World's Best Scooter FAILS of 2015! MUST WATCH!

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Its not you
Noah Mortola
Noah Mortola Vor year
Scooter fail=face plant
jackvioxx Vor year
most of these stacks are faceplants, get to fucking know how to fall.
danny pye
danny pye Vor year
1:52 neymAr
James Watson
James Watson Vor year
0:22 wwwwwwwwoooooooowowowooooooowowowwooow
Adryan Gonzalez
this is why you skate instead of scoot
EliteTease Vor year
this is the reason u wear a Helmet
fuck sccoters are gay this was a pleasure to watch
Chris Beyrent
Chris Beyrent Vor 2 years
Veneno Ryder
Veneno Ryder Vor 2 years
HackingManic Vor 2 years
why do people fail kickless so much???
Hey it’s Lucy
Hey it’s Lucy Vor 2 years
its really annoying how other people puts music into it, i really dont get the point of it
Hey it’s Lucy
Hey it’s Lucy Vor 2 years
oh, soz i havn't thought of that 😂
claytonlindley Vor 2 years
Lucy's Channel then use the mute button if it's that big of an issue for you😂
GenericMedic Vor 2 years
I think they found all the most painful fails
FunkyFreak Vor 2 years
most of the people think scooters are lame just because they cant do it and do tricks thats lame ;)
Rob Boissoneau
Rob Boissoneau Vor 2 years
It's "lame" because of the garbage it is, its more dangerous than the other two options by a long shot.
FunkyFreak Vor 2 years
+DJ SaVvY you should have a follower now :p (me)
ComentaryLary Vor 2 years
+FunkyFreak mine is blackhawk.0
FunkyFreak Vor 2 years
+DJ SaVvY yes
ComentaryLary Vor 2 years
+FunkyFreak do u have instagram
NiRV Droopy
NiRV Droopy Vor 3 years
count how many chins were destroyed.
MLGGaming GetRekt
MLGGaming GetRekt Vor 3 years
Some of these people need to get introduced to helmets
ITZ Orion
ITZ Orion Vor 3 years
this is boring as shit to be honest
ITZ Orion
ITZ Orion Vor 3 years
1:52 NEYMAR?
Kairo millwood
Kairo millwood Vor 3 years
Tommi Andrewan
Tommi Andrewan Vor 3 years
1:55 that is my local 😌 of cause you want to know that
WKJ Flips
WKJ Flips Vor 3 years
+claytonlindley how did you make this vid
Sauce Boss 420
WKJ Flips most likely with a computer
The Coleman Films
The Coleman Films Vor 3 years
only fails i watch cuz i know they deserve it
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
The Coleman Films trust me it pisses me off when you have a 3 year old who isn't watching and when you hit him the parent is up your ass
Zach Ehrhardt
Zach Ehrhardt Vor 2 years
why shouldn't they scooter if they like it, just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people don't
FunkyFreak Vor 2 years
just because you cant ride it or do tricks doesnt mean you need to ruin it for everyone.. i can say skateboarders are assholes but i respect the sport even if i would hate it
The Coleman Films
The Coleman Films Vor 3 years
+minecraftaddict5619 because they scooter and they shouldn't
Devon Vor 3 years
Why do they deserve it
Brayden Collins
Brayden Collins Vor 3 years
I've been to the one at 0:21 it is in BC
I watch did cuz scooters r 4 pinecones
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
Druix speaking like that is for retards and no im not backing them up
Gavin Harner
Gavin Harner Vor 3 years
I don't scooter because i think its lame/not fun/ And you faceplant all the time.
Sauce Boss 420
You won't face plant if your not a dumb ass.
Gavin Harner
Gavin Harner Vor 2 years
Yeah but I mean imagine just doing a bunny hop or whatever down a 5 stair and hitting both your shins on the peddles.
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
Gavin Harner shinners are normal
Gavin Harner
Gavin Harner Vor 2 years
Huh I have rode a bmx bike and tried a couple tricks and I got plenty of shinners from the pedals. Its just because it is a bike and lots of your body parts are in contact with it so lots of stuff could happen. With a skateboard its just on your feet.
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
Gavin Harner you don't face plant too much on bmx when you do it will be your bars doing a flip or doing a 30 stair set
Scooter JoSh
Scooter JoSh Vor 3 years
1.23 she said dildo
Daniel Geurs
Daniel Geurs Vor 3 years
Am pretty short
Sauce Boss 420
Daniel Geurs learn English
Joshua Barreto
Joshua Barreto Vor 3 years
How the fuck do you get Popsicle sticked by a scooter
HidHanTV Vor 3 years
I can double flair?
Dominic corkett
Dominic corkett Vor 2 years
XtremeTrampoline I almost can backflip and I have proof
ArranParsonsMedia Vor 2 years
Where's ur proof
HidHanTV Vor 3 years
Who can double flair?
HidHanTV Vor 3 years
Holy shit what a fails
Booktadpole_58 Vor 3 years
xDrippin Vor 3 years
I Cried well i watched this
Super Edits
Super Edits Vor 3 years
Kenny Lewis
Kenny Lewis Vor 3 years
0:36 my local :P
Ben Parnell
Ben Parnell Vor 3 years
+claytonlindley 0 50 is my bro
Christopher Meza
Christopher Meza Vor 3 years
scooter are for posers😉😉
FunkyFreak Vor 2 years
do you guys have problems with mature scooters aswell? or do you think they are chill i'm a bmxer and scooter rider i always have respect for everyone at the skate park except assholes
Raw Crew
Raw Crew Vor 3 years
*soccer :)
Christopher Meza
Christopher Meza Vor 3 years
true +Gavin Harner​
Gavin Harner
Gavin Harner Vor 3 years
+Avery (Ninjaslime) Dude Skaters love watching their enemies die.
xDrippin Vor 3 years
+Scummy hippie Why did you watch it then idiot
Azzamatic Vor 3 years
LOL kids and there lame toys
MAG1CAL GAM3R5 Vor 3 years
1:35 Was his hand cut off or something
Dmitry Slepukhov
Dmitry Slepukhov Vor 3 years
love the music
Terry Hd
Terry Hd Vor 3 years
I jumped once over 2 meter long Grass with a scooter
Roni Semeri
Roni Semeri Vor 3 years
Roni Semeri
Roni Semeri Vor 3 years
Erik Gailans
Erik Gailans Vor 3 years
Hahaha my one is here 0:53
Chandler fournier
Chandler fournier Vor 3 years
Hell yeah I'm the banger ;)
Ronnie Platts
Ronnie Platts Vor 3 years
Haha love it
TehFreestyleHD Vor 3 years
found me at 0:38
Envy Cliipz
Envy Cliipz Vor 3 years
At 19s i remember always going there love that skate park
Juzzy Carter
Juzzy Carter Vor 3 years
Every stack is virtually the same thing!! Haha
Tayz Futcod
Tayz Futcod Vor 3 years
Ennit 😂
Camron Ridley
Camron Ridley Vor 3 years
Not enough variety
BurqueZtyle Vor 3 years
These are hilarious!!!!
dani r
dani r Vor 3 years
90% faceplants :D
ciaran bruce
ciaran bruce Vor 3 years
Most of these are landing beside the deck which happens to me a lot lol
Pierce Goodwin
Pierce Goodwin Vor 3 years
Haha hilarious
Nick Rides Booters
Nick Rides Booters Vor 3 years
1:35 is the reason why parents need to keep their fucking kids out of the parks if they treat it like a playground
Doodle Vor 2 years
Nick Rides Booters or as I like to call them, mini tards.
Autol Vor 3 years
Eilles50 Vor 3 years
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores Vor 3 years
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