'You deserve your Ballon d'Or' - Messi with classy comment to Lewandowski after triumph

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Speaking after he picked up his seventh Ballon d'Or, Lionel Messi left a classy comment for closest rival and Polish forward Robert Lewandowski.

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28 Nov 2021



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saladtossing Vor Monat
Imagine not being Messi and Ronaldo, having the best year of your career and winning everything, just to hear that the Ballon D'or was cancelled France Football need to give the man what he really deserves
see me
see me Vor Monat
Sounds like Robert
MR7 MR7 Vor Monat
@VBI 123 ballon d‘or is easily the most prestigious award every all time great shall have one to their name. Lewandowski should have at least 1 if not 2 by now.
VBI 123
VBI 123 Vor Monat
In 2020 Lewandowski won the Fifa Best player and the Uefa Men's player of the year. He got his awards, bro. That's two of the big three awards available
LeBron Cavs
LeBron Cavs Vor Monat
@Comrade Ma YS well he kept him in his pockets the second leg
Comrade Ma YS
Comrade Ma YS Vor Monat
@LeBron Cavs we're talking about Barcelona vs Liverpool or Messi vs Van Dijk? You definitely deluded if you think that Van Dijk will own the GOAT lol
Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge Vor Monat
Exactly. The inconvenience of the pandemic does not invalidate Lewandowski's achievement. He should get his recognition. Messi showing he's world class again.
Daniel V
Daniel V Vor 4 Tage
@CallMeCyan❶ Yeah I guess you’re right. But I wouldn’t pride myself in my penalty shot skills when I miss huge penalties in finals you know what I mean? Like Messi Isn’t known for penalties and thank god he isn’t.
CallMeCyan❶ Vor 4 Tage
@Daniel V he scores alot of penalties lol
Daniel V
Daniel V Vor 4 Tage
@CallMeCyan❶ you can’t call him a pessi fan. Messi don’t make penalties bro
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@CallMeCyan❶ call me a Pessi fan, but the dude was right. Even most ppl agree with him just look at the amount of likes.
CallMeCyan❶ Vor 4 Tage
@ChrisChras 9000 pessi fan
bookmarkmybrain Vor Monat
Can't wrap my head around the hate Leo received. He literally said "It's an honor to compete with you, Robert", and urged France Football give him the trophy when he could have been talking about himself. Was rooting for Leo, but obviously my heart goes out to Lewandowski. Hope they give the trophy for '20 in retrospect.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@commentsthatwill annoyyou I am not gonna take that comment seriously due to your username.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@nickraoyj lmao imagine picking Jorginho over Messi. Especially since Messi did so much more than Jorginho did for the copa America. Not to mention he actually has 2 even tho they are not as major.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@Sunita Rawat bro chill thats the best he can do. He gave as much respect to Lewa as he could. Its not like he just ignored him.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@Thabo Seane well he is the best arguably.
Katjerouac Vor 27 Tage
@mani kmd he still called him Penaldo so no respect there
Dharmesh Nahar
Dharmesh Nahar Vor Monat
Just one of the reason why we love Messi more. He's not just an amazing player but a terrific human being as well.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@Denis Kavaš better than you.
Denis Kavaš
Denis Kavaš Vor Monat
Messi sucks
Rohan Chatterjee
Força Barça. Xavi is awesome
mitrra aswin
mitrra aswin Vor Monat
Factos 💯👍🏻
leo boy
leo boy Vor Monat
@FMCCO DZN yes bro lewa is my 2 player after messi if he win ballan do"r iam happy
Timings Vor Monat
I don't understand why they wouldn't give him the 2020 Ballon D'or since he was the clear winner, we don't need a cermony, but Lewa deserves the award 100% for 2020.
Tomasz Lubera
Tomasz Lubera Vor 3 Stunden
U know why bc he is a polish
Mati _Mistrz
Mati _Mistrz Vor 12 Tage
Because he is Polish, simple as that. If he was French, English, Spanish etc. he would have won it no problem
Ahmad Vor 27 Tage
AND 2021 WTF????
pushin it
pushin it Vor Monat
Every other trophy was given they suck ass juice
pradeep roy
pradeep roy Vor Monat
The way when anyone die in your you don't open the bottle of champagne and party that day in a same during the 2020 ballon d'or people were dying every where specially in European country and that's France didn't have ballon d'or of that year.. try to understand you piece of shit
Soyen Vor Monat
111 goals in two years, and still no Ballon d’Or for Robert Lewandowski 💔 Lionel Messi thinks he should have one: “Lewy, you deserve your Ballon d’Or. Last year, everyone was in agreement in saying you were the big winner.” 🤝
Mac Vor Monat
Modric scored like 4 goals and won the ballon dor lol!
uchihatibz Vor Monat
Ballon d'or is not about scoring goals tho. But Lewa should have it last year and I don't see anything wrong for giving it to him late
Enrikay GG
Enrikay GG Vor Monat
I’m not a Messi fan, by any means, but Messi had like 94 in one year alone my guy
Michelange Ngomo TV
de-vid.com/video/video-BFsrNT7z5Pc.html eish shame for Lewy. check people reactions on that
Solarris Vor Monat
jevry michael
jevry michael Vor Monat
This part, Messi got my outmost respect. Kudos for your speech on Lew.
ProPork Vor Monat
Massive respect for Messi. As a Pole, I was furious tonight but I’ve realised I shouldn’t be furious at Messi; he’s exceptional, one of the best, but so is Lewy, and I’m glad he voiced his and others’ opinion about last year in such a way.
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Vor Monat
@Nisindu Perera alright, thanks for the info 👍
Nisindu Perera
Nisindu Perera Vor Monat
@Henry Smith "The neutral English language noun for a Polish person (male or female) today is Pole (see also: Naming Poland in foreign languages). In some other languages such as Swedish or Norwegian, polack or polakk are inoffensive terms for a person from Poland." - Google
Henry Smith
Henry Smith Vor Monat
@Govind Sharma no I’m serious, what does he mean?
Govind Sharma
Govind Sharma Vor Monat
@Henry Smith That's the most stupid fking joke I've ever read.
Mikhail Koba
Mikhail Koba Vor Monat
As Russian wanted to ask you, next march Russia is playing with Poland for the qualification to the World Cup. How did Poland react to such a "strong" enemy? If I were a Polish football fan, I would already celebrate the victory. I hate our cripples.
Matthew Galley
Matthew Galley Vor Monat
Absolute class from messi,said what everyone was thinking Including himself👏
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Vor Monat
Lies again? Share Ballon
Omar Sharifi
Omar Sharifi Vor Monat
This is what I love about messi. One of the highest sense of respect & sportsmanship seen in a player.
ZevFei Vor Monat
Why can't they make 2 ballon dor awards on same stage, let Lewandowski & Messi both stand on the stage and hold that 2020 & 2021 awards together, Lewandowski 100% deserved it. That would be a happy ending for year 2021. - I am Messi fans from Malaysia 😊🙏
Chess Path
Chess Path Vor Monat
because of extra cost in money...
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Vor Monat
@N i think messi didnt deserve that hate as a player and person. But him being (sorry for the harsh words) a "okay player" sincr his move to paris and lewa playing another invredible year the whole year, many people expected lewa. The hate is mostly agsinst france football since nearly everybody recognizes leo as one of the best players of all time, maybe the best. But him being a part of a shady and rich club located in the city thr award is given at seems shady. He isnt responsible for anything and i definitly feel sorry for him being bullied but rirt Lewandowski deserves a ballon dor for being the best player in the world for at least one year and for being the best striker in the world for at least 4 years. Maybe im looking to much through the view of a german who watches the bundesliga every week but that record he broke was one of the few topics that got, at least in my bubble, on the same level as covid that time. Everybody in germanx that knows about football and a lot more germans knew about lewy getting the new record in even less games.
Markus Schäfer
Markus Schäfer Vor Monat
Yeah that would be a very good picture abd the right decision if they want to guve it to leo this year. I read that suggestion all over the internet the last month but it took messi to speak about it st the award for france football to recognize that idea. Which is very sad because they certainly thought about it before.
Fabian Pillay
Fabian Pillay Vor Monat
U a Messi cake
kiran Muley
kiran Muley Vor Monat
because its not just award there are many awards in given year. its not simple to consider all winners given the 2020 year
proud Vor Monat
I am Polish Lewa s fan but damn.....huge respect for Messi after saying these words. Its not really hard to put two best football players on one scene and gave them both awards for 2020 and 2021. What a nice end that could be France F..... Ps. Five stars for Messi. Huge respect from Poland.
Uchiha Shisui
Uchiha Shisui Vor Monat
As a non-toxic Messi fan, every football fan, Justice for Lewandowski to have a Ballon D'or 2020
DS Vor Monat
And 2021.
GB Vor Monat
Non toxic Messi fan? Strange choice of words
Akshay Revankar
Akshay Revankar Vor Monat
Honestly speaking..even the 2021 ballon d'or is debatable.. For me it still will be Lewandowski 💯
Prabh Sandhu
Prabh Sandhu Vor Monat
You can't hate this man 🙌❤
j kish
j kish Vor Monat
Maximum respect Lionel Messi 🐐💪
Grandeza. Que gran ser humano es Lionel Messi.
퓨처라이트 Vor Monat
Without doubt, Lewa definitely deserves to win 2020 ballon d'or
Xeno Vegito
Xeno Vegito Vor 24 Tage
@Lukas Masnyj cry 🤡
Lukas Masnyj
Lukas Masnyj Vor 24 Tage
@Xeno Vegito you must’ve been dropped on your head repeatedly as a child
danny d
danny d Vor Monat
@Alexei Harp Ajax?
Lizim Vor Monat
@Unknown User go play ludo 🤣🤣 instead of wasting your time
Being Good Human
@Kieffer he might join Barcelona
Sebastian Gonzalez
The magic that Messi produces on a consistent basis, he needs an award much more valuable than the Ballon D’or.
abdul azeez zain
Class from Messi . What a legend
Janeczek_007 Vor Monat
he shouldn't get ballon d'or also this year. He isn't as good as he was before. They've stolen two ballons from lewa
Fax!! Vor Monat
Fax!! de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html . .
Nature Tails
Nature Tails Vor Monat
What a humble guy Messi is! He always gives credit to his team and teammates rather than him...❣️❣️ Simply Best...🐐🐐
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts Vor Monat
2016 Euros Team Captain: Ronaldo Overall stats that year: 42 Goals 46 Apps 12 assists Portugal 1-1 Iceland Portugal 0-0 Austria Portugal 3-3 Hungary Portugal 1-0 Croatia Portugal 1(5)-1(3) Poland Portugal 2-0 Wales Portugal 1-0 France Ronaldo’s Involvements: Goals 3 Assists 2 Total Goals Scored By Portugal: 9 Number of World Cup Champions Faced: 1 (France had 1 title at the time before winning the second in 2018) Result: Ronaldo 2016 Ballon d’Or Winner Copa America 2021 Team Captain: Messi Overall stats that year: 38 Goals 47 Apps Assists 17 Argentina 1-1 Chile Argentina 1-0 Uruguay Argentina 1-0 Paraguay Argentina 4-1 Bolivia Argentina 3-0 Ecuador Argentina 1(3)-1(2) Colombia Argentina 1-0 Brazil Messi’s Involvements: Goals 4 Assists 5 Total Goals Scored by Argentina: 12 Number of World Cup Champions Faced: 2 (Brazil x5, Uruguay x2) Result: Messi 2021 Ballon d’Or winner Final Verdict: If Ronaldo deserved a Ballon d’Or for his efforts in 2016. Then Messi undoubtedly deserves one for his efforts in 2021. Beating rivals Brazil in their own backyard was a dramatic conclusion to an interesting tournament and being able to achieve something neither Pele or Maradona were ever able to in their career.
DS Vor Monat
@leandrosouzauff The worst thing is that Conmebol pushed for the Copa América in 2021 yes or yes. Even the players from Brazil did not want to play it but, of course, the political part of football intervened and in the end the tournament ended up being played in the middle of a pandemic and just two years later of the last edition and in the same host country.
leandrosouzauff Vor Monat
Do you remember that Copa america happens four times in six years.?because this your value decreased and dont make sense compare it with eurocup.
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts Vor Monat
Whether you agree or disagree. International trophies are generally worth more. So in other words. even if he didn't win the UCL. he still would have won the ballon d'or.
Style Shine
Style Shine Vor Monat
Ronaldo won UCL that year
Robert Adam
Robert Adam Vor Monat
The Truth Hurts How many Copa America Messi played?
arion Vor Monat
He is right, I think this year the winner could have been one between messi and lewa, both deserved it, but in 2020 lewa was clearly the winner, I hope france football gives him the award and some other players take what Messi said and spread it so lewa can have his deserved 2020 balon d'or.
mushthaq ahammed
mushthaq ahammed Vor 28 Tage
@Satyam Sharma you know all about weed and drugs. Congrats
eXtreme Official
de-vid.com/video/video-dUNnQ2kyrQI.html Don't miss this !!!!!!!!!!!⬆️
Riduch Vor Monat
@Don't be not that it is competitive, just PSG stupidly dumb having ballon dor winner but still drawing against nice. Your false god is rotting
Don't be
Don't be Vor Monat
@Riduch which makes it worse. The 6th league is more competitive than the bundesliga
Anhar Anugrah
Anhar Anugrah Vor Monat
Stupid award worshipped by blind few.
mourad mahmoudi
mourad mahmoudi Vor Monat
That’s why i love this guy , natural class
Giovanni Vor Monat
Messi got heart for saying what needed to be said
WETA♥️ Vor Monat
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Thabang Mokhele
Thabang Mokhele Vor Monat
You just love him even more😭he's speech is about uplifting another player and honoring being his rival His humbleness is outta this wrld❤
Tuchelloco Vor Monat
@MelloDemooz - way better than ronaldo
Fax!! Vor Monat
True:) de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html . ..
MelloDemooz -
MelloDemooz - Vor Monat
His hunblness doesnt matter 😂
Honna Swenson
Honna Swenson Vor Monat
Beautiful player, humble spirit. For those reasons, he is beloved by so many. We are lucky he is in our lifetime.
Michael Edwin Melendres
I see sadness in Lewa's eyes no matter how he hides it. He deserved it this year and last year in my opinion.
Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar Vor Monat
@Zidaan Sheriff you need to apologize again for saying that lewa had a better year than leo and yeah everyone has there own thought but you should watch full match instead of watching highlights and scorecard, then you will know the impact of leo on field.
Zidaan Sheriff
Zidaan Sheriff Vor Monat
@Sanjay kumar hey man just want to apologise for being racist but i stick by what i said, lewandowski had a better year than messi
Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar Vor Monat
@Zidaan Sheriff yeah i saw the level of iq you have Kid just grow up and that so called 121 iq which you are claiming, i am damn sure if you include your whole family including your Ancestor's also still it won't count more than 100 so just shut ur mouth and get lost and cry for #6 guy
Zidaan Sheriff
Zidaan Sheriff Vor Monat
@Sanjay kumarGod has blessed me to be a 121 iq (fact), not 0.0000000001 like you
Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar Vor Monat
@Zidaan Sheriff from brain still ammature kid
M k
M k Vor Monat
As a lewandowski fan we never ask for 7 we just want one he deserves 💔
Skylancez Vor Monat
As much as I think lewandowski should have 2 ballon d'ors now this year really was super close you could flip a coin from the 2 and be happy with either result. Class by Lionel Messi knowing that Robert Lewandowski in fact deserves a Ballon D'or and hopefully France football will give him it!
Crushal 45
Crushal 45 Vor Monat
That speech by Messi to Lewandowski is a gem 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Tech Talk
Tech Talk Vor Monat
@Devroop Saha i speak factos👀👍 kid
Devroop Saha
Devroop Saha Vor Monat
@Tech Talk answer my question
Tech Talk
Tech Talk Vor Monat
@Devroop Saha icardi spotted😂😂😂😂
Devroop Saha
Devroop Saha Vor Monat
@Tech Talk imagine hating Xavi, one of the most humble players in football history. btw answer my question, will u give me ur gf? no it is easy to say "Messi should have given this award to lewandowski"
Tech Talk
Tech Talk Vor Monat
@Devroop Saha Europa league ain't ready😂😂😂 xavi xavi overrated guy.modric >xavi
Lewandowski did more then become the greatest player of the year twice. Thanks to Lewadnowski we truly opened our eyes on how politics money and corruption took over the World of football.
Z O Vor Monat
Get this man a Ballon D‘or ASAP!!
Gaidomang Vor Monat
Lewandowski deserves more!
علي الخفاجي
Leva Ndowski, you are the best player in the world and you don't need to mock them. The Ballon d'Or you are indeed the best player in the world and you will remain in our hearts the best in the world.
Artelio420 Vor Monat
vikram dharma
vikram dharma Vor Monat
Lewandowski deserves 2 balon'dors already by now, ( 2020, 2021).
1NFECT3D. Vor Monat
Respect To Messi For That Comment👏👏👍👌
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda Vor Monat
Yeppppp agreed. I was always rooting for Messi but I have to say, Lewa deserves a Ballon D'or
マイキー Vor Monat
France Football has to do something, Lewa deserves it in 2020 no debate
Messerstolfo Vor Monat
@z facts, its literally just some peoples opinion, like if they all decided some league 5 player was the best and won everyone would just go with it its so stupid.
eXtreme Official
de-vid.com/video/video-dUNnQ2kyrQI.html Don't miss this !!!!!!!!!!!⬆️
Mey Haqim
Mey Haqim Vor Monat
@Dextro It bisness and politic.
Ebenizir Trump
Ebenizir Trump Vor Monat
i think last year should’ve shown everyone that this award is really a farce.
Fax!! Vor Monat
True:) de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html . .
Only you deserve boss You are keep in a lot of people heart ❤️🥀
Tennis Files
Tennis Files Vor Monat
Bravo to Messi for the great comments and also to Lew for their fantastic achievements!
Barça News
Barça News Vor Monat
Leo is right, what a classy comment from him, i was saying the same before i know the winner. Messi deserves it in 2021, and Lewa deserves 2020 balon d’or. When i saw two balon d’or i thought they’ll give the 2020 edition to Robert. The pandemic is not his fault. Hope they rectify it.
Why not giving him this one he deserve it 💯
Abner Saleem
Abner Saleem Vor Monat
That is messi.... He always respect each and every one.... He never tried to be create his own history... 🌞🌞but it will happen🌹🌹🌹🌹
Emilio H
Emilio H Vor Monat
Messi is the greatest football player of all time, and the humblest as well ❤️
Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett Vor Monat
Respect to Messi for recognizing and stating it!
Sam Msngam
Sam Msngam Vor Monat
Absolute CLASS from Lio, didn't expect that at all.
Zohan Vor Monat
A great respect to Messi for admitting the truth because only a through GOAT know that who deserved it.... 😎👍👍 Also I'm really feeling sad and so heartbroken for Lewandowski 🥺🥺 He was the one who deserved it 100%
BlueBoy TV
BlueBoy TV Vor Monat
Respect to Messi for saying that
Sudhan Malla
Sudhan Malla Vor Monat
I love messi .. its true m happy right now to see my idol creating history .. but Lewandowski doesn't need ballon D or to prove him ... he is the most destructive striker at current football .. whether he won Ballon D or or not ,it is universal truth that he had already broke the messi and ronaldo shadow ... has has been considered as the job beyond impossible 👏🏻👏🏻🤴🤴💪🤍❤🙏🙏 hope to see you more stronger folloqing year ... POLISHED BEAST🐻🐻
Jimmy Baliwalla
Jimmy Baliwalla Vor Monat
Exactly, you couldn't have the ceremony due to the pandemic, but why can't you just announce the winner and give him his due. And this is Messi's greatness, how many would utter such a thing at your crowning?? GOAT👏👏
SimsV Vor Monat
Lewandowski deserved it ❤️
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T Vor Monat
That's very generous of Messi
Musicsub Vor Monat
Lewa clearly deserved the award,he was fantastic,kudos to Messi for stating that.
Drift Is Passion
respect Messi!
Khoveyi Tetseo
Khoveyi Tetseo Vor Monat
2021 is a hard fought rivalry between these two and it's not clear until the final day who'll win the Ballon d'or but For 2020 Lewandowski is the clear winner , everyone knows that
Kay Lom
Kay Lom Vor Monat
That's how GOAT respected to Great Players and each other 🙌🙏🙌👌👌👌
To ReĐa
To ReĐa Vor Monat
*This is how Messi received his 7th BallonDor! 👏* 2021🥇 2009🥇2010🥇2011🥇2012🥇2015🥇2019
Juneet Ss
Juneet Ss Vor Monat
After ballon d'or 2021, I feel that I got what messi's reaction after he saw all his action last week, last day, copa america 2021. Messi's speech at camp nou 2019/2020 was right. Messi indirectly wants to warn people don't quickly satisfied after receive individual award.
GReigns gaming
GReigns gaming Vor Monat
Fully agreed with Messi . Lewandowski 100% deserves the 2020 ballon d'Or since he won literally everything he could and no one can tell me otherwise
Josh Plays Cricket
Thanks Messi For standing up for leva
I respect Messi's word on Robert, Lewa deserve to win Ballon d'or 2020 without a doubt 👌
Emon Yagami
Emon Yagami Vor Monat
Easy for Messi to say you deserve the Balon d'Or for last year when he wins this year's one. Lewa this season has more combined goals & Assists than Messi. Broke a Bundesliga record, he has been phenomenal for the past 2 seasons and started this season exceptionally well. Messi didn't need a 7th Balon d'Or, but Lewa definitely deserved to have atleast one.
Emon Yagami
Emon Yagami Vor Monat
@benedict clement if you're saying this year both Messi and Lewa deserve to win the Balon d'Or and last year Lewa outright deserved to win it. Then surely it would have been fair to give Lewa one, considering Messi has 6 already. Over the past 2 seasons and the start of this season, Lewandowski has been better.
prazey Vor Monat
wtf are you smokin? if he does not win, he would not have been in the stage to give the speech. Your opinion on lewa is respectable but come on! The fact that Messi said it openly challenging the organization that just gave him the award to fix their Fk up is huge. He could have just taken his award, thanked everyone and walked off like lewandoski does not even exist. Now that would have be much easier.
benedict clement
Believe me, it's not easy to compliment another person. With all due respect brother, but I think you should consider things other than goals and assists. Football is not just about that. But I respect your thought and your opinion. If I may, I would like to express my opinion about the 2021 balloon d'Or. For me, football is like a painting. And this year we have van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci as painters. They are both are amazing painters and their painting is extraordinary. Now the only problem here is that we have to choose which one is the best. For me, both Messi and Lewandowski well deserve to win this year balloon d'Or. This year situation is different from last year. Last year, Lewandowski deserve all the awards that he could have. Unfortunately, the situation treated him miserably. So yeah, in conclusion, I will say that Messi is so deserved to win this year balloon d'Or and so do Lewandowski. But last year. Lewandowski is the absolute winner, and only he alone.
Zero One
Zero One Vor Monat
I love messi. Im happy that we won ballon dor. I hope robert win next year. He deserves it. He played so well. He is in top form right now.
Jhony Morales
Jhony Morales Vor Monat
Muchas felicidades leo desde el Salvador Dios te bendiga igual a toda tu familia
Jeews Sam
Jeews Sam Vor Monat
Even though I wanted Lewa to win this year since he got snubbed so unfairly last year, after going detailed thru stats and why Messi was selected it is no doubt he was again the world most valued player. The way he contributes cant be counted just on goals (even tho he has a bucket loads of them) but how he single handedly take the game to the opposition even in a weaker team. With saying that FFA you are really unfair on last year for Lewa, what else he could have done?
Human Being
Human Being Vor Monat
I am lucky to see the best player in the history of football
Jan Faber
Jan Faber Vor Monat
Big respect to Messi and also his speech about Lewandowski, but we all know he's not the winner of this year too.
zahra jafri
zahra jafri Vor Monat
Respect Only thing that I can say about LM7🔥🔥🔥
Ajay. G
Ajay. G Vor Monat
pure class🙌🙌
I m a messi fan but i want to see lewy smile too , he really worked hard n is still the best striker currently hope he gets his 2020 award
علي الخفاجي
Leva Ndowski, you do not need a golden ball to prove that you are the best in the world.
w F
w F Vor Monat
Its easy to be classy when you win. Messi and the organisers robbed Lewandowski of the 2020 and 2021 ballon d'Or. Disgusting.....btw those who voted messi can give all these awards but still cant score for him. CR7 got the goals as highest international goal scorers himself, a legend in all clubs and countries he has been.messi is only Barcelona player 😂 Lewandowski deserved it for both years.
Wayne Verhoff
Wayne Verhoff Vor Monat
Even if you played half the season you can still have the MVP of that half. I’m the amount of football that was played that year he deserved significantly
Van Vor Monat
Imagine buying a gift for someone you love and saying “you deserve this” to him/her and taking a gift home with you lol
Juicy Moosey
Juicy Moosey Vor Monat
Messi is so humble he doesn’t even mention that he won, he straight away said that to Lewa. Mad respect 🙌
Rodi S.
Rodi S. Vor Monat
This isn’t the full speech tho
Captain Delta
Captain Delta Vor Monat
Messi shows his class always ... never seen a player winning probably the highest award for football but telling the authorities of that same award that his fellow rival kindof player lewa also needed to win that .
SW Vor Monat
He said he wanted to share his Balon Dor with Xavi and Iniesta in 2011 as well 👌
KiranSD Vor Monat
Would've been better if he gave lewy the award
Fax!! Vor Monat
Fax!! de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html . . .
Jens Vor Monat
@bit off balance no one tells Messi what to say on this stage. this is from his heart.
bit off balance
bit off balance Vor Monat
Do the players prepare their own speeches ? I might be thinking rubbish but maybe his managerial team asked him to say this to increase his public Relations ? But my gut feeling says that this was from Messi's instincts
azlan nizam
azlan nizam Vor Monat
A humble god👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Dashrath Singh
Dashrath Singh Vor Monat
Messi is so repesctful with any player .Hats off .
STORMS Vor Monat
Messi the best 😍
kelly dee
kelly dee Vor Monat
This year messi clearly was favorite because of the I international award he received with Argentina, however they need to give Lewandowski his award for 2020 irrespective of the covid or not. The voting should have still been counted and they would have announced the 2020 and 2021 result together. I really want Lewandowski to win it for real.
Maciej Prusak
Maciej Prusak Vor Monat
Bravo Messi !
M Martinez
M Martinez Vor Monat
El mejor en la chancha & caballero afuera de la cancha.
Are Czkie
Are Czkie Vor Monat
Big respect for Messi such a pure legend! Not about this 7th Ballon d’Or(because for me he wasn’t the best in this year) but what he said… I’m not Barca fan but I’m fan of Messi, thank You Leo. Hope this “le cabaret” gonna give Robert Ballon d’Or for 2020. If not…. such lack of respect.
Yasin Ahmed
Yasin Ahmed Vor Monat
Lewa deserves 2020 and 2021 Ballon D’ors. France Press gave the award Messi, cause he plays in their France league. I see there is a marketing issue. They want to make their league better but that is not fair.
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr Vor 27 Tage
@Fireman 21 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fireman 21
Fireman 21 Vor Monat
@kiran Muley like how whole Argentina cries in 2014. Lmao.
Yasin Ahmed
Yasin Ahmed Vor Monat
@kiran Muley almost every player commented about that mess. No one is happy, i wish even Messi is not happy cause most legendary players commented that he didn’t deserve it.
gamez freak
gamez freak Vor Monat
This comment highlights how ppl dont know crap abt the voting system.
kiran Muley
kiran Muley Vor Monat
cryyyy harder they might listen to you
Hisham Amir
Hisham Amir Vor Monat
Messi didn't robbed Lewa for the Balon dor. France Football robbed lewa from a 2020 Balon Dor. As a messi fan i agree he deserves a balon dor
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Vor 4 Tage
@Banana Man if you look around other comments on other videos, than people say he did.
Front Runner
Front Runner Vor Monat
@KISHOR ARAVIND bhai kuch bhi bolega kya?
aliffi abdulrahim
We must blame france football RIGHT NOW!!!!!LOL
Fax!! Vor Monat
True:) de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html. . . .
kiran Muley
kiran Muley Vor Monat
No one robbed anyone. It was unfortunate year and he would have got it if there was a award ceremony. cool down
Slapwho? Vor Monat
Mind you lewandowski has scored 111 goals in the past two years… yet no ballon ‘d’or.
Myco Bispi
Myco Bispi Vor Monat
This isn't class, he knows who deserves it
Tam Simon
Tam Simon Vor Monat
What has Messi done? No way . Respect Lewa
hafiz yusof
hafiz yusof Vor Monat
messi is a true sportman n gentleman 👍my 🐐!
TheGreenPianist Vor Monat
If I was a footballer and the GREATEST footballer to have ever lived said to me that I deserved to win a Ballon d'Or that HE was also nominated for, I would take that over any trophy or award.
Tim Löffel
Tim Löffel Vor Monat
@mgu0000 noo Its all about being a part of a country witj superior genetics for the sport. The problem ist that todays countrys have mixed folks/races. So it has no longer the same meaning. For example: Their is a reason why black jamaicans are the best in running
Fax!! Vor Monat
I Agree:) de-vid.com/video/video-wdTcJGMGNZs.html . .
Delightaming 11
Delightaming 11 Vor Monat
Imagine getting robbed and then have to listen to BS from the robber 😂😂😂
Kushol bhowmick
Kushol bhowmick Vor Monat
@TheGreenPianist Yeah at least I didn't say that you'd give away a world cup to be praised by Leo :p
TheGreenPianist Vor Monat
@Kushol bhowmick Good job liking your own comment!
Thato V.T.H
Thato V.T.H Vor Monat
If I were Messi_i would've called Lewandowski to the stage and give him the Ballon d'Or and say "this is for 2020" coz god knows Lewandowski deserved it last year!!!
Ken Yap
Ken Yap Vor Monat
You know what’s the classy thing Messi could have done? Just give the award to Lewa because Lewa deserves it and Messi knows it.
شیتویت Vor Monat
Just Messi GOAT
rAFKEY Vor Monat
I changed my mind, despite messi being statistically superior as well being an integral part of winning the copa. I now want lewa to win. Thats too late now i guess
MUSE Vor Monat
My respect for messi has increased. Robert did deserve it more then messi. It takes a true man to acknowledge someone else’s success
toshiro26 Vor Monat
@BLACKWARWOLF DLS He said he deserves the 2020 Ballon Dor. Why would he give him the 2021 Ballon Dor? Messi fully deserved that.
Hamas Aadhil
Hamas Aadhil Vor Monat
@Emma Madison but I watched him from the start of the season kid. How can you judge a player without watching matches. He carried single handedly the worst team and worst management in the Barca history ever. He took that team to nearly win the La Liga title and became La Liga top scorer. Won Copa Del rey because of him. Look at them now they are trying hard to become atleast 5 th position in La Liga table. And struggling to score goals in Champions league without Messi. He carried the whole Argentina team in Copa America also. He is the top scorer, top assister and the player of the tournament in Copa America. and he broke Pele's record in club level and international level also. He struggled after holiday in PSG because some injuries, new manager who didn't even give him his position. That's all you know some haters. But still however he scored some goals and gave some assists. What Lewandowski did to his country. Nothing. In club level also did he at least win the major trophy like champions league? No. He had a great team performance with Bayern Munich. He just scored goals even though Messi has more goals than him outside of the box and without penalties. He has more assists than him. Lewa only carried his Club only not his National team. Messi carried both. Lewa deserved his ballon d'or in 2020 as Messi told. No one deserves ballon d'or more than Messi this year. Messi has more individual awards than him this year. This is the reasons why journalists voted for him to ballon d'or over Lewa. He performed outstanding this season. In last 3 or 4 matches he didn't perform well that doesn't mean he didn't have great season and didn't deserve Ballon d'or. The whole world is against him because he became over Cristiano and the best footballer in history of football. He didn't win a world cup that's all he wanted. Terrible season??? Such a clown you are. 🤡
Emma Madison
Emma Madison Vor Monat
@Hamas Aadhil Messi performed terrible this season. I don't watch much soccer and I even know this
eXtreme Official
de-vid.com/video/video-dUNnQ2kyrQI.html Don't miss this !!!!!!!!!!!⬆️
Nazim Azizi
Nazim Azizi Vor Monat
last year yes, this year no
Sonny Dortmund
Sonny Dortmund Vor Monat
This is why he's the 🐐
ABNN A&B Vor Monat
Won my respect Messi
Gracedieu Loponda
In my opinion, it should have been Lewandowski who won Ballon d'Or this year. He's clearly a true winner and Mo Salah should have ranked himself maybe in the top 3.
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