YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

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In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
To learn how the top lists in Rewind were generated: rewind.youtube/about
Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
To see the full list of featured channels in Rewind 2019, visit: rewind.youtube/about




5 Dez 2019



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Prince Andrei Van Solis
I just have one same question on all DE-vid Rewind is WHERE THE HELL IS DanTDM??
Moviestech 2.0
Moviestech 2.0 Vor 23 Minuten
Femi Yeku
Femi Yeku Vor 30 Minuten
9 mill dislikes😂
NOOBMASTER 0_0 Vor 33 Minuten
Pls have YuB in the next rewind
KARAN PLAYS Vor 56 Minuten
I watched it many times in quarantine I love it but why people hate it
Sami Akgül
Sami Akgül Vor Stunde
kaisha just kaisha
yt rewind 2020 prolly have CHARLI D'AMELIO
SDIT Humaira Zahra Hayati
wha ada atta halilintar :v
How can they make such a stupid video *_TRULY_* I hate it *_TOO MUCH_* Ewwww just the worst video in the world I have ever seen
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Vor Stunde
DE-vid Rewind 2020 bout to be lit...
2nd Disliked video in yt also made my yt it self
Sofo Lego
Sofo Lego Vor Stunde
imagine what rewind 2020 will be like 😳
BR_BubbleZ Vor Stunde
They took away the magic of rewind....
Aditi A.Shrivastava
Aditi A.Shrivastava Vor 2 Stunden
Just came here to check if this got the dislikes it deserves....
Extrememonster887 Vor 2 Stunden
Every comment I slide through on this video has over 100k likes. so why should my one be a exception?🤔
EzraGN Vor 31 Minute
Because your late
diptanu Debnath
diptanu Debnath Vor 2 Stunden
2019 rewind maza nahi aya
creeper 1906
creeper 1906 Vor 2 Stunden
Krian 23
Krian 23 Vor 2 Stunden
I like youtube rewind all if them
Javor Bogdanov
Javor Bogdanov Vor 2 Stunden
still got dislikes L
fang alan
fang alan Vor 3 Stunden
I said i want MINECRAFT IN DE-vid REWINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harrison Lloyd
Harrison Lloyd Vor 3 Stunden
This was like a substitute teacher trying to teach detention on a saturday in August-underwater
Harrison Lloyd
Harrison Lloyd Vor 3 Stunden
All in all it was bad as
Calming silvery raven
Calming silvery raven Vor 3 Stunden
DE-vid animators weren’t even in this! What’s the point of showing top 10 of music videos, most viewed, most liked, gaming and even DANCE VIDEOS but not animators? They’re literary the only not cringy parts of rewind.
Game montages
Game montages Vor 3 Stunden
We was thinking that 2017 rewind was bad...
Mukta Verma
Mukta Verma Vor 3 Stunden
ripal mehta
ripal mehta Vor 3 Stunden
please keep wengie and more Indian youtubers is rewind 2020
DuckBoi Vor 3 Stunden
1:26 The first PewDiePie subcriber must feel like the king now.
ripal mehta
ripal mehta Vor 3 Stunden
DE-vid is horrible at rewinds 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Isla Cooper
Isla Cooper Vor 3 Stunden
its like they’ve given up after 2018.
RedstoneCraft 31
RedstoneCraft 31 Vor 3 Stunden
Waiting for 2020 DE-vid rewind video
Juan Contreras
Juan Contreras Vor 3 Stunden
DE-vid rewind 2020 be like: Nothing what you wait?
Funnygoat Goat2323
Funnygoat Goat2323 Vor 3 Stunden
DE-vid: hmmm what to do for YT rewind I mean wach mojo is good LETS COPY THEM!!! Wach mojo: smh
Pet Go
Pet Go Vor 3 Stunden
Watch pewdiepie rewind and see
RevertLOLS Vor 3 Stunden
no pewdiepie first swedish youtuber to hit 100 mil? and first gaming channel?
RevertLOLS Vor 4 Stunden
Pewdiepie is the only thing that can save rewind now
e m p t y s p a c e
e m p t y s p a c e Vor 4 Stunden
Am I the only one who actually likes this? Pls don't attack me Also I think that there's a chance that gacha club will be in DE-vid rewind 2020
Lodged Garlic
Lodged Garlic Vor 3 Stunden
Gameboy 2102
Gameboy 2102 Vor 4 Stunden
Only 9 millions Dislikes?
DaddyThanos Vor 4 Stunden
Wow I really love the new watchmojo vid keep it going watchmojo
Astrud Derek Cervantes
Espero que el de este año sea mejor por que con o que ha pasado el el año se puede hacer una perron, aún que tambien sea el peor año.
NebulaToonz Vor 4 Stunden
I mean, at least the editing is good. It's clear *somebody* (most likely a group of underpaid Google employees) put work into this
yes yes
yes yes Vor 4 Stunden
nice watchmojo vid
Charles Castle
Charles Castle Vor 4 Stunden
The chance they had to recap the entire decade with the biggest hit of slightly edgy nostalgia and old creator reunion was really missed.
IronWinged Vor 4 Stunden
DE-vid rewind 2019 is just unimaginative. I wonder what’s going to happen in 2020 rewind? Probably something about everyone quarantined.
Daisy Arguelles
Daisy Arguelles Vor 4 Stunden
Did he faced he's self dislikes cuz he made yt -_-
Keira Rosas
Keira Rosas Vor 5 Stunden
La neta ni se molestaron en verlo las personas y solo por lo malo de la producción, a demás que producción solo hicieron una recopilación de lo que más les gustó a la gente eso lo pudo hacer cualquiera.
gonzacobe González
gonzacobe González Vor 55 Minuten
2000 empleados para hacer esta basura....
Lakshay Juyal music
Lakshay Juyal music Vor 5 Stunden
2020- most commented name in the history of youtube - Binod
ashvin elango
ashvin elango Vor 5 Stunden
2020 rewind will be bunch of people wearing mask and washing hands, :)
shucklefan35 Vor 5 Stunden
Why do they represent roblox with gamingwithkev hes terrible and sues everyone show flamingo next year.
Me: DE-vid didn't you just copyrighted everyone? youtube: Hmm? What do you mean?
The Galaxy
The Galaxy Vor 5 Stunden
I honestly forgot what this rewind had in it, so I came back. I now see why I forgot.
xCloey_ Vor 5 Stunden
wait, this was ONLY 8 months ago?!? crazy if you think bout it
SUJU Vor 5 Stunden
May you get everything you want in your life. 😇😇 May you be happy ,May you be a big DE-vidr one day 💜 May you become the richest celebrity 💎👑 May you always be happy..🤗 May you be happiest person in the world🙂 But please help my channel , I upload music video and there are no subscribers.😓 , Just share my video link..It would help me a lot..May you help me and be happy always..🙏
Frost Beard
Frost Beard Vor 5 Stunden
Looks like in 8 months it 2018 rewind got another 2 million dislikes.
lmao omg
lmao omg Vor 5 Stunden
this is literally what y’all wanted. why are y’all mad agn
Drowwnned Vor 6 Stunden
They made a watch mojo video.
Seal YT
Seal YT Vor 6 Stunden
Guys 2017 rewind has more likes than dislikes. What is this
ItsAnth Vor 6 Stunden
DE-vid, you could’ve at least tried.
GrandTips Vor 6 Stunden
2020 Rewind be like : Duhh i bad
AVanimations Vor 6 Stunden
It feels like nobody watches DE-vid anymore, Like everyone is on Reddit, TikTok and other social media I can mention but dont want to. I just wanna go back when "Damn Daniel" was trending. Everything has fallen apart. Like these past years (2015-2019) is better than right now. Life is just.. Like even I'm 11 and the world has collapsed. I just want it to be how it was, People making cringey musical.lys watching Pewdiepie not worrying about a disease that's affected half of the world's population and worrying about peoples right. Although i dont want to get into politics but nowadays it's nothing but politics. 2015-2018 might have been the best years ever. Alot of people say this yet nothing has been done.
NikoLOL Vor 6 Stunden
The “because you’re better at this than we are” seemed quite passive aggressive and I LOWKEY agree :/
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