor 5 Tage
Guys this vid is clickbait Nicaragua and Dominica have purple in there flag, but not overly used
abdullah Vor 7 Tage
Purple is in Nicaragua and dominica.
じゃがいも (potato) #saveukraine #roadto35subs
Same favorite color but 🇩🇲Dominica has purple on his parrot (you cant see it)
jen 🌷
jen 🌷 Vor 26 Tage
Bangladeshi 🇧🇩 flag represents the greenery of our country and the red circle means our people's blood, which they sacrificed to independent this country.
That's the same thing my country's flag represent !
Vuyo Mbewe
Vuyo Mbewe Vor 2 Tage
Caroline Johnson
Caroline Johnson Vor 23 Tage
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Soldier Vor 21 Tag
Where did the other comments go?
Wesley Parker
Wesley Parker Vor 23 Tage
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Zhanna Kraievan
Zhanna Kraievan Vor 23 Tage
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Saintiago Rafael
Saintiago Rafael Vor 23 Tage
I agree with you. That is why with Stephanie .R. Anderson managing my portfolio for me and making profit for me on my portfolio, I experienced a great rate of return on my portfolio.
Ty Uhy
Ty Uhy Vor 23 Tage
It is her responsibility to manage your investment portfolio. Which is 10% of the profit / interest it generated for you after three months.
ClickClean & Pest Control
My bff is Lebanese and I am Ethiopian so, it a pleasure to hear you say those wonderful countries.😊
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Vor 7 Monate
Flags are such beautiful representations of countries
🥥Neka🌴 Vor 3 Monate
Muskan Singh
Muskan Singh Vor 7 Monate
How come you are everywhere?
zen - the power of music
Malaysian represent!!
Juggernaut2468 Vor 7 Monate
sup ray mak
TheMadHatter Vor 26 Tage
Actually, there are two flags that have a tiny amount of purple: Dominica and Nicaragua.
Philippines Ball (By Choko Diaz)
And El Salvador zoom on the top of the triangle there's a rainbow
Luffy Vor 21 Tag
I am from Nepal and I am proud that we are the only like that have a different shape like double triangles
Aline Jaber
Aline Jaber Vor 7 Stunden
I am from 🇱🇧 and when i heard about it that the snail that give purple i got : what you've got to be kiding me this is incredible plus my favorite top 1 color is purple
Gauhar Assanbay
Gauhar Assanbay Vor 3 Tage
I'm from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿, and in my opinion our flag is beautiful. Sky blue colour symbolises honesty and loyalty and celestial turks honored sky dome. Sun shows well-being of country, human values and a bright future. Freedom and independence are taking significant place in each kazakhs heart, kazakh literally means free from kipchak languages. Nomad people couldn't be without eagle, that's why it's here. In the left side there are national ornaments - oyu-ornek. Our history and culture are very rich, and I'm glad our flag could show it
Father Gabriel Stokes
I've learned literally everything I never knew I needed to learn about flags.
gamer beast
gamer beast Vor 7 Monate
@Ayaan Gaming lol same we just gamers
Alisha Giri
Alisha Giri Vor 7 Monate
Same here...
Sabrina Vee
Sabrina Vee Vor 7 Monate
Not all of what he says is correct
Lemon Flower
Lemon Flower Vor 7 Monate
I'm your 1k likes haha
gamer beast
gamer beast Vor 7 Monate
Lol same
Our india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 flag has unique meaning Saffron ( looks like orange) stands for bravery and courage of our country White stands for peace Green stands for our agriculture and our nature Middle in the white wheel is there that is ashokha chakra Jai hind jai Bharath jai india Thank you
Ελενη Κουστουλιδου
I support u im from 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷😊😊
• R a f a e ł •
Philippines flag meaning: Blue: Peace, Freedom and Justice. Red: War, Courage and Patriotism. White Triangle: Equality and Space. 3 stars: Major Islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Sun: Unity, Freedom, People's democracy and Sovereignity. Eight rays at the sun: 8 regions revolting against Spain: Manila(Capital of the Philippines), Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Morong, Laguna, Batangas and Nueva Ecija.
Ratio card
Ratio card Vor 2 Tage
"Why no flag is purple." Dominica and Nicaragua:Are we a joke to you? Oh and also,fun fact:Dominica and Nicaragua are both north american countries which means that north america has the only purple country flags ^_^
yuzana 22
yuzana 22 Vor 3 Tage
I was shock when I saw my flag because my flag is Myanmar 🇲🇲
Ryverse Vor 7 Monate
Actually, two national flags have purple on them-Dominica and Nicaragua. They aren't overly purple, the images on them just contain small amounts of it.
Noor Al-Omari
Noor Al-Omari Vor 6 Stunden
@El_Pato so unique
Noor Al-Omari
Noor Al-Omari Vor 6 Stunden
@El_Pato really
Noor Al-Omari
Noor Al-Omari Vor 6 Stunden
@DarkWithDaButter no
Noor Al-Omari
Noor Al-Omari Vor 6 Stunden
I know
keliarceohall Vor 8 Stunden
That's true I said to DE-vid what flag has purple then it just say dominica
Pi. Vor 27 Tage
Thanks, i am now on a mission to create a country and make the flag purple
Sajid Mathupotra
Sajid Mathupotra Vor 19 Tage
There are great varieties of designs and unique patterns when it comes to the national flags of countries and territories. Some countries have used bright colors like red, yellow, and orange on their flags but others have gone for not so striking colors. But the purple color is one of the rarest flag colors on national flags. Purple is a color of royalty and anyone would expect it to dominate most flags. However, only two national flags have purple on them, Dominica and Nicaragua. The two countries that use purple on their flag did not do so until in the late 19th century. Here are the two country flags with purple.The flag of Dominica is one of the two flags with purple. The current flag, which was adopted in November 1978, underwent small changes in 1981, 1988, and 1990. The flag was designed by Alwin Bully as the country prepared for independence. The flag comprises of a green field which represents the country’s vegetation. The green field is divided into four equal portions by a three-band cross of yellow, black, and white. The three colors represent the people, the soil, and the pure water. The cross symbolizes Christianity and Trinity. At the center of the cross is a red disk bearing 10 five-pointed stars circling a Sisserou Parrot. The parrot has purple feathers on the underside and the crown, making the flag one of the only two flags with purple.The current flag of Nicaragua was adopted in 1908 and was made official in August 1971. The design of the flag was inspired by the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. Nicaragua’s flag consists of a white horizontal stripe between two blue stripes. The two blue stripes are representations of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean while white symbolizes peace. Sometimes, the blue colors are interpreted to symbolize loyalty and justice. The white stripe has the country’s coat of arms at the center. The coat of arms has a rainbow with a clear purple stripe as one of the rainbow colors. The rainbow symbolizes the liberty while the volcanoes represent the brotherhood of all the five Central American Countries.Why Purple Is Not A Common Flag Color There have been several theories as to why purple is not a common color on most flags. Until recently, purple dye was too expensive to use and was also a very rare color. In fact, it was considered more expensive than gold. Most of the countries could not afford to have the color on their flags. Only the wealthy and the royalty could afford to adorn purple. Hence, it was considered a symbol of opulence. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I forbade anyone outside of the royal family from adorning purple in a bid to control the expenditure of her people. The process of producing purple dye involved extracting slimy mucus from thousands of sea snail. The process was time-consuming and labor intensive. Also, thousands of snails would produce just a gram of purple dye.
Villkatten23 Vor 26 Tage
Thanks for showing my flag :) 🇳🇴
dxo31A Vor 21 Tag
I’m from Lebanon and when you said that I screamed so hard my dog jumped
Not your doggo
Not your doggo Vor 7 Monate
Fun fact: those snails were used a lot in Ancient Rome to make a purple stripe on a toga as a sign of wealth and only the consul was allowed to wear a fully purple one.
Leszek Madon
Leszek Madon Vor 27 Tage
I knew that fact straight AWAY when i heard nas Daily say snail lol!
vidya g
vidya g Vor 28 Tage
Dominica rebuplic
Gamer543 Vor Monat
@MsMatilda24 yup
Gamer543 Vor Monat
@amechan ye he did
Not your doggo
Not your doggo Vor Monat
@Evil Butterfly ♡ thanks for correcting me, I couldn’t remember the correct term since it’s been a long time since I had Latin in school.
OliverGamer Vor 24 Tage
"Did you know no flag in the world has purple?" Dominica: Am I a joke to you?
suman khokhar
suman khokhar Vor 26 Tage
Who else started watching Nas daily for one day and started watching him all the time?
That Magenta Bird
Nas daily: No country's flag has the color "purple" Dominica 🇩🇲 and Nicaragua 🇳🇮: *sad noises*
•axri_•#Road to 500
Perfect I'm from nepal
•ShadyTheSimp• [PFP By LH]
"No flag in the world has the color purple" Me and my partner who had to do a final big project on which we create our own countries and our flags and others: **Has the colors red, blue, and purple:**
Mari & Stephi #Road to 50!
Omg I am from lebanon and I never knew that! Tysm for telling us this! (New sub)
Hadley White
Hadley White Vor 4 Tage
sorry this video is not true there are two national flags with purple on them Nicaragua and Dominica. ps. love your channel!
Big Mac Special
Big Mac Special Vor 25 Tage
Fun fact: Nicaragua and Dominica both have purple on their flag, but you can’t really clearly see it
That is an error on your part there, Nas. You see, 2 flags which belong to Nicaragua and Dominica actually contain purple. 🇩🇲 🇳🇮
Sunita Khadka
Sunita Khadka Vor 7 Monate
Namaste! I am from Nepal🇳🇵 and our flag is the only non quadrilateral flag in the world and our flag means The crimson red is Nepal's national color, and it indicates the brave spirits of the Nepalese people. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains and represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The red triangular flag has been a Hindu symbol of victory since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Jay Nepal🇳🇵
Jimin's Blue Mold
@Sitasma Adhikari thank you for the information :)
Tanush Nakum
Tanush Nakum Vor Monat
Namaste! Meh ho Indian! (English: Hello! I am Indian!
Skylight Vor Monat
Rachana Maharjan
@Alligator Andrew actually in a park of our has a Nepal and India together sign and Nepalis love Hindi song and respect the culture
rusia Vor 24 Tage
🇲🇾🇺🇸🇱🇷 "Ah yes classic line brother"
Candy Plays
Candy Plays Vor 22 Tage
There are actually two flags in the world with purple: Dominica and Nicaragua
Shashi Yadav
Shashi Yadav Vor 23 Tage
This vedio content is great 🔥.........🤔i Think most of us never notice this!
D Ngo lmao
D Ngo lmao Vor 23 Tage
“Unique” Chad and Romania: ✨🇷🇴🇹🇩✨
Jonathan Tran
Jonathan Tran Vor 7 Monate
Time saver: Purple pigment back then costed a fortune. Thus, the mass production of flags would be VERY expensive.
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Vor 7 Monate
The Portuguese flag used purple from 1750 to 1830
Void Istrash
Void Istrash Vor 7 Monate
The video is 3 minutes this does not matter
Tuong Tăng
Tuong Tăng Vor 7 Monate
@JasmineBraids And the purple is call Tyrian Purple
Tuong Tăng
Tuong Tăng Vor 7 Monate
@JasmineBraids The problem that there have a lot of different shade of purple, the royal purple is more dark and elegant, just mixed the basic and you only get the magenta, violet like purple
JasmineBraids Vor 7 Monate
They could have mixed red and blue pigments
Adiyaan Uddin
Adiyaan Uddin Vor 10 Tage
What about Dominica? 🇩🇲 As you look closely on the bird’s chest, there is purple.
Eathan M
Eathan M Vor 24 Tage
why is nobody talking about Latvia,🇱🇻 it has loads of purple on it
Elli Vor 25 Tage
This is the first english video i have never senned on english with the danish flag i love im from denmark and i didn’t even know that(800 years). Im so happy that you talked about it im so proud of my country😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘🥰
DarkMoon9116 Vor 24 Tage
I'm french, i Know it s difficult to speak french but, it s really funny when you say fertenéty
Obi wan chromosome
Obi wan chromosome Vor 7 Monate
Reason: in ancient times purple was rare because they didn’t know colour mixing existed, so to get purple dye they had to kill purple snails, which were very rare. They excluded purple from flags generally because that would make them ridiculously expensive. The reason some royals donned purple was because it was so rare only they could afford it
Spaceman N
Spaceman N Vor 7 Monate
This information is a bunch of bs lol. While yes, purple was a bit rare, there were so many sources of purple other than just the snail. Synthetic purple had been invented way back in 700 BC lol.
artero hollow
artero hollow Vor 7 Monate
In my place there are flower can produce natural purple dye colour, we make tea from them 😬
Ravioli Frito
Ravioli Frito Vor 7 Monate
Fun fact: Many phoenicians used purple because they were rich and the purple snails were found mostly in their land.
Plexor Vor 7 Monate
@Matteo Rossato🇪🇺 oh
Ewan OSullivan
Ewan OSullivan Vor 21 Stunde
Nas: No flag in the world has purple. Dominica and Nicaragua: Are we jokes to you?
Julius Gaming
Julius Gaming Vor 9 Tage
Nas Daily: There are not Flags that has No Purple in it! Dominica: What About us :( Nicaragua: What About us :(
Ray Saade
Ray Saade Vor 5 Tage
Nas daily: there's no flag in the world that that has purple Nicaragua & Dominica: are you sure about that? Plus we made are own purple instead of buying from Lebanon!
gurung ganga
gurung ganga Vor 8 Tage
I love my family also Nepal
Katerina Struzan
Katerina Struzan Vor 7 Monate
There is one small mistake,there are actually flags that have purple, the flag of Dominica and Nicaragua.For Dominica the parrot in the flag is purple and for Nicaragua there is purple and it only covers 0.6 % of the flag and it's found in the tiny rainbow. Anyway,great video! Edit 3:Hey its me... Again with my 3rd edit but anyways how did i get 1.1k likes in around 3 hours? Like guys! You are all the best💓And thank you for 200 replies! I saw alot of hate saying dominica's flag doesn't have purple, the truth is the purple is a darker shade of violet, so to clean up the drama violet is a shade of purple, therefore it has purple. Anyway, i love you guys💓😊
Daisy Vor 23 Tage
​isn't it maroon?
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Vor 7 Monate
@Dominic Spain was neutral in WW2
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Vor 7 Monate
@Hülya Yıldırım there was, Portugal. From 1750 to 1830. In fact, it's not at random that they removed the purple a bit after Brazil got independence as it became too expensive to have
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Vor 7 Monate
@Saket Kumar not at all. The Portuguese flag used purple from 1750 to 1830, after Brazil got independence, which is probably not a coincidence. In other words, the purple was definitely a flex
FatHead Vor 7 Monate
I was looking for this comment lol
Prince Prajapati
Prince Prajapati Vor 26 Tage
The most unique flag of the country is Nepal 🇳🇵
Bolox Vor 24 Tage
"There is no country with purple on its flag." Dominica and Nicaragua: Do we look like a joke to you.
꧁Yahya Al yamani the entertainment guy ꧂
Dominica 🇩🇲 Nicaragua 🇳🇮 These two countries have the color purple on their flag
mrcannyedible Vor 17 Tage
“No country can get purple” Paper printers: what do you mean
Faye Vor 7 Monate
The entire video: **takes us on amazing trip of why countries have some flags and how interesting and fantastic flags are** Two seconds of it: "no flags are purple because purple dye is expensive."
Ranjana Singh
Ranjana Singh Vor 7 Monate
@Gala Neon ;) oh lol😂
Gala Neon ;)
Gala Neon ;) Vor 7 Monate
@sheepSong also for a fact that purple the color that presents royalty lol-
sheepSong Vor 7 Monate
@Gala Neon ;) yeah why didn’t they??
Monqoi Vor 7 Monate
@Gala Neon ;) yeah like the philippines flag -
Gala Neon ;)
Gala Neon ;) Vor 7 Monate
Also me: How about we just mix blue and red....?
Ghass Ghassen
Ghass Ghassen Vor 25 Tage
Someone FINNALY recognized my country (Tunisia) 🇹🇳
Fun with Tejita katam
Only Two National Flags Use the Color Purple In fact, only two countries, Dominica and Nicaragua, have purple in their flag. This is because purple dye was very expensive in the past. Purple dye was made from collecting the mucus from thousands of sea snails.
ThatPanjamaKid Vor 26 Tage
Nas Daily: There's no purple in all of the flags! Dominica: Peace Out
Francis Gabriel Dichoso
Fun fact: Sri Lanka have a huge amount of purple color here rhe flag of SRi Lanka 🇱🇰
EspanishAlB Vor 7 Monate
Hi there! Well, actually THERE WAS a national flag with purple on it! It is the Spanish Republican flag, which was the official flag in Spain between 1931 and 1939. It consisted in three equal sized horizontal stripes of red, yellow and purple. It is still used by the people who want a republic back here in Spain.
Syria & Liberia Countryballs Mapper ツ
@ellayin0406 i know dude i comment that last year and im gonna feel like im changing that comment
ellayin0406 Vor Monat
@Syria & Liberia Countryballs Mapper ツ now its 2022
WilliamK Vor Monat
@Joshua James it does?
Joshua James
Joshua James Vor Monat
@cashmcmeans no S**t Sherlock
cashmcmeans Vor Monat
i think dominica has purple
Uchiha Naruto
Uchiha Naruto Vor 3 Tage
Sheldon: and I took that personal when Russia had purple stripes in the middle
Ahmed Tariq
Ahmed Tariq Vor 26 Tage
My country is Egypt 🇪🇬 l love my Country so much
EarthMapperGamer Vor 22 Tage
Fun Fact: Dominica and Nicaragua has purple
Gabriella Vor 25 Tage
I’m half Lebanon half german and I’m so proud to see that purple comes from here
Mom Jimin is after me because I stole his jams💜
Namaste , I am from India and this is our flag🇮🇳 It has three colour Saffron at the top , White in the middle and Green at the bottom The Saffron colour Stands for - Strength , Courage and Sacrifice The White color stands for - Peace , Truth and Purity The Green colour stands for - Fertility , Growth and Auspiciousness And The Navy blue circle in the middle is known as ' Ashoka Chakra ' it is also known as ' The wheel of Law ' or ' The Wheel of Time' Which Stands for - Improvement and Mobility It has 24 spoke which stands for 24 hours of the day and those 24 spoke teaches us the value and importance of time and life🇮🇳 Each spoke also has a separate meaning 1. Love , 2. Courage , 3. Patience , 4. Peace , 5. Magnanimity , 6.Goodness , 7. Faith , 8. Gentleness , 9. Selflessness , 10. Self-Control , 11. Self Sacrifice , 12. Truthfulness , 13. Righteousness , 14. Justice , 15. Mercy , 16. Gracefulness , 17. Humility , 18. Loyal , 19. Sympathy , 20. Spiritual Knowledge , 21. Forgiveness , 22. Honestly , 23. Eternity , 24. Hope 💜I am proud of my Country 🇮🇳 I love my Motherland Jay Hind ✊🏻
Gaming Boiys
Gaming Boiys Vor 9 Tage
@Itzlini 115 hahahaha
Itzlini 115
Itzlini 115 Vor 9 Tage
Gaming Boiys
Gaming Boiys Vor 10 Tage
Peace in India now days forgot about it
SmeerKaas Koekje
SmeerKaas Koekje Vor 16 Tage
didn’t ask g
That clone trooper in the back on the high ground
wait the colour at the top of the Indian flag is saffron not orange? oh
ChromeEdits Vor 8 Tage
There's Dominica(on the penguin) nicaragua(on the rainbow)
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi Vor 5 Tage
bro Dominica has a purple parrot and nicaragua has purple in the triangle aswell
Sergey Vor 5 Tage
Actually Dominica has a bit of purple on their flag. It's the flag with the most purple : 0.1% to be exact.
Rainbow Corn Baby shark
Italy Was The First One 3 Stripes, It Was It's Flag When It Was A State Of The Roman Empire
Nazifa Nawyal
Nazifa Nawyal Vor 7 Monate
The comment section is so wholesome. Everyone is either sharing knowledge or proudly showing their country's flag and the meaning behind it. 💜
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Crystal Vor Monat
Dominica has purple
Akeirien Vor Monat
Dominica has purple
read my channel description
@Nazifa Nawyal dude its not that purple and its a small gram of purple.
Hannuy Uyggyy
Hannuy Uyggyy Vor 12 Tage
It’s sad to know about this because purple is my favorite color
Y@T#00 QU£€N
Y@T#00 QU£€N Vor 20 Tage
Oh yeah there is no purple flag in the word 💜
⚡️Taylins world🐬
The flag of Canada, a red stylized maple leaf with 11 points at the centre of a white background and vertical red bands on the left and right side, not only represents the cultural heritage of the nation but also symbolizes hope, peace, tranquillity, and neutrality dominant in the country.
⚡️Taylins world🐬
@w0nd3r7ra5h lol
w0nd3r7ra5h Vor 26 Tage
Canadian squad
im sorry i will stop posting vids
I'm from Lebanon 🇱🇧 😌 and I'm proud
Youssef Ramadan
Youssef Ramadan Vor 27 Tage
me to
Ppl in da streets
Ppl in da streets Vor 7 Monate
There’s actually two flags which have purple and the actual reason is because before you could chemically produce the purple dye you needed around 1000 snail shells to produce one single gram of dye
CatLover436 Vor 4 Monate
@Perza and Qatar
Filipe Saramago
Filipe Saramago Vor 7 Monate
The Portuguese flag used purple from 1750 to 1830
Xhycho Vachanidyo
Xhycho Vachanidyo Vor 7 Monate
Old Spanish Flag has purple color
Pacific Flame
Pacific Flame Vor 7 Monate
€2,500 ($2,717) per gram for Tyrian Purple (Royal Purple)
Battle for The Item Official
@TLGamin’ that lion is Dark blue/light pink depending on which site you use
Mujtabaplayz Vor 2 Tage
Qatar has a reddish-*purple* on its right (maroone)
Divyansh Sharma
Divyansh Sharma Vor 24 Tage
Nepal's flag is a different type of flag it's called "PATAKA"
Marhaba Fatima
Marhaba Fatima Vor 10 Tage
Nas daily Pakistai flag has also moon and star just to give you a little information .
one love
one love Vor 23 Tage
im ethopian my country is pretty old and im a huge fan of u guys
Kritika Ghimire
Kritika Ghimire Vor 7 Monate
In the Nepalese The sun and moon represent the eternity of the country.The moon also symbolizes the cool weather of the Himalayas, whereas the sun symbolizes the heat and the high temperature of the southern lowlands (Terai).Additionally, the moon also represents the cool demeanor and purity of spirit of the Nepali people, while the sun represents their fierce resolve.The crimson red indicates the bravery of Nepali people and is the country's national color and the blue border represents peace and harmony. The two triangles symbolize the Himalaya Mountains🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵.
shy girls
shy girls Vor 7 Monate
Me live in nepal it has two triangle
It’s Harry
It’s Harry Vor 7 Monate
@No but ayato♡ so? why did u have to comment that
It’s Harry
It’s Harry Vor 7 Monate
No but ayato♡
No but ayato♡ Vor 7 Monate
Sad how i am a nepali and i don't even know what the comments are saying
flower Vor 7 Monate
love u mentioning nepal
Mary Catherine Manzula
"Why No Flag In the World Is Purple" Dominica 🇩🇲: Am I A Joke To You?
Anaiah Madawela
Anaiah Madawela Vor 17 Tage
Him: there's no flag with purple Me: what about the pride flag
Mr.kermit_72 Vor 25 Tage
Nas daily: no national flags have purple Dominica: am I a joke to you
Scott Orme
Scott Orme Vor 19 Stunden
Ummmm you do know that Dominica 🇩🇲 has purple
The Irish flag means something different than a lot of others that are similar Green: represents the Catholic republican Irish White: peace between both Orange: represents the protestant english The history behind it is unique if research was done 👍
Cliff is fucking awesome
@IPunchChildrenForFun yeah but that's kinda me making a flag of unity for the united states....oh wait shit
@Cliff is fucking awesome some people like to live in the past, but the flag was meant for the peace between those up in the north and south of Ireland
Cliff is fucking awesome
@Dominic Mitchell fair
Dominic Mitchell
Dominic Mitchell Vor 7 Monate
@Cliff is fucking awesome Alcohol
Cliff is fucking awesome
then why are there still so many fights between Catholics and protestants every year in Ireland
Nilla Wiggs
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There are actually 2 flags that have purple on it 1 called Dominica and another in japan
Leszek Madon
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Others: Poor purple 😓😥😔 Me:WHAT ABOUT PINK
T Perm
T Perm Vor 6 Tage
Nas: No purple flags Dominica: Im'ma head out
deeznuts Vor 9 Tage
POV: People say there is no purple on any flag there used to be it was something that happened in spain
Zarabner Vor 7 Monate
Fun fact: actually, the Green in Brazil flag means Bragança's who was dom Pedro's house, and yellow was Habsburgo house (for his wife). But actually they changed the meaning
Letícia Fernandes
Letícia Fernandes Vor 7 Monate
@romana green= forests, yellow= gold, the ""richness of Brazil"", blue= sky, water, rivers and white: peace
East Germany
East Germany Vor 7 Monate
DefaltTheLoner Vor 7 Monate
@romana green for the forests, yellow is for the sun and the blue is the water I guess? I mean, they avoid talking about the country on school, high school, television or any other media honestly. I don't even know why, but it ended with the original meaning coming back to a lot of people Oh! And the white stripe have " Progress and Order " written in it too
JoeBro1003 Vor 7 Monate
Fun fact : this comment was probably copy/pasted
In Arab you missed one country is Saudi 🇸🇦 that’s what I live
Joyful Julia Playz #Roadto100subs#100RobuxGiveaway
Thx for the facts! 😃
Evan The Dev
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I love Nas daily I’m from Lebanon
GDbubbachan Vor 5 Tage
Look at Dominica's Flag and Nicaragua's 🇩🇲 🇳🇮.
Knight Vor 7 Monate
I remember making a presentation about this in 8th grade. My teacher randomly assigns old civilizations to make presentations on. My group got Phoenicians. And the group project also had separate individual where you have to show something they did as a physical item. And I found out about Tyrian purple. From what I've found, they make it from rotten murex snails. First they find where the snails are hiding along the coast, then they throw them up shore to kill them and make them dry up. Then they crush each snail to look for a specific mucus sack that actually stores the purple color. They boil it in a huge pot of water and let the liquid ferment. Then, the fabrics are dipped and dried. And there you have Tyrian Purple. So to replicate that, I used a red cabbage and a piece of fabric. I boiled the cabbage in water and the water turned purple. And I dipped the cloth and the color actually stuck. I presented the cloth to the class. It was a very cool presentation, probably my best school presentation yet. Also there's another harder way to get Tyrian purple and that is to scare the murex snails. The purple mucus gland is actually used like squid ink to scare their predators. So you can basically find a way to scare them and dehydrated the colored water. I might have some stuff wrong so don't take me as a trustful source lol.
Gigi Plays
Gigi Plays Vor 7 Monate
Wow that’s so impressive:0
God is great God is great
And finally that's not one minute!😂
Mari Vor 19 Tage
Historical flags that used to be purple: *You haven’t bested me yet.*
Šhâhłěyâ Vor 25 Tage
" no flag in the world is purple " Dominica and nicaragua : are we a joke to you?
Megan Stickney
Megan Stickney Vor 15 Tage
This sounds dumb, but im gonna try to make a country when im older. It’s gonna be like the Norwegian flag with Frances and Germans color scheme with a yellow star on the right side. Its a lot and I like that, and im gonna try to pursue my dream.
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