Yascha Mounk discusses the Crisis of Liberal Democracy with Fareed Zakaria

Yascha Mounk
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Yascha Mounk discusses the global turn against illiberal democracy and the rise of populism across the world on CNN's Global Public Square with Fareed Zakaria.



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nicolas ennu
nicolas ennu Vor 8 Monate
It's quite interesting what Yascha is saying about Germany. He says they are a people who define themselves as a cohesive group with a common culture, religion and are genetically similar due to the individuals coming from the same "breeding poo,l" to put it bluntly. In a word, they constitute a "people," in the traditional sense of the word. Yet now, he says, without providing any reason as to why this is good or just, that they are, or should, define themselves in a multicultural way. What would this look like? He doesn't really say, but it implies, obviously, the end of a conception of the German people as a people. But why should Germans stop indentifying themselves as Germans in a multicultural context? Do they not have a right to under the philosophy of multiculturalism itself? Multiculturalism implies mutual respect and tolerance of other groups and the lack of any pressure to assimilate. A true multicultural Germany would have to change it's name to something else to reflect the equality of different groups within the state. The new state could be named "Middle Europe" or "Central European Republic," to reflect it's non-ethnic-exclusivity. If a German person has no special claim to status within "Germany," as member of said group whoch defined the nature of the state, then why refer to the state which controls the geographic boundaries traditionally occupied by people who identify as German, Germany? Ultimately, a true multicultural state would allow and perhaps even promote persons belonging to various kinship groups to identify as such, whislt at the same time, constructing a state where power is distributed in accordance with the proportion of each group relative to obe another. Yascha has a notion that "Germans" should rather cease to maintain a continuity of identity with what it meant to be German and "allow" in other peoples, to share in a new, inclusive identity("German") which isn't defined by kinship or culture or language but by liberal, democratic values. Yet, in order to do so, we'd have to deconstruct the German Identity. Yascha doesn't say whether or not the New German's must deconstruct what ot means to be Turkish or Arab, etc, to allow for the new identification of German. Either all the previous identities are deconstructed or are allowed to retain. Which is it? How this is true to the spirit of multiculturalism is beyond me.
Young people have no more faith in representative democracy because they can see that politicians are almost all bought and paid for. The real cancer at the heart of our civilization is capitalism. You can't have a capitalist democracy.
Representative democracy is a lie. These so-called representatives don't give a shit about their electorates. They only listen to their donors. Politicians have no real power. They're just there to give the masses the illusion of control. It's all a ruse. The people who are actually in control are the big wealthy business interests. The ownership class makes all the decisions behind closed doors. Democracy can only exist when there is political equality, and political equality can only exist when there is economic equality. It's really that simple. We live in an advanced form of feudalism and nothing more.
Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!
When voting machines are rigged for one party, we don’t live in a democracy just an illusion of one.
9911brian Vor year
Asian Killed Khazar out first than Russia last So JEWS hated WHITES since
9911brian Vor year
JEWS kicked out 109 times in history time for more times Khazar not Jews not Are Asian Mongolian Turk Mix Hebrews some were Jews are Arabs
9911brian Vor year
JEW not Jew worried that people not of Satan will take back control like in Russia Iceland Poland Hungary
The North Rises
Roses of Time
Roses of Time Vor year
Europe for Europeans, Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans...how hard is that to understand????
Pedro Quintana Castillo
(((Yascha Mounk))), a lecturer at Harvard University, explains that "we are here daring to attempt a unique historical experiment: transforming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural society into a multi-ethnic one." de-vid.com/video/video-k-_7TaYb-mI.html
It seems possible that gullible Americans would vote away their own democracy to a dishonest, dishonourable con-artist Trump. Sad!
insert name
insert name Vor year
JayGoldenBeach Mind your own business or else. Keep it up. Watch what happens to people like you.
Chaz Novit
Chaz Novit Vor year
to JayGoldenBeach: Jay, Jay Jay... If you think, ancestral fools ALSO didn't vote away some democracy with roosevelt, nixon, clinton, bush, obama... you've got lots more years of observation and political science theory ahead of you... time to study more about this planet and homo sapiens. Be patient with yourself though, you'll get there eventually. If you ONLY see Trump... you may need better glasses.
Kevin Kao
Kevin Kao Vor 2 years
You are a great smart guy , just saw your interview on CNN . haha ..
Outpost One-Oh-Five
your a slimy little man.. your model of democracy is the EU..a bunch of appointed, NOT elected bureaucrats..BREXIT IS DEMOCRACY.. TRUMP IS DEMOCRACY.. people are sick to death of libtard SJWs like you and your scared. your bullshit has run its course and people are seeing you scum for what you really are.
cuiproTest Vor 2 years
Crisis of Libtards -- sounds good -- just no stop
Maria Schick
Maria Schick Vor 2 years
There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe - without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. ~~~~ Muammar al-Gaddafi
Maria Schick
Maria Schick Vor 2 years
Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin. ~~~ Muammar al-Gaddafi
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