Will Smith & Margot Robbie Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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"You look like a less hot version of Obama!" - Suicide Squad stars Will Smith & Margot Robbie take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults Game on Scott Mills’ radio show.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
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12 Aug 2016



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Elf Boy hassasin
Elf Boy hassasin Vor 4 Stunden
Fuck I'll eat her alive🤤🤤🤤🤤😍
Born again
Born again Vor 17 Stunden
Do you think Jada knows he got jiggy wit Margot
Gethin Davies
Gethin Davies Vor 21 Stunde
This is literally just bullying😂😂
Riisa Vor Tag
LOL now you know why she’s the best for playing Harley Quinn
Ali Saeed
Ali Saeed Vor 2 Tage
Will didnt want to go far so he didnt go anywhere
Vuyo Mlawu
Vuyo Mlawu Vor 3 Tage
96.5% of the comments are of Will having the potential to destroy her...we all know he held back...
Broken Vor 3 Tage
Yaaaaaahhhhh that's hot
Monee Nash
Monee Nash Vor 4 Tage
Ari Holland1996
Ari Holland1996 Vor 5 Tage
Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland!!!!!!!!
Daddy Paddy
Daddy Paddy Vor 5 Tage
He coulda asked her if it hurt her ego when they cast her ass as Harley Quinn!
TOM PREE Vor 5 Tage
Shoemcflex Theflex
Yo will tried not being sexist and Robbie tried not be racist
Dan Alo
Dan Alo Vor 8 Tage
how bout we put cardiB and nici minash here
SMUS16475 Vor 8 Tage
We all know Will was only using 0.001% of his power.
tomaszwu Vor 8 Tage
dont know what u all been talking about. ive just seen what feels like all of those clips and this one seems the worst and this comes froma a guy that literally (not literally) loves Will smith
YuGo Asap4Ever
YuGo Asap4Ever Vor 10 Tage
This is so cringe.
Mying Yans
Mying Yans Vor 11 Tage
23 millions views and none of them came to see the insult. They came to see Margot
Goku Is a legend
Goku Is a legend Vor 11 Tage
Damian90 Vor 11 Tage
I Did not know Will Smith was Canadian.
Ojogbane Amedu
Ojogbane Amedu Vor 12 Tage
Yo Will choked 😂, I know he’s holding back to not get her feelings but mans could have said something. Really disappointing.
chunkspunker Vor 13 Tage
(either one of them) "you are the most over-rated actor of the modern-day era" (the other one) "hey! that was my line!"
Literally the worst insults as in total trash, brainless, shit, 2 year olds think of
xXThe LGCY Vor 13 Tage
Wills laugh is comedy gold on its own xD
TRXP RFT Vor 13 Tage
Anybody notice they were tapping legs? They fucked
Aleksandar Radovic
Aleksandar Radovic Vor 14 Tage
Will had nothing
Peter O’Brien
Peter O’Brien Vor 15 Tage
Will got roasted 😱
Martin Esteves
Martin Esteves Vor 15 Tage
He's so old now he's the expired Prince of Bel-Air
Balgore8 Vor 17 Tage
Will such a pussy he didnt even diss back
Of course Harley is gonna make the best jokes.
CidGuerreiro1234 Vor 18 Tage
Will Smith is too nice to play this game.
Taran MVP
Taran MVP Vor 19 Tage
Oh that's hot, that's hot...
Eric Buckner
Eric Buckner Vor 19 Tage
Deadshot versus Harley Quinn
Sunny shah
Sunny shah Vor 20 Tage
Her: Insults him Him: HMMMMMM! and more hmmmmm
DarksaberForce Vor 20 Tage
What's the point of being on this show only to hold back???
HASTech Vor 21 Tag
Will Smith: Am I a joke to you Margot Robbie: Oh yea
Masuka Twenty
Masuka Twenty Vor 21 Tag
BshaqIso Vor 21 Tag
Its sad to know Will wont be on Suicide Squad too.. hopefully he gets another DCEU role
Parastoo Abmaryam
I love Margot's voice
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore Vor 22 Tage
you are so immature that you forget you lost when you win..............
Anime Profile Pic
Anime Profile Pic Vor 22 Tage
yaaaa its rewind time
banana boi
banana boi Vor 23 Tage
Ahhhh, that's hot
Luis aleman
Luis aleman Vor 23 Tage
How bad was he holding back.
Nishant Creations
Nishant Creations Vor 23 Tage
Your name is big willy But You don't got any big WILLY
Jack Rynne
Jack Rynne Vor 23 Tage
Born in the streets of Compton
Brady Shea
Brady Shea Vor 24 Tage
That sweater makes him look like a younger Bill Cosby. Equally creepy
jane mckenzie
jane mckenzie Vor 24 Tage
I think he just did not want to hurt her feelings
ethan DuBose
ethan DuBose Vor 24 Tage
ah dats hot... dats hot
Gabriel Vor 24 Tage
Damn. The sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Record a sex tape and let us enjoy a stroke or two.
247mack11 Vor 24 Tage
Will hit that later thats y he wasn't going in to hard then
Reginald Andrews
Reginald Andrews Vor 25 Tage
Will Smith is so dead to me now! Didn't used to be that way!
6 9
6 9 Vor 25 Tage
Will smith is such meme
Prateek Vor 25 Tage
On the usage of ear as antenna insult, he should have replied with "why do you need my big ears when you can have a bigger antenna with your dick"
Just Me
Just Me Vor 26 Tage
Yo momma so ugly, I went to a Halloween party dressed as her and I won for best Frankenstein costume.
Erik Lodewyck
Erik Lodewyck Vor 26 Tage
Why is everyone saying that Will was holding back so much? Genuinely curious, don't know a whole lot about the guy
Batman Vor 25 Tage
Erik Lodewyck he from the hood
Naz D
Naz D Vor 26 Tage
She was so hot
Burnt Buscuit
Burnt Buscuit Vor 26 Tage
It’s rewind time
GhostyAzere Vor 27 Tage
Will saying he slept with Margot's mum just seems real to me... and that's why he was holding back.
Raj sapkota
Raj sapkota Vor 27 Tage
No way, they could do but did it without insulting each other.
Terrance Porter
Terrance Porter Vor 27 Tage
Will could be like, The only reason why you got a role in my movies is because how good you could ? Lol
Sergio Aragon
Sergio Aragon Vor 27 Tage
Margot is fine asf 😍😍
John Lee
John Lee Vor 28 Tage
yall know they fucked right after.
James Batchelor
James Batchelor Vor 29 Tage
Christian Thompson
If only she saw him blue
kenneth gillie
kenneth gillie Vor Monat
I woulda used " Your definitely the Wal-Mart version of Jay Z ..
fmhakami Vor Monat
I think they had sex at some point
Torjele Harrels
Torjele Harrels Vor Monat
Damn, I thought Will would've roasted her. He is such a gentleman...
MiNDTH3G4P Vor Monat
I love margot but will is being sooooooo NICE
amr Ibrahim
amr Ibrahim Vor Monat
Will saying uh hum sounds like a trumpet
Kyle Freckleton
Kyle Freckleton Vor Monat
Let me know when will smith shows up.. he's sleepin!!!
rebel without a comma
I thought will smith would do a good job at this, if he "had it in him."He couldnt pull the trigger.
dcta51 Vor Monat
Hes literally me trying not to get in trouble at work and school when someone annoys me 😂
Kyle Terrell
Kyle Terrell Vor Monat
Margot Robbie is so beautiful
Racist bitch.
xyrius Vor Monat
Margot was pretty funny, but we all know that Will is a gentleman, he could easily won this if he wanted to.
YouTube user
YouTube user Vor Monat
It's hot...
Nomiex32 Forever
1:21 to 1:57 2:24 to 2:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mgamer6789 Vor Monat
I have the single roast that could end Will Smith's career... You played alladin live action
RustyKnight94 Vor Monat
Will Smith got the face of The Fresh Prince, but the shirt of the Cosby Show.
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson Vor 17 Tage
RustyKnight94 lol fresh prince is way better
chakra fina
chakra fina Vor Monat
He wanted to but he let her win
Martin Mooney
Martin Mooney Vor Monat
Will we ever know if Margot is actually funny or we’re just laughing because she’s gorgeous?
Rain Montemayor
Rain Montemayor Vor Monat
Will is obviously so into her.. lol😂
Mr. Teremtő
Mr. Teremtő Vor Monat
Ooo...That's hot
That Guy
That Guy Vor Monat
Poor will, you could tell he would've *destroyed* her, but he had to keep calm to not end her whole career
Darms Hundred
Darms Hundred Vor Monat
Fuck me, Will’ arm is bigger than Margot’s leg. He thicc !!!
Kangen Vo
Kangen Vo Vor Monat
Will got killed
Rain SZN
Rain SZN Vor Monat
Margot: h-- Will: Ammmmmmmmmm
Shane Weïlshësër
You stole this comment Hmmmm
Myskullmonkey Vor Monat
Ahhhhh that's hot
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage Vor Monat
I love Wills deep voice fucking killed me.
The Empress
The Empress Vor Monat
Will Smith didnt want to be rude.
Chirag Manjunath
Could've mentioned yt rewind 2018
Mitul Yadav
Mitul Yadav Vor Monat
Lets do Will Smith vs Mark-Ass Brownlee
Dylan L
Dylan L Vor Monat
I don't get the slept with your mother joke. I tried searching it up and couldn't find anything
Samiyah M
Samiyah M Vor Monat
This is Will being a gentleman. We all know he would have crushed her.
dmarfori44 Vor Monat
Need Will and Carlton (aka alfonso ribeiro) on here
faleeq xafran
faleeq xafran Vor Monat
If this was done in 2018.She could just say it's rewind time
Patrick Mulligan
I bet hes fucked her thats what it seemed like. It would make that game really awkward even though its in good fun.
Samuel Loosmore
Samuel Loosmore Vor Monat
Shes really bad at this
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes Vor Monat
I need money to get my point across
Sokyu No
Sokyu No Vor Monat
I’ve seen her naked
Darth Sabbath
Darth Sabbath Vor Monat
He held back so bad but she was good! 😆
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