Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap

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Palm oil is cheap and ubiquitous. It’s used in thousands of everyday products and is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet. You can get a kilo of palm oil for just $2. But its usage has become unsurprisingly controversial, as huge areas of rainforest have been cut down or burned to make way for palm plantations. So, why is this oil still so cheaply and readily available?
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Why Palm Oil Is So Cheap



16 Nov 2019



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Eduard Alexandru Mihai
Why are the workers use helmets???😱
Jeff Cabo
Jeff Cabo Vor Tag
Because it's readily available right in your palm.
Cathal Ó Braonáin
Read the ingredients on products. If palm anything is there, don't buy. This Roundtable is likely to be greenwashing.
Henrikas Sidaras
Henrikas Sidaras Vor 2 Tage
Solution in everything is always the same STOP MAKING BABIES
Topi Jerami
Topi Jerami Vor 2 Tage
johnny Vor 3 Tage
Don't try to stop my country from developing.....the west did it in the past...thats why the west is developed. Stop tryin to push this sustainable crap on our industries and markets now , its non-sense.
odiase okosun
odiase okosun Vor 3 Tage
If you cut down a tree to plant a better tree... What is deforestation in that?
Spencer Toe
Spencer Toe Vor 3 Tage
Wow this remember of Liberia
FRISHR Vor 4 Tage
*Business Insider:* “Bla Bla Bla I’m jealous my country doesn’t export palm oil because they are so profitable Bla Bla Bla.” Just saved you 7 minutes of the video.
New Yourk
New Yourk Vor 4 Tage
From why so expensive to so cheap in so expensive thats what a real change looks like.
Hiyuke La Vie
Hiyuke La Vie Vor 4 Tage
Don't lump Malaysia and Indonesia together Almost every year, South East Asia suffers from a smog due to small land owning farmers in Indonesia burning their lands to plant things including palm oil Source: www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-34265922 Indonesia's primitive farming methods is what's giving palm oil a bad reputation, and Malaysia's palm oil industry is being dragged down along with it The Malaysian government should take the initiative educate the world in the difference between how palm oil is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia Push for a "Malaysian Palm Oil" label, so that people know which palm oil is the more sustainable one
Pop Vor 6 Tage
A documentary about palm oil without interviewing the locals? Wow so brilliant!
Airbus A220-300
Airbus A220-300 Vor 6 Tage
Still less damaging than beef .west doesn't want to reduce beef but lecture the world . LOL 🤣😂🤣
Tanishq Patil
Tanishq Patil Vor 7 Tage
*Everyone here,i hereby can proudly declare that this video is one of the first few directionless videos Buisness insider has ever created.I just cant stand the oppresion given to the indo and malay agriculture sector about the palm oil.Also it is easy to see that many people disagree with this video.Thus i think the only way to correct this is to force Buisness insider to remove this video in its entireity by reporting it.*
Rich 91
Rich 91 Vor 7 Tage
I mean palms are trees too...
Yin Jia
Yin Jia Vor 7 Tage
Tired of watching white hypocrites keep bashing palm oil while turning their natural forests into industrial/urban area...they talk like they’ve never done any deforestation
Red Butterfly
Red Butterfly Vor 7 Tage
Calculate ur brains, we all know climate change is not going to change even if we dont plant palm oil, so imagine life more if palm oil is expensive, all products is expensive, and think of the ratio of poor to rich people who can afford expensive products. U all rich destroy the planet and want the product to be xpensive? Share away ur money to needy and the world will be better..
salvation 777
salvation 777 Vor 8 Tage
Why not just do it in Africa
Hermine Mbiku Kinkela
yes palm oil is a human greed problem!!!
Hidup di desa
Hidup di desa Vor 8 Tage
Long time ago European cut the trees no one cares about that. And now we cut the trees they said it's deforestation. What a joke.... it's just western propaganda because they can't grow palm oil.
Pratama Ridho
Pratama Ridho Vor 8 Tage
let me give my comment as Indonesian. There is now way you can handle this, especially making it looks bad (thanks to European, now small palm oil's farmer are struggling to feed their children). I challenge all the European, dont use palm oil anymore and what is your alternative? If you want to change it with soy or sun flower, hehe, you are kidding me, you need a lot of field to grow soy or sun flower and it should be bigger and larger than the palm oil's field, and hey, where will you plant it in Europe? Even you have the field, will they grow in winter? If you really, really want to solve this problem, I give you the tip. The one who burns the forest is the one who give money to the local leader for their campaign's fee. So, they will have this immortal immune if you want to prosecute them with any kind of laws. If you can do something about them, it will cover about 60 - 75% of the problem. Even now (thanks to European again giving us hard time) The government now has Bio-diesel-30 or B30 program, so about 30 % palm oil will be mixed with diesel fuel (and eventually the government will continue this program, so in future diesel fuel will 100% from palm oil). Ever since the on-going conflict with European, mostly the palm oil now is being sold to India and China. That's why if you want to solve this problem, do not label it as a bad product, but help us by doing something with "them".
Avero Mugi
Avero Mugi Vor 3 Tage
kasih link info yg jelas kasih fakta yang jelas kasih perbandingan yang jelas, jangan dikasih argumen dll
rian sitia negara
Cause EU Ban all of CPO from Indonesia. Indonesia Would be Ban all of Nickel who is export to EU.
Ramon Ching
Ramon Ching Vor 9 Tage
Considering that the West's population is declining. Just let nature reclaim the cities. While Asia reduces the the forest to accommodate the growing population. If the West don't agree. Alternately we could all just mind our own business. Each of us knows what is best for ourselves.
Daniel Duane
Daniel Duane Vor 9 Tage
“Isn’t palm oil great” “but it’s bad” o.O
Arasu Arumugam
Arasu Arumugam Vor 10 Tage
Palm oli plantation is still a secondary jungle.....should drive in malaysian highways.....if you are not a local....you will think you are driving through the jungle.......actually you driving through plam oil plantation....tens and hundreds of kilometre in southern peninsular malaysia........these trees still produce oxygen for the world......so what is wrong with the trees....where is the jungle in europe and america.....all gone.....yes it true all the jungle in europe is gone......
Diana Ng
Diana Ng Vor 10 Tage
Finally a video that i can relate
Koko Happy
Koko Happy Vor 11 Tage
Is not cheap for me in us the organic palm oil I buy the most expensive
Enrico Vor 15 Tage
Ultimate display of hypocrisy of western countries .... they've flatten forest to make cornfields, sunflower fields, potato fields, wheat fields etc etc and now some poor 3rd world people flattering forest to make palm field and the west got butthurt so much like there's no tomorrow Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. - Matthew 7:5
Mus’ab Umair
Mus’ab Umair Vor 17 Tage
California is burning
Nesta.nihispace Volcanysture
USA see this.. : "their wild animals in their countries need democracy..."
Business Insider is anti business media. Promoting Marxist/Socialist/Communist anti economic growth propaganda. We need palm oil! Also, man-made climate change is a hoax.
Bung Nats
Bung Nats Vor 23 Tage
It will kill ueropean and american corn oil ...
H C Vor 26 Tage
how about you american reverse your soy bean land into natural forest?
Ann kruger
Ann kruger Vor 28 Tage
They Are using a lot of old outdated tools. Why not get rid of those old tolls, and give the workers something better to work with.
Because people are allergic to every holly and blessed thing .its a blessed tree in a world of devils .😁
digvijay singh rana
Approx 90 % of the farm lands in the world are created by deforestation... Then why making fuss of that...
Mohamad Rizal
Mohamad Rizal Vor Monat
cut down tree but planting tree also, so still producing oxygen for the world.
Chris Gypsy
Chris Gypsy Vor Monat
Bla bla bla bla, they control the price and the company. Just plant it in other country n make a nonsense rules about it. Hahaha,
MAI Gaming
MAI Gaming Vor Monat
Malaysia look Terrible because of defrostetion and growing palm plant And I am from Malaysia btw
skafully Vor Monat
Palm tree still a tree, It release oxygen, it might kill orangutans. In the other hand weapons kill people, it doesn't release oxygen.you just search on DE-vid how they test the weapons.How weapon kill people but you still produce it.
Bryan Bello
Bryan Bello Vor Monat
“It’s a human problem.” Nah, YOU guys did it, not the rest of the world. Like always, someone from the U.S. just pointing fingers.
Ruby H
Ruby H Vor Monat
Ah.... western world, always says we should go green, plant more trees, recycle everything. But then their own countries have a very bad issue on their own that they refuse to address. ( you can see the comments here already mentioned ) Just look at trash recycling company, when china closing it borders on trash, what they do is find another buyer in southeastasia instead of handling the trash themselves so they can call themselves green and eco friendly in recycling. And now carbon trading, finding forest in another country then pay that country to maintain the forest. rather than planting and creating forest in your own countries, you would rather dump and give money to other underdevelop countries to maintain the forest and let the other countries live in the jungle and stay primitive.
nagaraj GB
nagaraj GB Vor Monat
We Indians never said to Malaysia and Indonesia to cut your forest and grow palm. in India we consume any kind of oil such as ghee Sunflower oil coconut oil sesame oil mustard oil rice bran oil and much more
Kuan Yu Sheng
Kuan Yu Sheng Vor Monat
So why is it so cheap? How is it effecient? I watched this video to see why palm oil is cheap not how it destroys ecosystems
aaa bbb
aaa bbb Vor Monat
This is not documentary, this is propaganda
corona virus 19 pembunuh 2020
Can you give Malaysia free money?
ammar khatab
ammar khatab Vor Monat
Its mainly an issue of supply and demand , many western companies have reformulated their products to contain more palm oil .
Ioan Jivan
Ioan Jivan Vor Monat
Very good video. Even acknowledged that palm oil is not as bad as other things.
Monk Gyatso
Monk Gyatso Vor Monat
Cuz everybody sweats from their palms
Just because u r cleared ur forest for corn oil n no place for palm oil. now palm oil is cheap due to not demand and ur false claim. the truth is palm oil is healthy oil based on studies.
There's nothing like environmental damage from growing palm trees for oil. Olive trees, olive trees, sunflowers, coconuts, peatnut etc are all grown for oil which most of them expose the land to soil errusion which nobody talks about and when it concerns palm trees for oil, suddenly the environmental impact is so terrible we cannot contain? The canopy created by the palm trees protect the soil from errusion while at the same time acting as a home to birds and other animals. We would save the environment if we addressed the issue of open cast mining that leaves the land exposed and barely conducive to any vegetation at all.
skafully Vor Monat
Usa said:all things made in USA are organic, like organic missiles, organic iPhone........... Very safe, no byproduct left, all can decompose completely. By the way submarine missiles is made from gelatin filled with dark chocolate, during bomb test won't harm sea life or pollute sea water.
A J Vor Monat
The only one who can stop deforestation in an instant won't lift a finger to do so. (The U.N.)
SylvesterJ Marley
European people talk about deforestation of Malaysia, but when you look at statistic, Malaysia have more area% of virgin forest than European countries LoL. WTF is this shit?
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Vor Monat
This is one of the reasons we are facing this terrible pandemic. Coronavirus is only the first wave. Lets Stop killing our planet for selfish gain.
Knock Hello
Knock Hello Vor 2 Monate
Because of exploitation
Luciana Garrido
Luciana Garrido Vor 2 Monate
The expansion of plantations occurs in countries of the "third world"; countries with high levels of poverty and underdevelopment especially in rural areas, something that seems very convenient for the globalized economy. Corporations have put forward the discourse of sustainable expansion, but that is no longer really possible today. What happens, for example in the Amazon, is that the laws of these countries allow planting in deforested areas (sustainable expansion discourse); but the factor that is not taken into account is the role of third parties. In these countries there is the widespread practice of illegal land trafficking: invasions on forest lands that are brutally deforested, then appropriated and finally sold. To who? to corporations whose speech argues that those lands were already ruined. Of course, these third parties also benefit from jobs offered by companies. But, on the other hand, we have millions of indigenous people who are affected, totally exterminated animals and plants, contamination of subsoils by agrochemicals, an increase in polluting gases and the subsequent effects of these. It is a terrible problem to be solved by exploring the roots of the system and not just looking for "alternative" ways to heal deep wounds (social and environmental). Tip: stop taking advantage of people and land in "underdeveloped" countries!
SONIC SLEEP Vor 2 Monate
When I went to Malaysia one years ago and rode high way bus, I was very shocked to see huge palm plantations. I rode on highway bus for several hours, I could see only palm plantations. I thought about the lost rain forests and too many lost species, for example elephants, tigers, insects, plants. Tropical rain forests have too many kinds of species much more than template zone , so even if the destroyed area is same but environmental damages is not same. It's very difficult problem because of people's life, but it should be changed anything.
Kancha bhai
Kancha bhai Vor 2 Monate
There is only one solutions for everything. That is no patent only royalty.
Astro Boy
Astro Boy Vor 2 Monate
Yeah its totaly propaganda about this palm oil, im not saying its okay about deforesting. But we have literaly bunch of war because of oil and its a good alternative bio energy source
Hameedhul Arshadh
Hameedhul Arshadh Vor 2 Monate
Palm "oil" exists U.S : lets invade
Muhammad Hamka
Muhammad Hamka Vor 2 Monate
oh come on. it is so bias. from the price issues suddenly turn to deforestation issues.
chill bane
chill bane Vor 2 Monate
Blah Blah Blah..I'm a rich white guy that will tell other countries how to live.
karimbulldogs Vor 2 Monate
I prefer wrist oil
Lim Vor 2 Monate
The title is why palm oil so cheap while the intro says 'so expensive'. Most of the content is about deforestation and how bad it is. Then mentions about roundtable which again, bureaucratics. Also also also, none of the interviewee are representative of malaysia nor indonesia nor again, china, since you also mention china as one of the largest consumer of palm oil. The video hardly mentioning about the investment things, that makes them 'so cheap', like how long the tree could be harvested (15-30 years if im not mistaken) and brought nice return investment,for example. One part of why its not expensive because the labor costs are very cheap, in some region, the minimum wage per month is not even reaching $200, at least in Indonesia. Listen, don't be a hypocrite, every step/decision that major powers take in their so called roundtable, have immense implication to the farmers and their family, if you want to talk about their feelings. And just like you said, many of the items you mention still use some or small portions of palm oil. Then it menas you still kind of need these kind of resources,right? If you want to put it more logically, why don't any of your companies come to malaysia or indonesia and try to expand your eco friendly products (solar panels, EVs) to us? Or, have some cooperation with their government to choose lots of students to study your eco friendly techonologies as a part in their partnership? I know that everything should be calculated since we are living in the liberal economic system now, but those kind of things aee more helpfull than you publish a video like this in youtube. If you think indonesia doesn't do anything about the deforestation and illegal forest fire activity, you better not talk or mention about these at all. And if anyone's wandering, yes, I AM FROM INDONESIA. And im not trying to be patriotic or whatever it is, its just kind of grind my gears when you are criticizing a particular country, WITHOUT THE OPINION OF THE CRITICIZED COUNTRY ITSELF! Cheers from Indonesia🙌 Salam dari indonesia😁
boseiyong Vor 2 Monate
Its the most efficient way for the use of land to produce oil. If all boycott palm oil, it would require much more land to produce the same amount of oil, and more forest will be destroy. That's why you know the campaign against palm oil is political and economic motivated, rather than for environmental concern.
FrothingFanboy Vor 2 Monate
Palm oil is one of the biggest environmental catastrophes in history, way above nebulous "climate change", and even overfishing. The only thing I'd put above it is the runaway use of NPK fertilizer, herbicides/pesticides, irrigation, and ultra-hybridized/genetically modified crops not to stop hunger, but to increase profit. Use as a cooking oil in poor countries is one thing. But the real money is made in completely unnecessary processed products - candy, packaged snack foods, cosmetics. Indonesia is home to the world's second-largest rainforest reserves after the Amazon. But it's on a steady path to complete destruction. This means killing off all the wildlife, and replacing thousands of unique plant species with a monoculture that requires constant maintenance and eventually drains the soil. It WILL become a wasteland one day. Oh, and rainforests are massive carbon sinks, which gets released with deforestation. But no, let's focus on incandescent light bulbs and soccer moms driving SUVs. These sustainability organizations don't have a fraction of the money that the suppliers like Wilmar and the manufacturers like Unilever do to bribe Indonesian officials into ignoring them. Unless all global environmental protection efforts become laser-focused, the only other option to stop this comes out of the barrel of a gun.
qyahb Vor 2 Monate
The only sin of palm oil is because as you said it , it is economically, and you can't plant it other than certain countries like malaysia and Indonesia , thus the endless smearing and bad mouth
Yomo Cute
Yomo Cute Vor 2 Monate
Not so cheap after this video.
yustian pratama
yustian pratama Vor 2 Monate
Yo wis sesok tak gawe larang Ojo sambat, soal.e arep ge bahan bakar montor2 mbarang ora gur panganana
nap mon
nap mon Vor 2 Monate
You didn't mention about Malaysia. Malaysia has a largest palm oil plantations.
Tajinder Rikhi
Tajinder Rikhi Vor 2 Monate
Its cheap because of cheap labor. Make it in New Zealand it will be expensive
Centrioless Vor 24 Tage
Fckin ignorant ppl. Go take a look at the yield of palm oil/hectare vs other vegetable oil. It's almost 5-50times more
juliette catalan
juliette catalan Vor 2 Monate
Everyone is complaining that this is US propaganda.. maybe, but what about the orangutan crisis? Palm oil is the leading cause of orangutan extinction. It's also affecting the tiger & elephant population. Yes it's cheap, but at what cost? 😔
Ummu Rahayu
Ummu Rahayu Vor 2 Monate
Beib i disbelieve world bussiness conspiracy
carcinoGeneticist5 Vor 2 Monate
Everyone in the comments is kind of missing the point. The video already explained that finding an alternative isn't the issue. There's nothing wrong with palm oil, in fact it's great. It's just the fact that the farming process is nigh irreparably damaging the planet's carbon cycle that's the issue.
humza saifi
humza saifi Vor 2 Monate
i want to buy palm oil
Britantyo Wicaksono
Britantyo Wicaksono Vor 2 Monate
meh...try to interview our goverment if you have balls
L Crom
L Crom Vor 2 Monate
this is a lie. More propaganda. They made it harder for Africans and other brown nations to process this oil. want the business. This is why they hinder and sabotage them so much. It's horrible. These people will stand judgment one day. Just evil.
Aqib Parwez
Aqib Parwez Vor 2 Monate
This news piece is to pre condition your mind so that they can justify ban.🤨
Infinite Stratos
Infinite Stratos Vor 2 Monate
Most of Palm plantation is owned by Chineese.
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