Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore

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Finally, some good news about the environment.

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In the ’80s, scientists discovered there was a hole in the ozone over the South Pole. A significant layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation was disappearing much faster than anyone expected. Projections suggested it would collapse by 2050, increasing skin cancer rates, harming crops, and destroying the marine food chain. The situation was dire. But today, we are on the path to recovery.

Dr. Susan Solomon, among other scientists, contributed key findings to understand what was depleting the ozone layer and how to address it. In this video she takes us back to her expedition to Antarctica, breaks down how we managed to fix this huge problem, and looks at our next big environmental challenge - climate change - with the unbridled optimism that drove her to fix the ozone hole.

Further reading:

To learn about the scientific discoveries by Mario J. Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland that kickstarted research into chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the ’70s, take a look at their groundbreaking paper here:

To read the 1985 paper that revealed there was an ozone hole forming over the South Pole, click here:

You can find Solomon’s 1986 paper on her Antarctica expedition here:

To read more of Solomon’s work, check out her publications here:

To understand the Montreal Protocol in more detail, read the United Nations Environment Programme’s summary here:

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24 Nov 2021



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Vox Vor 8 Tage
Hi! Christina here - I wanted to share NASA’s World Avoided scenario with you. As a child of the ’80s, the threat of the ozone hole was always something I was aware of, but this model really helped me understand the catastrophe we would’ve faced had we ignored it: earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/WorldWithoutOzone Thanks so much for watching our video! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
Maxwell Man
Maxwell Man Vor Tag
you need to plant cannabis everywhere. not narcotic. it gives 1.5 times more oxygen than ordinary wood. you do not need to care for and water. the whole world needs to reconsider the view of cannabis. it is a gift from the gods. which people have banned. thousands of items can be crafted from it. even the US dollar is made from hemp. it can be used to make biofuel. it will not destroy our common home. support with like. brothers and sisters. and peace be with you earthlings.
Kep1er Oaved the way
g d
g d Vor Tag
@Anonamemous you can buy an ozone machine, or just look at lighting and you'll know ozone is being made for free.
g d
g d Vor Tag
@Albert Abramson I believe they found this hole in the late 70's, then they freaked out and said we have to close it up by making cfc's the boogie man. then politicians said I'll back this plan for easy votes, the media milked it till the public stopped watching.......now the hole is still there and I doubt that we even know how long it's been there. now on to the next vote and ratings getter.
Universpro Vor 2 Tage
Everything in the world is negative. Russia, China, poor countries, corruption, media manipulation, corrupt parties, selfishness, wars, refugees, lack of freedom of speech, deforestation, poachers...
Black Goku
Black Goku Vor 14 Minuten
I am really happy that we hear something positive these days
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Vor 37 Minuten
What happens when the sun farts and volcanoes go off...lol. This video is a joke. Do better research
Stunner Vor 48 Minuten
if we remove 'personal' from the three p's we can possibly do anything, at last we all have to do it so why we do it now.
Problematist Vor 50 Minuten
If this happened today people would say that skin cancer is actually good for you because it strengthens the immune system
Ryan McGinniss
Ryan McGinniss Vor 56 Minuten
We live under the firmament. It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man.
Andrew Lambert
Andrew Lambert Vor 56 Minuten
Blady good question? Soon they will stop speaking about climate change when western countries have made a profit on 'clean climate change technologies'
TLDW it’s healing itself. But humans are still destroying the planet.
Peter Staples
Peter Staples Vor Stunde
Okay, please provide the Empirical evidence for Climate Change.
farah aszar
farah aszar Vor Stunde
I’m watching for why we haven’t heard about ozone lately but there nothings explanation about it in this video 😅
Raliquint Vor 2 Stunden
Honestly, if we were able to stop this, then we can also prevent global warming
vaibhav kumar
vaibhav kumar Vor 2 Stunden
Gagia hypithesis
couchpuhtater Vor 2 Stunden
Because white people got scared of skin cancer. Don’t get me wrong, we’re scared of it too. But if white people didn’t get thrown out of their minds CFCs wouldn’t have gotten banned.
smetlje sm
smetlje sm Vor 2 Stunden
There's your problem with their pushing Climate change agenda. You got none of those 3P's... Even the name calls it something that comes and happens naturally on all planets😂
VidzRandom Vor 2 Stunden
This 2019 and present pandemic really helped alot with healing the planet. Thats the bright side of it
TopTrainers Vor 3 Stunden
spacex make hole more than that to find another new planet.... what irony.... we should save our planet, not try to find one....
alystdesign Vor 3 Stunden
this also proves that the big companies should be the first one to make the change like their packaging in their products
Cecilia Evans
Cecilia Evans Vor 3 Stunden
Haha, one day in 2050 we will hear: Climate change is a deception, it is healing itself.
Akasha Han
Akasha Han Vor 4 Stunden
If it's not profitable why should we care, corps said.
maras3naraz Vor 6 Stunden
I love the fact, that she is speaking about Climate change from her house. A huge one in comparison to most nonUSA standards. It's like speaking against HFC, while using old 80' refrigerator. So you know, people from poor countries will be the most to suffer. Even if we stop Climate change.
FallenSwan Vor 8 Stunden
Difference is, that in question of ozone, there was not so many corporations who would beneficed to avoid changes. It was easy to "sacrifice" few, in benefic of all others. And also, answer was easy to find - very little really changed. But in climate change question, there is so massive about of corporations, who's business will be ruined, it we take actions. In capitalism, people do not have any political power, corporations have. People do not change minds of politicians, corporations do. And so many corporations are defending old ways, instead of change. They spend lot of money and effort to make sure, that we do not act against the climate change. And they are winning - while we, people, are losing.
Robert Richard
Robert Richard Vor 9 Stunden
The first Ozone Hole was detected in the mid 70's. The Montreal Protocol had already took place by 1985.
Edouard Vor 9 Stunden
Trying to piggy back global warming after the ozone layer issue is dishonest and political. It is a much more complex issue, with many variables, harder to solve, and the images of the natural catastrophes cannot be linked to it without a doubt. The video stopped being serious when they showed Greta Thunberg. Trying to hold responsible the citizens of western countries is a lie. The issues comes much more from industries and China.
John Eckstein
John Eckstein Vor 9 Stunden
Take a UV meter out in the sun there is no ozone layer you can feel it’s not there
Edouard Vor 9 Stunden
This had nothing to do with global warming.
Lazy Stoned Monk
Lazy Stoned Monk Vor 10 Stunden
The world would be perfect without humans in it
Rhishikesh Bhagwat
Rhishikesh Bhagwat Vor 10 Stunden
We need to go through a lifestyle change, and from consumerism to longer lifecycle of products. This is of course not good for businesses and investors who like to see profits and sales grow year on year.
M Z Vor 10 Stunden
the reason countries reached an agreement is that the ozone hole put an urgent and tangible threat to HUMAN health and refrigerant revolution is financially feasible.
Williams John
Williams John Vor 11 Stunden
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Abubaka3533 Calo
Abubaka3533 Calo Vor 9 Stunden
Can i start with $1,000? I don't have much
Abubaka3533 Calo
Abubaka3533 Calo Vor 9 Stunden
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Nawadol Jantra
Nawadol Jantra Vor 9 Stunden
Nicholas Burke-Gaffney
Nawadol Jantra
Nawadol Jantra Vor 9 Stunden
In st a gr am handle👇
Nawadol Jantra
Nawadol Jantra Vor 9 Stunden
@อมลรุจี เขียวขํา Seeking for his details
Jorge G
Jorge G Vor 11 Stunden
Did anyone else get like 50 ads in the first 4 minutes of the video? Or was that just me?
simonsaysism Vor 12 Stunden
"everybody understands skin cancer" - right, except for all the "clean beauty" nuts who think that scientists are lying about the sun causing cancer and are convinced that sunscreens are actually causing cancer and hormone disruption just sayin, we have an uphill battle on a lot of issues that are any more complicated than tying a shoe
Avus -gofo
Avus -gofo Vor 12 Stunden
Wait I thought the hole in the ozone layer is what causes climate change
ketzbook Vor 12 Stunden
Nice video. Too bad that only solar panels and windmills were featured at the end...it's doubtful that the two combined will be able to solve more than 20% of our energy needs. How about carbon-free nuclear?
Silvano Tonini
Silvano Tonini Vor 12 Stunden
I don't believe that there was anything that humanity did to create the hole or to heal the hole in the ozone layer it was a natural phenomena, it's like saying that the small amount of CO2 gas that is produced by humanity witch is only .30% of.4% of the atmosphere not enough to make any difference to the climate yes there is climate change but you would have to live for at least 1000 years before you actually saw any change what we have is a change in the weather not the climate.
ZIAD MUSIC Vor 12 Stunden
The second Greta Thunberg appeared, I stopped watching this video!
Negative Zero
Negative Zero Vor 12 Stunden
*Why don't we hear about it? Simple, because Joe Biden is president*
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Vor 12 Stunden
Uh have any of you looked at the massive pollution dump from China,this whole video is a joke!
Soham Pandav
Soham Pandav Vor 12 Stunden
I don't know why but I laugh everytime Greta speaks.
Kickin Rocks
Kickin Rocks Vor 13 Stunden
Because it healed itself. As it does, over and over, throughout time. It's comes and goes naturally.
Ray Wyman Jr
Ray Wyman Jr Vor 14 Stunden
Important footnote: the scientists who discovered the causes of ozone depletion nearly lost the battle. Luck was on our side. First, we had scientists like Susan Solomon and Sherwood Rowland. They were highly articulate and personally equipped to deal with the political and personal threats from promoting their findings. Second, the chemical industry wasn't very organized (nor were they prepared) for the serial warnings and predictions. Third, citizens were surprised - news media gave accurate reports - and politicians rose and answered the call. You'd think that we'd do the same with carbon/global warming. As Dr. Solomon indicated, global warming is personal, perceptible, and plenty of practical solutions are on hand. But now we have to deal with a new "P" in the mix: global warming has become partisan.
DJ SAVAGE Vor 14 Stunden
Because it's gone lol no it evolved into global warming
John Savage
John Savage Vor 14 Stunden
There always have been ozone holes.
Lol. Im nobody
Lol. Im nobody Vor 14 Stunden
don't we still use them in refrigirators
Syndie Ouellet
Syndie Ouellet Vor 14 Stunden
Now I want an update on acid rains
Diego KRUGER Vor 14 Stunden
" we will get the environment that we demand" ...demand? What hubris
Gamemaster64 Vor 15 Stunden
1:46 Is this why SMT Strange Journey was set in that location?
t5grrr Vor 15 Stunden
Victory? Now I understand why VOX is a failed publication and why Bankruptcy looms over your heads. The Ozone hole has been there for as long as man or anyone else has been on the planet and is now larger than ever. This can be easily confirmed by checking anyone other than VOX!
Xavy Vor 15 Stunden
no one can’t change mother earth
ryan Angel
ryan Angel Vor 15 Stunden
Doesn't hear anymore because ozon invincible 😋😋😋
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Vor 15 Stunden
I'm very suspicious when multiple groups of scientists (the ones in Antarctica) with no accountability come to precisely the same conclusion.
Nabila Misilu Shafirila
I'm literally trembling when reading the title
HDG Vor 15 Stunden
Wow! Anyway...
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts Vor 16 Stunden
LIES! The Protoss built a Shield Battery and donated it to NASA. NASA hid it on Antarctica and it restored the ozone layer. It does use a lot of energy and that's why energy prices have risen a lot.
LINCOLN VLOGS Vor 16 Stunden
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder Vor 16 Stunden
The answer is quite simple: crisis sells clicks. Once the crisis was over, no more profits.
dirk ellis
dirk ellis Vor 16 Stunden
The Earth is a living breathing self-aware entity in and of itself and has the full capacity to heal itself
Timothy Hooker
Timothy Hooker Vor 16 Stunden
Further, no ecosystem or species was ever shown to be seriously harmed by ozone depletion. This is true even in Antarctica, where the largest seasonal ozone losses, the so-called Antarctic ozone hole, occur annually. Also forgotten is a long list of truly ridiculous claims, such as the one from Al Gore's 1992 book "Earth in the Balance"that, thanks to the Antarctic ozone hole, "hunters now report finding blind rabbits; fisherman catch blind salmon."
sam1953 Vor 16 Stunden
A few things you never hear about the ozone layer. It takes only one day of a volcanic eruption to put as much CFC into the stratosphere as the entire human population has put of its own CFCs. CFCs are heavier than air, so it is almost impossible for them to get pushed up into the stratosphere on their own. Historical studies of the ozone layer show that it has always varied in thickness naturally. Be careful what you believe.
Chris Whitaker
Chris Whitaker Vor 16 Stunden
It’s because the Bushes aren’t in control any longer
Aaron Klapheck
Aaron Klapheck Vor 17 Stunden
Public perception is the problem. Can eliminate climate change in one year: nuclear power plants. Gas, oil, and coal plants can be gone in just one year with nuclear. Change over to an all electric grid. Nuclear waste is very minimal and we already have an entire compound built to store it safely in NV. We already have a practical solution that we can implement, we just don't do it.
Fischer Vor 17 Stunden
in 1972 MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040
Rafael Eusebio
Rafael Eusebio Vor 17 Stunden
Who can tell that because of almost 2 years of rest...
Lilly Flower
Lilly Flower Vor 17 Stunden
Chlorine radicals, not chlorine itself. Very poorly explained.
Lilly Flower
Lilly Flower Vor 17 Stunden
Why don't you hear about fossil fuels running out anymore? Remember that being drilled.
Christopher Horn
Christopher Horn Vor 17 Stunden
I forgot all about the Ozone layer. I was born in 1981 so I remember this growing up.
Ryan Olep
Ryan Olep Vor 18 Stunden
Nuclear testing destroyed the ozone. Worlds been recovering for 50 years.
Real46 Vor 18 Stunden
I remember the "Ozone" hoax. It was introduced as replacement of the "nuclear holocaust" at the end of the Cold War. It had a double purpose: to keep the sensation of imminent doom and to replace CFC, whose patent had expired. Nobody bothered much about it, once the CFC was replaced, they dropped it and began other campaigns to frighten the population, like anthropomorphic induced climate change and global pandemics.
Alles in Ordnung
Alles in Ordnung Vor 18 Stunden
Growing population is bigger problem all above everything. We have to stop increase birth rate. We have to stop population race.
Dom Brazzale
Dom Brazzale Vor 18 Stunden
I don't know who needs to hear this but this doesn't mean you need to shop at whole foods.
Bat Hin
Bat Hin Vor 19 Stunden
Now it's global warming. They like to come up with weird lies to keep people in line
pianoboy Laker
pianoboy Laker Vor 19 Stunden
Because its not a problem. Never was.
Dukefazon Vor 19 Stunden
Why do we have to use much higher factor sunscreen today than when we were kids? Why can't we come together to reduce carbon-dioxide emission and reduce the carbon-dioxide already in the atmosphere?
Claudia Octavia
Claudia Octavia Vor 19 Stunden
this video failed to answer the question that was posed in it's title.
Claudia Octavia
Claudia Octavia Vor 13 Stunden
@David Davids then enlighten me
David Davids
David Davids Vor 17 Stunden
errrr what? the answer is there. if you don't see it, that's your problem
RickyGuterson Vor 19 Stunden
Because the profiteering fear mongerers changed it to “global warming” and then “climate change” to the now well used “climate crisis”
Пока есть деньги, люди будут говном всё замазывать, лишь бы заработать. Не думаю, что нужно летать в космос, пока у нас на планете такая жопа🥲
Dexter Kendall
Dexter Kendall Vor 20 Stunden
back when the public actually listened to scientists.
Matej Lehocký
Matej Lehocký Vor 20 Stunden
Because China, India, and USA
Diana P
Diana P Vor 20 Stunden
привет из русского ютуба
steve lane
steve lane Vor 20 Stunden
It was a complete and utter hoax. The ozone layer depletes and replenishes itself on an annual basis. Just like the man-made climate change scam!
Oppo Oppo
Oppo Oppo Vor 20 Stunden
How can cfc end up in antarctica with no one in there? !
Reynard Foxx
Reynard Foxx Vor 21 Stunde
I was hoping they'd put a giant exhaust fan on the hole in the ozone layer and blow all the toxic carbon gasses out. (LOL)
ISA ORTEGA Vor 21 Stunde
Hace muchos anos se ha estado hablando de todos estos cambio que han estado pasando en la tierra que el sol iba a bajar mas cada anos y hasta mi abuelo cuando yo estaba pequena me decia que el sol estaba bajando cada anos por la posicion y como entraba a su casa cada anos ya que el tenia la misma casa de siempre el podia notar todos estos cambio, tambien veremos personas mudandose a otros paises por que el frio sera mas fuerte cada anos y el hielo de lo polo causaran que muchas isla se undan en el agua, problemas con la cosecha y el agua estos son documentales viejo que las personas no le ha puesto atencion que tienen cable pero no lo usan para ver documentales y veo que hoy dia estan pasando todas esta tragedia y veremos los cambio de mentalidad del ser humano que ya esta pasando y estan mas agresivo y con mas problemas mentales cada dia.
MrJotunheim Vor 21 Stunde
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart Vor 21 Stunde
This video is a certified hood classic.
Important Video!
John Brereton
John Brereton Vor 21 Stunde
The ozone layer is a gaseous belt around the earth and the hole in this gaseous belt was filled by the gaseous emissions of Greta Thunberg, the saviour of the planet. Surely Saint Greta of the gas, will be beautified by the Pope before much longer. 👍🤗
Heintje Delos Reyes
Heintje Delos Reyes Vor 22 Stunden
Just hoping that in the near future ... Majority of the vehicles are electric and fuel that produce harmful air pollution is just a thing of the past
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Vor 22 Stunden
Once the 1. Oceanic planktoon, 2. Oceans, 3. Antarctica- NorthernRussian&Canadian Icy Region- Alaska- SouthernChile&Argentina- Himalayas-Greenland etc get affected THE END of all the living things on Earth except some...
Creeper Vor 22 Stunden
REALLY?! It's incredible, I've always lived (especially in school) learning about how the ozone layer would destroy humanity
Debbie Scarberry
Debbie Scarberry Vor 22 Stunden
Too late mother Earth has decided that you're not worthy to exist on her any longer she will eradicate your species heal and bring back worthy life.
Bravo 777
Bravo 777 Vor 22 Stunden
These video comments make me have little to no faith in Americans and it's education system.
pratham chauhan
pratham chauhan Vor 22 Stunden
it's a big relief to hear that use of CFC is depleting and the ozone layer is healing.
Joanna Vor 23 Stunden
One day, I hope to see a video like this explaining why we no longer hear about climate change.
Anand Prahlad
Anand Prahlad Vor 23 Stunden
Great. Let me drive my hummer in peace, now. We filled up the ozone hole - We've done our part.
Joanna Vor 23 Stunden
As said in the video, its been healing since the 90s when CFCs was banned. So... how is this new news?
Steven and Kristy
Steven and Kristy Vor 23 Stunden
If anyone thinks climate change isn't a real thing, they need to get their heads out of the sand. Look at what's happening in Denver, Colorado and in Canada. At this time of year there should be no part of Canada getting 7" of rain in a single system or so, or ever. Not since the late 1800's has Denver gone this long without any measurable snow, today being December 1st. Times in the western half of the country are WAY ABOVE average.
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden Vor 23 Stunden
Humans had no hand in the healing of the ozone. The arrogance of the idea is absurd.
Greg Blanton
Greg Blanton Vor 23 Stunden
Ozone depletion was a HOAX!
Legacy Vor 16 Stunden
Kinemania Vor 20 Stunden
CFCs were banned your intelligence is the real hoax
MrJotunheim Vor 21 Stunde
roy allan
roy allan Vor Tag
No one talks about Mount Erabis and a dozen other volcanoes that were erupting under the ozone hole in 70,s.sulphur dioxide and other gases.look at Hawaii …hole and other countries.
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