WHY Thanos Waited To Collect The Infinity Stones

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We FINALLY have and answer to the question, why DID THANOS WAIT TO COLLECT THE INFINITY STONES!? Thanks to the commentary by the writers and directors we have our answer! Woof Woof!
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9 Aug 2018



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Derek Requiem
Derek Requiem Vor 6 Monate
Odin, Ego, and the Ancient One are OP. Thanos probably waited until all of them were no longer a threat.
Junior Bangura
Junior Bangura Vor 9 Monate
Iron man Hawkeye War machine Rocket Falcon
Quinnvc Vor 9 Monate
fire gamer 360
fire gamer 360 Vor 10 Monate
2:22 - 2:26 Ronan dancing in a deleted scene 😂😂😂😂😂
John Lewis
John Lewis Vor 10 Monate
Have to consider that the Ancient One is gone, too. While she may not be as formidable as Odin or Ego, she was the keeper of the time stone. Wong even noted that "word of the Ancient One's death will spread through the multiverse" (or something like that). The commentator was absolutely correct about the Nebula and the soul stone, but the Ancient One seems to be overlooked.
zieg feld
zieg feld Vor 9 Monate
She was definitely on par with odin and ego
347kimanib Vor year
Great video ... but i do think thanos waited for Ego, Odin and the supreme being to die. If you remember in the Dr strange movie they said when she died it sent waves across the realms ...
zieg feld
zieg feld Vor 9 Monate
Yep any of those 3 could have destroyed thanos especially if they all fought together
Toby Moreno
Toby Moreno Vor year
Anyway, thanks for the update Cosmic Wonder!!!! And, my all time favorite Marvel superhero is Iron Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iron Man is my favorite superhero because Iron Man's secret identity is Tony Stark (who is a genius billionaire playboy) and he wore a suit made of Iron, which is now made of nanotechnology, that can fly, shoot super powerful laser beams out of its hands and chest, and can fire missiles out of its shoulders and wrists. I love watching all your videos about Marvel and DC movies on this channel Cosmic Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a big fan of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, "You should have aimed for the head."
Xi Le
Xi Le Vor year
*Will Thanos find others to serve him and together with him to fight against the rest of the Avengers or he's alone to fight against the rest of the Avengers in the future Avenger Infinity War movies?* Thanos must know that his fight with the Avengers is not over yet.
Oscar Musyimi
Oscar Musyimi Vor year
And also the death of the Ancient One, Ego and Odin
Gogalor 42735
Gogalor 42735 Vor year
The X-Men are my favorite superheroes
FrameRage Vor year
I agree, they're sort of like the Illuminati of the Universe haha Odin, Ego, The Ancient One, Ultron? and possibly even Surtr and Hela, and I guess The Collector and Grandmaster fit in here too, they are 2 of the Elders of the Universe after all. Dormammu was also quarantined off from our dimension, and all the Celestials we've seen so far are dead (mostly), so yeah, I like the theory that Thanos waited until all the heavy hitters were out to make his move.
Jalen Hinson
Jalen Hinson Vor year
Favorite star-lord
mwhyte 30
mwhyte 30 Vor year
My favorite superhero MCU version is Bucky
vaughn billow
vaughn billow Vor year
captain America
Jake Cain-Roser
Spider-Man has always been and will always be my favourite hero. He is just so relatable!!
Jackattack809 Vor year
The forces of the universe are. The Avengers, the Guardians of the galaxy, The Nova core, Asguard, Thor/Oden, Ego, anyone who disagrees with him ect ect.
Markus Madlangbayan
I think the russos said in an interview somewhere, that Thanos waited because if he started collecting all of them it wouldn't be long before some higher celestial beings would become aware and try to stop him. So it was in his favor to go for them all at once.
Oree King Productions
Spider man
Dixon Rexach
Dixon Rexach Vor year
Thor is my favorite superhero
Rod Rockettubes
Fusion man & the Bazooka man
Henno Schutte
Henno Schutte Vor year
All of that is true but can thor also kill thanos because odin told him he is stronger than him
zieg feld
zieg feld Vor 9 Monate
No odin said thor will become stronger than him thor still can't even fully control his powers hence why he needed the axe in infinity war so theres no way hes stronger than odin
Per 3.14159265359
My favorite is Iron Man. Nice Video
Steve Flaro
Steve Flaro Vor year
Steve Rogers or Starlord
Emmanuel Mudenda
Captain America, and very interesting theory
Super Clips Entertainment
MY favourite super hero is IRON MAN IN HIS MAARK 50 SUIT. But actually you are the real Super hero
Cody Brown
Cody Brown Vor year
Thor, Son of Odin
Barry Miller
Barry Miller Vor year
Rogue is my favorite superhero
benjamen wolfhope
I love spider man
shadeslayer77 Vor year
My favorite is Captain America.
Roy Peck
Roy Peck Vor year
AMA Vor year
Jeff Wager
Jeff Wager Vor year
Adding the Eternals would be a bullshit Deus Ex Machina move. Won't happen.
Isaac Victoria
Favorite hero is Spiderman
Damien Reeves
Damien Reeves Vor year
My favorite super hero is spiderman
AshDude 989
AshDude 989 Vor year
My favourite hero is Iron Man! Because he is so innovative by creating a VERY COOL AND USEFUL suit which is Mark 50.
Mona Eckle
Mona Eckle Vor year
My favorite superheroes are Iron Man, Spider-Man & Black Widow
Lil stem cell
Lil stem cell Vor year
He could have got the mind stone first and use it to read gamoras mind
Evan Brosniak
Evan Brosniak Vor year
Iron Man
Patrik Momirov
Tommy Clan
Tommy Clan Vor year
My favorite superhero is Thor
Kujay Maboreke
Favourite is Thor by far
Ava Springs
Ava Springs Vor year
Doctor strange
Mr PSB Vor year
Even the old man version of Odin would've smoked a gauntlet-free Thanos. Easy.
Alex Ortega
Alex Ortega Vor year
Favortie Hero is Spiderman! So many childhood memories are associated with that character!
Tori Maxwell
Tori Maxwell Vor year
Captain Marvel
Tori Maxwell
Tori Maxwell Vor year
Tori Maxwell
Tori Maxwell Vor year
Garret DeKraker
The Batman Bc he’s Batman
Rich Benz
Rich Benz Vor year
I love Iron man !! 🔥🔥
HighLiner15 Vor year
Space Rabbit #1!! WOOF WOOF!
Jason Bramblett
Captain Marvel
Freddie Turner
Freddie Turner
Thor in infinity war and cannot wait for Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3
Endo Vor year
Cool vid. But thanos isn’t immortal like you said. I do think it’s possible tho that he did wait till Ego was dead, but why not kill Ego himself? If Ego’s plan of the Extension did go through then Thanos probably wouldn’t exist anymore as then everything would have been Ego. And Odin was so powerful he could’ve easily stopped Thanos so I do see that as possible as well. What I’m wondering is where is Hela...since we don’t see her die and being the God of Death and more powerful than Thor, she could be on the same side of Thanos or maybe against him
Chris Newman
Chris Newman Vor year
Bladed Reviews
Gambit! 😀😊😉🤣
Bladed Reviews
Tyler Justice
Tyler Justice Vor year
Iron man
1Handed Typer
1Handed Typer Vor year
So then why is it that in Nebula's memory of Gamora telling her how she burned the map to the location of the soul stone, she said that Thanos was finally ready to strike? For that matter, when did Thanos have the gauntlet commissioned? There would have needed to have been enough time for Odin to hear of it, and then have a fake one made.
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