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"You look like a less hot version of Obama!" - Suicide Squad stars Will Smith & Margot Robbie take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults Game on Scott Mills’ radio show.
Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
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12 Aug 2016

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KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin
She wants him.... oooo
D S Vor Tag
Just look at the guys teeth on the left. Fucking brits and their dental care is ridiculous.
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby Vor Tag
I thought she was gonna say dick of a 3
William Knight
William Knight Vor 2 Tage
Great Job by both of them.
Justin Caplin
Justin Caplin Vor 2 Tage
He want her so much...and she wants him
Alex Alexx
Alex Alexx Vor 2 Tage
this is pretty lame
Mike Incognito
Mike Incognito Vor 3 Tage
By reading this comments I understand that Australia is more racist country than US. I thought they were chill.
Miles Jaffrey
Miles Jaffrey Vor 4 Tage
Literally mention anything about I Robot and he'd be done
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vor 4 Tage
Margot is very close to her single mum. She bought her a house with her first paycheck.
luciana romeiro
luciana romeiro Vor 4 Tage
Eu amo a alerquina
Jason Murderday
Jason Murderday Vor 4 Tage
I was just expecting Will to say that Australia doesn't exist
Wally 1970
Wally 1970 Vor 4 Tage
Will looks hung over as fuck
Garrett P
Garrett P Vor 6 Tage
Her feet was in his personal space for some time. If there was a table there, someone would have got a foot rub lol. There was tension there for sure.
Norbert Ruiz
Norbert Ruiz Vor 7 Tage
Will Smith is the best
skorpia g
skorpia g Vor 7 Tage
we all know will could have buried her but he liked her too much. I was disappointed /
wenloseN Vor 8 Tage
Will wild bruh😂😂
swansmeister Vor 8 Tage
how bad is this show, like all of em seriously they all suck
Sivert Moe
Sivert Moe Vor 10 Tage
I feel bad for Chris Stark. His name is never written in the intro.
Maddie Crazy
Maddie Crazy Vor 10 Tage
Isn't she Harley Quinn
MrRyleco Vor 11 Tage
Isn't his nickname little Willy from south Philly?
Lifeisabeach 101
Lifeisabeach 101 Vor 11 Tage
These are the most shittest insults ever here a true Aussie go off fuckin run the other way
harbinger Vor 11 Tage
Sexiest Australian ever to exist, Margot Robbie is the ultimate female
Vuyo Ngumbela
Vuyo Ngumbela Vor 11 Tage
"I'll get you in private." ... ALRIGHT THEN!
Mavusi Kenpachi
Mavusi Kenpachi Vor 11 Tage
Will Smith kissed a white girl, Margot Robbie kissed a negro
Best Username Ever
Best Username Ever Vor 12 Tage
"We know too much about one another" We know.
Scott Walker
Scott Walker Vor 12 Tage
I feel like Margot spent time to prepare and WIll just said fuck it and showed up with nothing lol
I_ Helios
I_ Helios Vor 13 Tage
They had so many for each other. But they were both too nice or probably too "inappropriate" for the radio. I want a proper one were Will can just unleash an onslaught but Margrote Robbie is just so gd. Both were holding back 😂
Jordan George
Jordan George Vor 14 Tage
Margot can get it
Rhys Richardson
Rhys Richardson Vor 14 Tage
God I love her so much
Jeff Ludlam
Jeff Ludlam Vor 14 Tage
She did win. But you look like bill Cosby on steroids in that gay sweater was right there🤷‍♂️
Karla Vor 15 Tage
will should have said "My hearing aids can't process ur shit," xDDD not hating
ullas babu
ullas babu Vor 15 Tage
Wish i knew what Will was thinking of saying @ 1:24. He looks like an excited kid for a sec. Then suddenly slams the breaks!
modular97 Vor 15 Tage
I want to tongue punch her fart box.
Sachin Gopakumar
Sachin Gopakumar Vor 15 Tage
Ashwin kumar
Ashwin kumar Vor 15 Tage
I would drink her bath water
Unknown []
Unknown [] Vor 9 Tage
Ashwin kumar. Wot????
bashpr0mpt Vor 16 Tage
This series proves one thing. Christopher Hitchens was right. Women aren't funny.
Mr Hands
Mr Hands Vor 16 Tage
Not funny
ClickExotic Vor 16 Tage
2:25 thank me later
I Q Vor 16 Tage
I dated an Aussie chick. My best advice in the insult department - don't. Last place sucks. ;-)
Mike Reco Whitson Jr
She sexy af Margot
Darkness Within.
Darkness Within. Vor 17 Tage
Will couldn't hear most of em to reply, we all know what would've happened if he had his hearing aid with him.
Ms.Vikki LaShun
Ms.Vikki LaShun Vor 17 Tage
She Kilt"eem!!!
Kizzle Vor 17 Tage
Margo is so fucking hot and cute and sexy all st the same time jesus
_ YoungishTub505_
_ YoungishTub505_ Vor 17 Tage
Will back at it with the "MMMM"
Doe Doewski
Doe Doewski Vor 17 Tage
She's so hot damn
vivian delos santos
Keshav Dev
Keshav Dev Vor 18 Tage
Invite Cardi B and Niki Minaj..... After this ur show Gonna very popular... Asshole
Jaypee Fernandez
Jaypee Fernandez Vor 19 Tage
Come on prince 😎
CYPHER Vor 20 Tage
Bro this chick is eating him up
marcus10 Vor 21 Tag
He was just a gentleman. It is obvious.
|Xx0T4KUxX| Vor 21 Tag
Will can destroy the fuck out of her..
boyfromthe_302 Vor 21 Tag
Will is from Philly, if this was real he’d destroy her easily 😂
andrea perez
andrea perez Vor 22 Tage
They slept together! It's obvious! They have chemistry
GuillieDaShogun Vor 23 Tage
Yeah I think will gave her the Mandingo.
Dimitrios Kanlis
Dimitrios Kanlis Vor 23 Tage
Will is trying hard not to swear.
Josiah Idowu
Josiah Idowu Vor 25 Tage
At 2:24 close your eyes and think about porn(will banging margot or a dying seal)
Carl Thomas
Carl Thomas Vor 26 Tage
Will definitely beat that up!!!
the tea is boiling
the tea is boiling Vor 27 Tage
She was soo awkward during her disses
the tea is boiling
the tea is boiling Vor 27 Tage
She is terrible.....will was biting his tongue trying not to burn her to a crisp
Fddlstxx Vor Monat
they banged
Jaiswal Siddharth
Will came prepared with yo momma jokes but couldn't use them.
Sup Dude
Sup Dude Vor Monat
She’s so hot
Pyromaniac 619
Pyromaniac 619 Vor Monat
“Like Obama , but not as hot”☠️
They fucked
FingerPickinGood _
Your ears are so big it looks like a car coming down the road with both doors open
Tom Ives
Tom Ives Vor Monat
She should've said something about that shitty movie about Will Smith and his kid on some future Earth.
Sandals Gandhi
Sandals Gandhi Vor Monat
lmao I was hoping he’d bring up her nude scene in wolf of Wall street
Swapnil Chavan
Swapnil Chavan Vor Monat
Anthony Mackie vs Tom Holland
joe whaddyaknow
joe whaddyaknow Vor Monat
Wills so old hes now the expired prince of bel air
Dee B
Dee B Vor Monat
Wow Will officially IS one of the nicest people on earth.
Diurno MX
Diurno MX Vor Monat
Will should have just said, you are such a fucking obvious Australian Trannie, you would make Bruce Jenner jealous
Diurno MX
Diurno MX Vor Monat
Margot Robbie = a MTF trannie
African MusicGenuis
Of course, let her win now on air. He's probably 'winning' off air somewhere.
nihility00 Vor Monat
This was shit
Fabian Backlund
Fabian Backlund Vor Monat
His laugh sounds retarded.
LeeLee Beezy
LeeLee Beezy Vor Monat
Margo said Will is a "less hot version of Obama..." Does that mean Will is a "No-Bama"?....... Someone please reflect LoL
Sofia Skakalovaw
I'm here thinking ....why not Simon Cowel vs Gordon Ramsay ......... this would be epic
Gavin Collins
Gavin Collins Vor Monat
Worst looking cast member in I am legend lol quality
Hipno Media
Hipno Media Vor Monat
This was hella cringe
Wonderlandian Vor Monat
Like sure Will is holding back, but can we address how Margot is actually putting some thought into making her insults funny instead of just simply saying mean shit? Like her roasts where actually funny. "Should i say that again but louder" xD
Grigor B.
Grigor B. Vor Monat
Queen Margot 4 Life
Neo Matrix
Neo Matrix Vor Monat
WOW, the word racist didn't come up once. Imagine that. Too bad this can't happen in REALITY. You can't joke around anymore, so sad.
Michael Z.
Michael Z. Vor Monat
The obama comment was definitely the product of margot robbie not seeing a black man til she was 15 lmao
Marcuss February
Margot is so fine.
Ryan Le
Ryan Le Vor Monat
I would have started with your ear is as big as my dick
Dimitris Moulosiotis
Will could say "is this your boob or got biten by a mosquito"
Shounak Kundu
Shounak Kundu Vor Monat
This is so insanely boring, you know it isn't scripted.
aaron canchari
aaron canchari Vor Monat
Ann Mariee
Ann Mariee Vor Monat
2018 your hair just resembles an iPhone X
라면사리 Vor Monat
English sub plz
Stu Newcastle
Stu Newcastle Vor Monat
Will was a bit of a gentleman here and didnt really insult her back, and just rolled with her punches really. Its not a sexist thing its just woman dont like to be insulted, even if its a joke, because they are sensitive and would think did he really mean that? where guys dont really give a damn. She insulted him on his looks and said he looks old, she insulted him on his cloths. imagine if those insults were the other way around?
Kevin Solo
Kevin Solo Vor Monat
She's really good.
Isuzu Slider
Isuzu Slider Vor Monat
could cut venison with her jawline
Oskar Libelle
Oskar Libelle Vor Monat
Margot is attractive. I'm saying this just in case no one noticed......
Colin Tatum
Colin Tatum Vor Monat
Scot mills? And the other idiot are so fucking English they embarrass me...n I’m English! Fucking pair of snowflake childish idiots.
Colin Tatum
Colin Tatum Vor Monat
Scot mills? And the other idiot are so fucking English they embarrass me...n I’m English! Fucking pair of snowflake childish idiots.
Mat Dee
Mat Dee Vor Monat
I like how her leg is half way inside wills lap bubble
I Q Vor Monat
She slaughtered him but only cuz mom was off limits. :-P
abdirahman osman
He is holding back
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