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Wow!! Cakes are so different in Germany and the USA, and for this video Mr. German Man made a German cake and I baked an American cake. Yummmyy!!
So our question for you is: What other general differences have you noticed for baking or buying cakes in Germany, the USA or wherever you live? And which cake would you prefer to eat, the German cake or the American cake?
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6 Sep 2018



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Dorothea Stiller
Dorothea Stiller Vor 2 Monate
Might be a regional thing but where I live it is considered bad luck if you drop a slice of cake on the side. You serve it standing upright. They say when you drop it on the side you will get an evil/bad mother-in-law. :-D
Isabel Kern
Isabel Kern Vor 2 Monate
Sprinkles sind Zuckerstreusel und werden oft auf Geburtstagskuchen für kinder verwendet. Ein einfacher Trockenkuchen mit Schokolade drumherum und den Zuckerstreuseln oder Smarties obendrauf, oft als die Zahl, die das Kind alt wird, und dann die obligatorischen Kerzen auf den Kuchen :D
Technokrat J
Technokrat J Vor 2 Monate
such a cute couple :D
Andreas Kruber
Andreas Kruber Vor 2 Monate
My experiences on American and German cakes are that American cakes look amazing but taste kinda “meh”. German cakes work the other way around.
xDasMottex Vor 3 Monate
I think amarican cakes are way to heavy for me...its more like a german torte and not a cake
Oliver Weber
Oliver Weber Vor 3 Monate
Right, what would be a cake without artificial colouring.
Humankapital - Wissen ist Macht
I would try the American cake because i never tried it before. 🤤
Char Star
Char Star Vor 4 Monate
Holy cow when Stefan stood up 😱
Iri Antler
Iri Antler Vor 4 Monate
I agree with everyone, who said, that you've made "Torte" and Stefan made "Kuchen". In any case, nice video and you two are such a sweet couple ^^ P.S. you should try making boiled milk frosting. As far as I know, it's also American and traditional for the Red Velvet cake. =)
Carrie Davis
Carrie Davis Vor 5 Monate
You can't make me choose. I will eat all the cake, thanks 😉
Metternich K
Metternich K Vor 5 Monate
Stefan, warum hast Du keine Schwarzwälderkirsch Torte gemacht? Hicks😇
Sebastian Schulz
Sebastian Schulz Vor 5 Monate
Hahaha ich habe nicht Mal gemerkt, dass er sitzt. Dachte einfach er wäre klein.😂 Hahaha I didn't even notice that he sat on a chair. I thought he was just small.😂
Corvus Corone
Corvus Corone Vor 6 Monate
I don't know. Blue food is rooooooooooooong. ;)
Rebecca Routh
Rebecca Routh Vor 6 Monate
Can I get the recipe for Stefan's cake Please?
Becky M
Becky M Vor 6 Monate
Now I want cake🤪
Meo van Mi
Meo van Mi Vor 6 Monate
If you want to bake on a professional level, you come to way more differences than normal users. For example: find the type of flour in the US that is equal to the one in Germany can be a challenge (especially when you want to do bread)
Uwe Claußnitzer
Uwe Claußnitzer Vor 6 Monate
Everyone in Germany is said to consume approximately 35 kg of sugar a year on average. I always wondered, who is eating my part in it. After watching quite some videos of Dana I got a strong suspicion...
Über Uni
Über Uni Vor 6 Monate
Loooove that video :D And I really need cake now...
Thomas Christmann
Thomas Christmann Vor 6 Monate
No, its a Applepie and a Buttercream-tarte.Thats fundamentally different. Your Language says often the same Word for different Stuff,In Germanyor better in this Continent,we have more specific Words for all this Stuff. That is one Reason, that Peoples that speak English, in other Countryswere seen light-minded. In English, at example it give only a Castle,and it names Neuschwanstein a Castle,Its not a Castle in German Language. Did you read you Sprinkles Packaging?Its called Zuckerstreusel.Thats a Name, that People can distingush, from other Streusel.A word like Sugar Crumble,don exist in English,you called it Sprinkles.Other Languages names things better. And you had made the best Example, for light-minded english speaking Peoples,that say Cake to all Stuff,that People herecan distingush and have a Word for .
Quotenwagnerianer Vor 6 Monate
I'm quite sure they are both delicious in their own special way. But I would go for the german cake, because I'm not a fan of cakes that have colours you can't achieve without adding food coloring. It's a simple matter of what my eyes tell me and has little to do with what I expect to taste.
Jeff Morse
Jeff Morse Vor 6 Monate
We've always made vanilla cakes from scratch. We don't color the frosting or use sprinkles. What's the point? It adds nothing to the flavor and just looks weird (sorry).
Walter Rudich
Walter Rudich Vor 6 Monate
Korrektur: Bei der Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte werden die Kirschen nicht mitgebacken.
Sonnenschein242 Vor 6 Monate
Stefan should have make a black forest cake or something like that.
annette fournier
annette fournier Vor 6 Monate
Apple cake has been a fall staple since I was a child in New England. No frosting. Still... It has a light moist batter.
sushi777300 Vor 6 Monate
Oh wow, I thought he was shorter than Dana 😅
M Hallmann video
M Hallmann video Vor 6 Monate
America has pies which Germany does not embraced yet
Wiltrud Friesch
Wiltrud Friesch Vor 6 Monate
I waited for a cooking video.
Marjan Pel
Marjan Pel Vor 6 Monate
I bet the "german" apple cake ist healthier than the "american" cake...this one has way too much food color...(E numbers).
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond Vor 6 Monate
I prefer American cake, compared to dry (four taste) German cake.
Piretfreak87 Vor 6 Monate
I prefer the German way of Cake. In Germany an American cake is more like a German "Torte" and I don't like Torte that much. To much cream and stuff. Even though I like Haselnusscreme-Torte (Hazelnutcream).
Ursula mayer
Ursula mayer Vor 6 Monate
Like everyone said before....there is a diffrence between cake and cake! In my opinion ther a re a lot of frute cakes in the us, they are called pies and they are everywhere. And then there are buttercream cakes in germany as well. Like kasenut or frankfurter kranz. There might be no foodcolouring but both countries have both kind of cakes.
caseyajb03 Vor 6 Monate
German version any day over the sugar block US version. As an American many of us don't like the traditional birthday cakes. The intense buttercream is too much and is 80% just for looks. Even for my daughters bday weve started doing either cheesecake or vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting.
Nes Quick
Nes Quick Vor 6 Monate
I'd prefere a piece of that german apple cake to my coffee 😍
Scha Le
Scha Le Vor 6 Monate
Both cakes look nice, but I couldn't eat a cake with blue frosting, despite how pretty it is.
MrMarkoMrki Vor 6 Monate
When I was in NY city I went to bakery and saw so many cakes and cookies. I couldn't help myself so I bought like 10 different ones to try out. The taste really dissapointed me, all I could taste was sugar and it was too much of it ... Conclusion : US -> Much better looking cakes but not as good as in europe ( for me )
Kathleen 'O Connor
Kathleen 'O Connor Vor 6 Monate
In Ireland, the cake we most recognise as a German cake is Black Forest Gateau, which is one of the most decadent cakes ever but is all about dairy cream rather than frosting ( I love the sour cherries!) I always think of Cheesecake when I think of US cakes, don't know why. Irish cakes are usually rather simple. Caraway seed cake was a cake my Mum made that I don't think I've seen outside a Irish kitchen, and fruit cakes are also popular. Victoria sponges were for birthdays, etc. We're also culinary magpies though, so we borrow other country's cake recipes all the time!
KreeZafi Vor 6 Monate
The American cake freaks me out, it looks so artificial with the bright colors! My boyfriend is American and when I visited him and saw cakes in the grocery store I honestly was not tempted in the slightest, which was probably the first time in my life I wasn't intrigued by sweets! I live in Sweden and I'm used to slightly more "natural" cakes, often with whipped cream (PROPER whipped cream, not from a can), berries/fruits, chocolate, maybe even nuts sometimes. If I were to bake what I consider to be a very normal cake I'd make a sponge cake/white cake type base (possibly flavored with lemon and/or coconut, that's nice!), level it, put strawberry jam between the layers, cover it with whipped cream, and decorate with sliced strawberries. Maybe sprinkle some finely chopped white or normal chocolate on top as well. I don't believe buttercream, or any other frosting, is very common here.
Valerie Schmidt
Valerie Schmidt Vor 6 Monate
But Apple pie also is fruits baked in the dough, isn't it? I would definitely like to try the Apfelstreuselkuchen! The other cake doesn't look as interesting to me. But I'm German, so I love Apfelkuchen anyway.
DownassMusic Vor 6 Monate
Cool video! You should do more cooking videos! I’d totally buy that apron. You should sell them!
Mary S
Mary S Vor 6 Monate
The cakes look great. But wouldn't it be better to compare two equal cakes. As example: an apple pie and a german Apfelkuchen...or a german Torte and an american cake? And- that is my mind- but I don't like the thick cake between the buttercreme. I would make 5 thinner cakes and put buttercreme between and would soak the cakes with juice, liqueur or coffee ;-)
lovely tulip
lovely tulip Vor 6 Monate
This unnatural colour makes it look like poison to me.
Paul Towarnicki
Paul Towarnicki Vor 6 Monate
I'd prefer Stefan's item but I'd call it more of a pie. I don't think it was a fair comparison. Dana's cake looked perfect too but it looks more like the ones I'd see at a child's birthday party with lots of color and icing. If I make a layer cake (eg like a chocolate layer cake) I'd only have two layers and I only put the icing on the top and in the middle, not on the sides--so there's less icing and sugar in the cake.
Sis Da
Sis Da Vor 7 Monate
Apfekuchen, hands down.
Sloppy Mommy
Sloppy Mommy Vor 7 Monate
I love the American cake, I too am American and its the type of cake im used to, but I bet I would love the German cake and I would love to give it a try! I I love deserts where the fruit is baked into the crust! I bet i would love it just as much! Mmmmm cake!
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
Virtually all German desserts are dry and tasteless. The bakeries are all identical, i think every pastry in the country is made in a giant factory in Hamburg. Zero individuality, flair or interest. They all taste lime they're made of sawdust. That's not fair. Some taste lime wet cement. I miss the great bakeries in america with wo derful fruit torts and other pastries made with care and reflection as opposed to the German jndustrial bakeries.
Stefan Harbauer
Stefan Harbauer Vor 7 Monate
I want a piece of each, please!
Maximilian Klein
Maximilian Klein Vor 7 Monate
I don't know if this is a cultural difference or if these two cakes (one of them arguably being a pie in English) are just very different...
Yelena Yeli
Yelena Yeli Vor 7 Monate
I prefer the German kuche. But he forgot cinnamon. The American cake looks better but I think frosting is so American. As a Dutch woman I do not like frosting, its too fat for me. I have some American and Canadian cookbooks and its funny how they warn for too dry cookies. In The Netherlands we prefer the crispier cookie.
Karen Hartley
Karen Hartley Vor 7 Monate
Yum. Why does it have to be one or the other. Both look amazing. I’d say it would depend entirely on my mood. Now that we are getting into fall the apple cake looks better; however, now and again you just gotta have a cake with buttercream frosting! Well done both of you!
Janie Lewis
Janie Lewis Vor 7 Monate
I'd take the German cake over the American. Love apples in cakes!
Imogen Hüsing
Imogen Hüsing Vor 7 Monate
I think a Marmorkuchen would have been more typical for Germany and probably even easier to make. It could be found at every cake sale I have ever attended
palomdude Vor 7 Monate
Good job on the editing while you were preparing the cakes. It looked very professional.
CROSSRODI ! Vor 7 Monate
Schon mal was von Zucchinikuchen gehört?
CROSSRODI ! Vor 7 Monate
Schon mal was von Zucchinikuchen gehört?
Gürtelschnalle Vor 7 Monate
Durch dieses Video fällt mir erst auf das Deutschland echt gute Kuchen (und Gebäck) zu bieten hat. Germany has really good Cakes
Cheryl Bailey
Cheryl Bailey Vor 7 Monate
As an American baking enthusiast, color and sprinkles are usually reserved for children.
Anser Anser
Anser Anser Vor 7 Monate
Ich habe immer das Gefühl, dass in den USA sehr süß gebacken wird. Alleine bei der Buttercreme oder bei Royal Frosting löst sich ja der Zahnschmelz fast von alleine :D Der einzige richtig "bunte" deutsche Kuchen der mir einfällt ist Papageienkuchen. Der wird deshalb häufig bei Kindergeburtstagen kredenzt. Und jetzt hab ich voll Hunger auf Kuchen und Torten XD
Jen nifer
Jen nifer Vor 7 Monate
nah, we just call the US one "Torte" instead of cake (Kuchen)
Franz Fred
Franz Fred Vor 7 Monate
the american version kills you more or less instantly. :)
immitable Vor 7 Monate
American cakes while tasty/sugary are not the healthiest, icing consists mainly of fat and sugar. Colorants are not the healthiest thing to be eating as well, especially not little children, read about ADHD and food colorings. Somehow all the cakes in the US taste the same, with some variations of course. My favorite german "Torte" is Pfirsich-Sahne- Torte.
Owen Vor 7 Monate
immitable, Well, artificial dyes are banned in Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Norway, and where I live, Switzerland.
immitable Vor 7 Monate
+Owen probably not, but there is a warning on them and readily available candy uses all natural dyes and flavorings as well. Haribo, Katjes etc. as opposed to Life savers, Twizzlers, Jelly beans to name a few. But like said google adhd and artificial colorings.
Owen Vor 7 Monate
immitable, EU color dyes are all natural.
lillian Rastetter
lillian Rastetter Vor 7 Monate
Why didn’t you pick the same apple crumble
rpp academic
rpp academic Vor 7 Monate
... baking ... why are you always grinning???
lauraK Vor 7 Monate
I think is wrong to compare the word and meaning of cake with the German word Kuchen. It is not the same. The German Kuchen is called a Pie in English while the cake is called Torte. Cake = Torte Pie = Kuchen We do make big style "torte" cakes in germany. Like for weddings or birthdays.
S Black
S Black Vor 7 Monate
Or just for eating. If you go to a cafe they always have such cakes. And it will have some actual flavor (like with fruit or chocolate) instead of just looking nice
sparafucile9 Vor 7 Monate
Dana’s cake looks amazing!
Zarkovision Vor 7 Monate
Sorry, but this is not the difference between German cake and American cake, but between "Kuchen" and "Torte".
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl Vor 7 Monate
I wouldn't even want to try this blue and sprinkled cake. I don't like the cream, the dye, the sprinkles... soooo artificial! Whereas the apple cake which Stefan made looks delicious to me. ♥ Sorry, Dana! ;-)
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl Vor 7 Monate
Owen, I really don't want to argue with you ✌️ and I wish it was but sadly Brillant blue is not banned in the EU. webgate.ec.europa.eu/foods_system/main/?event=substance.view&identifier=3 www.oetker-shop.de/4-back-und-speisefarben/# It is everywhere 😱. And most likely in Dana's cake. Whereas the raspberry juice thing sounds delicious and I believe I would love it..♥
Owen Vor 7 Monate
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl, Brilliant blue FCF is banned in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, and Norway. Whether you find Dana's blue color offensive, that is your prerogative. My mother used to add black raspberry juice to a sugar glaze and it made the danish pastry extra special; with its purple color and raspberry taste. Many would say it had an odd color too. By the way, I have a MS in Biology from Kent State, and PhD in Biochemistry from Syracuse U. I studied/worked food sciences with Nestlé Suisse. I also studied at Le Cordon Bleu Paris for fun. Danke, gleichfalls
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl Vor 7 Monate
+Owen Ok, das ist ja super! PhD in was? Und was genau ist an Brillantblau FCF so natürlich? Abgesehen davon, dass es Alu enthalten kann, was _natürlich_ auch klasse ist! Und im Allgemeinen finde ich blaue Butter einfach unnatürlich, ganz unabhängig von der chemischen Betrachtung.. aber jedem so wie er mag. Mein Geschmack ist eben anders. Einen schönen Sonntag dir noch!
Owen Vor 7 Monate
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl, I have a PhD and teach food science (among other sciences) at a University in Switzerland.
MrsSchwarzwaldmaedl Vor 7 Monate
Oh wait, you're right.. NOT! 🤣 How about YOU educating yourself?
Filicia Lovelace
Filicia Lovelace Vor 7 Monate
I'm just confused like the rest... The cake she made looks a lot like the once my friends or mom makes which is a "Torte"... What he made is a "Kuchen"... It's not comparable at all.
Sjoerd Dobbinga
Sjoerd Dobbinga Vor 7 Monate
At the beginning of the video I thought to myself "I never noticed that Dana was so much taller than Stefan", until he got up to show he was sitting 😂 Fun video! Both cakes look good to me 😊
Marcelxyz Vor 7 Monate
Nice Video, great work u both
Mara Lea B
Mara Lea B Vor 7 Monate
I’m American, but my mother’s family kept a connection to their German roots. “Kuchen” in my family is a soft yeast dough layered with fruit and a not-so-sweet custard. This version is popular among the descendants of German colonists who fled Russia/Ukraine a hundred years ago. You can even find it in grocery stores in some parts of the Midwest and Western Canada! One cultural difference I’ve noticed from the comments section is the tone. To me, the German commenters sound snobbish and snooty. They probably think they are just being honest, but i think they are taking themselves too seriously. It’s interesting to observe, for sure!
Linda Gäßler
Linda Gäßler Vor 6 Monate
Mara Lea Brueske Most of us (Germans) speak English, but most of us also have a lack of experience with native speakers. We can talk about simple facts, but don’t know what’s considered friendly or appropriate in America.
Buttersky Vor 7 Monate
Stefan has to be the worst actor ever. It's adorable.
Gabi Di Gregorio
Gabi Di Gregorio Vor 7 Monate
Wie sieht denn ein Amerikanischer Apfelkuchen aus ? Auch wie ne Torte , das kann man doch nicht vergleichen.
Brandy C
Brandy C Vor 7 Monate
I’d prefer the apple cake 😋
Ann Vor 7 Monate
We make apple cakes in the usa too.
Ann Vor 7 Monate
I don't know anyone in the usa who would eat or make that blue cake. Yes, you can find them here, but really they are not good.
Avenity Vor 7 Monate
I've never liked frosting on cakes because it looks so unnatural. What is the point of making a cake from scratch if you're adding all foodcoloring and so much sugar? If someone wants to eat such and unhealthy cake there are probably tousands of pre packed cakes in supermarkets. But I've heard that food is in general way sweeter than in European countries. All I can accept is handmade chocolate icing only on the top layer of the cake. American cakes are in general too sweet for me, whereas German cakes are perfectly sweet. So I'm 100% #teamGerman because they are so simillar to cakes in my country.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Vor 7 Monate
That German cake looks more like a pie. I tend to like pies better than cake. So here, I would go for the German cake.
Wonder Twin
Wonder Twin Vor 7 Monate
Will you post the recipes?
Sheila Vor 7 Monate
Enjoyed the comparison of different cakes...just heard Wilton and Oetker are combined :-) Have to find my springform pan...like that German cakes are not so sweet, but as an American could not follow baking by weighing in grams. I did not see Dana use measuring cups for her cake.
Pascal OLIVIER Vor 7 Monate
German (or French) cakes look tastier to me. The US colored version seems more fake to me.
Kimberly Mayfield
Kimberly Mayfield Vor 7 Monate
I’m American but I would prefer the German cake
hkjuhu campbell
hkjuhu campbell Vor 7 Monate
Stefan's looks more like a pie. I like the German one as I am not much of a cake eater.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
When we're (Americans) looking for a fruity dessert, we tend towards pies.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
Her cake looks green to me.
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
Peel those frickin apple's dude!
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
Him standing was hilarious. I thought he was short!
The Raging Platypus
The Raging Platypus Vor 7 Monate
Hey, thanks for the info. I had no idea there was a difference between American and German baking powder. My big concern has always been aluminium free.
Claudia F.
Claudia F. Vor 7 Monate
Dana’s cake is a cake for a children’s party. But I have to say I do not like them. They look nice through, but do not taste so well, too sweet. Sorry Dana
lil vampy
lil vampy Vor 7 Monate
i like it simple and traditional rather than bright and sugar-coated until no end.. thoug it does look nice, i admit
John Snow
John Snow Vor 7 Monate
Oh, Dana, dein Kuchen ist so hübsch!
kumi Vor 7 Monate
I totally love german cakes, they are not as sweet as the cakes in the Netherlands. My favorites are bienenstich and käzetorte.
figgeln Vor 7 Monate
the us are the greatest in many cultural things. Comedy, series, music... maybe they'll even "trump" us in politics if sanders makes it. But I'd pick the german cuisine over the american in a split second. Every sane mind would :)
Owen Vor 7 Monate
figgeln How many times have you eaten in the US, to be such an expert? I am a French trained chef. Food is my living. Recently I ate at the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary Hotel (California Grill), Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian, and Daniel in New York City. I would put these 3 restaurants in the top 15 of the thousands of restaurants I have eaten at. There are also many fabulous restaurants in Las Vegas. Sadly, I can't think of one German restaurant in the top 50...or even top 100. The best place I ate at in Germany was at a little Grandmother's home in the late 1980s.
figgeln Vor 7 Monate
Owen that's debateable. What's not is, that the american culinary culture isn't good
Owen Vor 7 Monate
figgeln, I've traveled extensively across Europe. Germany has some of the worst food. France, Switzerland, and Austria have much better food than Germany.
Davie Lawrence
Davie Lawrence Vor 7 Monate
Entweder sollte das ein Vergleich zwischen Apfelkuchen und Apple Pie sein oder zwischen Buttercremtorte/Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte und einer amerikanischen Torte
Baccatube79 Vor 7 Monate
Gewürzkuchen usually has sprinkles. But I wouldn't eat that American cake for eternal blessing. It looks like pure chemistry.
Laurel Thomas
Laurel Thomas Vor 7 Monate
What is the difference between Streusel and Strudel? At my local bakery, apple strudel is put with the pies, not cakes; and the chief difference between those and what Stefan made is that the strudel is in a rectangular pan instead of a round one (and they call it Austrian).
S Black
S Black Vor 7 Monate
A Strudel is a filled roll. The dough is rolled or stretched to be very thin. And it's indeed from Austria but spread from there Streusel are really the crumbs on top of the cake. The are made from butter, sugar and flour. A typical Streusel cake has yeast dough on the bottom, then a layer of fruit and then the Streusel on top. A lot of Streusel cakes are rectangular and thin so that the crumbs make up a large part of the cake, but round works too. Google image search shows you many examples
Zoe Ware
Zoe Ware Vor 7 Monate
I'm guessing I would prefer the German cake. It was reminding me of apple pie. Also, buttercream frosting tends to be a little too sweet for me, but it's also really good at the same time. I'd have to take that cake in SMALL slices.
Suvi Schrank
Suvi Schrank Vor 7 Monate
I'd like to eat the German cake. I like fruit cakes very much specially those with apple. In my opinion colourful cakes look very fun but the colour isn't making any taste. That's probably why I like chocolate cake so much! That's another difference: in America is vanilla cake very common but in Germany light batter isn't usually vanilla, it's just the normal batter ingredients, there is no actual flavour in it.
dermaskiertename Vor 7 Monate
i get that you compare the most common types of "doughey dessert things" in Germany vs. the US - but isn't Streuselkuchen a little bit compaable to American Pie and Cake to Torte?
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink Vor 7 Monate
I make my Apfelkuchen with a yeast dough rather than baking powder and I would never ever use food dye. The good thing about making your own cakes is that one can avoid artificial colouring. That bizarre colour is seriously off putting and appetite ruining. I wouldn't even try the american cake. Sorry... Here in the UK they use a lot of icing which is basically just sugar and frankly disgustingly sweet. I make german-style fresh cream gateaux regularly and use whipped cream so it looks like the US cake but without that moldy colour. The cream is just barely sweetened, like a table spoon of sugar per half liter of cream.
Jane Foran
Jane Foran Vor 7 Monate
I don’t think Dana made a traditional American-style cake at all. The version she made is what you might find at a basic grocery store bakery for a young child. The artificial colors and sprinkles only appeal to children. It is much more common that homemade cakes are either two round layers with frosting in the middle and on the outside, or one square/rectangular layer with frosting only on the top. Frosting is usually either plain vanilla or chocolate.
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