YouTube's 2019 Rewind: FIXED

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100% of proceeds from this video will go to suicide prevention programs worldwide.
We got this, DE-vid. Since our friends at DE-vid shared our passion for top 10 lists and used the format to unveil DE-vid Rewind 2019, but seemed to have omitted a lot of the people and stories that stood out on the platform, we thought we'd add our input on the list and present you the top 10 Stories & People We Actually Cared About on DE-vid. You're welcome, DE-vid. We appreciate the effort with the 2019 Rewind, but maybe leave the ranking to the professionals?
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6 Dez 2019



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WatchMojo.com Vor Monat
100% of proceeds from this video will go to suicide prevention programs worldwide.
SlavPlaysGames Vor 13 Stunden
49 Jem
49 Jem Vor 2 Tage
dan george
dan george Vor 10 Tage
Wow thats amazing
Blazer Vor 12 Tage
That’s awesome
Felipe Carrer
Felipe Carrer Vor 14 Tage
I wonder what worldwide really means when you'd rather display hotline numbers for New Zealand than for other countries which are way more populous and have worse suicide rates.
Tanner Spillane
Tanner Spillane Vor 2 Stunden
Aww man. The same thing? One was enough. It’s just worse.
SlavPlaysGames Vor 13 Stunden
When you unsubsribe from watch mojo years ago because they spam your notifications and that intro sound becomes annoying and then you subscribe again because of their wholesome top 10 rewind video 2019 ! ATLEAST THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE WANT AND WHAT PEOPLE RESPECT GOD FRICKIN DAMNIT DE-vid !!!!
Absybad Vor 16 Stunden
DE-vid :**makes a rewind** Watchmojo : UNO REVERSE!
Cyka Blyat IDI V PIZDU
WatchMojo:"We did it we fixed rewind" PewDiePie:"I'm about to end this mans whole career"
Jaystarz2000 gaming
I hate homosexuals and Jews and I don’t have to admit that I am a NAZI because I am a NAZI.
GreenSlyCooper71 _
I'm glad they actually paid tribute to ETIKA
Mr.Random76 Vor 7 Tage
They're pretty much the same except youtube rewind had a bigger variety of categories.
Buron Binaku
Buron Binaku Vor 8 Tage
Rip juice WRLD
Wolf Treetruck
Wolf Treetruck Vor 9 Tage
DE-vid: Makes rewind 2019 Everyone: You just copied WatchMojo WatchMojo: Do not compare us with that
Sage Ye
Sage Ye Vor 10 Tage
Perhaps I treated you too poorly, my child.
Josei Shein
Josei Shein Vor 10 Tage
*#1 for Erika* He deserved it.
Oli Cody
Oli Cody Vor 11 Tage
Is this a re upload from DE-vid?
Gibus Vor 12 Tage
that moment when watchmojo pulls a 180 on youtube
Enzo Pertile Massutti
DE-vid rewind 2019 is one more proof that DE-vid does not go along whit the community. no honorable mentions for out boy, Etika. This rewind should be the real one. Thanks Mojo.
Neito monoma
Neito monoma Vor 12 Tage
Top 15’s:upgrade Watch mojo:upgrade DE-vid rewind:oh **** go back
killer000144 Vor 12 Tage
In my opinion you should've but all the dead people like juice wrld and others and not only etika
Big White Head Noob
Pretty boring yawn
Anime Tiddies
Anime Tiddies Vor 13 Tage
The 4K dislikes are Googles employees LOL
will_draw4java Vor 13 Tage
Oh thank God someone brought up etika! its the toxic community online, and on DE-vid, that drove him from us. How dare DE-vid not acknowledge the tragedy?
Golen Vor 14 Tage
Nope! Pewds was better, had more effort
Fighting Cat
Fighting Cat Vor 11 Tage
@Golen I mean that they released it the next day after DE-vid Rewind, while Pewds released it 24 days after Rewind.
Golen Vor 12 Tage
@Fighting Cat shouldn't be that hard to figure out what do you think? The newest one of course
Fighting Cat
Fighting Cat Vor 12 Tage
Compare dates when they were released.
Felipe Carrer
Felipe Carrer Vor 14 Tage
I wonder if Watchmojo gets more viewers from New Zealand than from countries like South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, Portugal, Romania... maybe that would explain the weird selection of countries to display hotline numbers at the end of the video. NZ is not even close to the top suicidal countries, that does not make any sense. (Unless it's "let's put these english speaking countries we care about and then a few others").
Fighting Cat
Fighting Cat Vor 12 Tage
Maybe that countries don't have such services?
WubGub Vor 14 Tage
Rewind 2020 will be good in my book if Pewdiepie digs up the rewind symbol he buried with markipliers tactical shovel
Carson Chan
Carson Chan Vor 14 Tage
How can you fix something that is exactly the same
Cosmic Films
Cosmic Films Vor 15 Tage
DE-vid: -copies watchmojo like a copyrighting guy- Watchmojo: N O N O N O
GD Diggy
GD Diggy Vor 15 Tage
They did the listthing but *BETTER.* Woah...
Zero STNF Vor 15 Tage
RIP Etika
SaviTheGamer Vor 15 Tage
For Etika..... In that point I felt so sad, I miss him.
Adolf hitler
Adolf hitler Vor 15 Tage
Boring...but not Boring.
MuningNing the Minecrafter Jr.
bestie anime
bestie anime Vor 16 Tage
emrah malkoc
emrah malkoc Vor 16 Tage
actually not a bad video, but you forgot youtue rewind. you have to look what you did before 2018. one more thing, many turkish people who watches youtube hate enes batur.
Fighting Cat
Fighting Cat Vor 12 Tage
Is it a really painful controversy to be included in Top 10?
megaburritozero Vor 16 Tage
We also lost King of Randomness this year
Olivia V.
Olivia V. Vor 16 Tage
2005: Broadcast Yourself 2020: I like money!
DJ Tile Turnip
DJ Tile Turnip Vor 16 Tage
When they said it was a WatchMojo video, they heard that, and they took matters into their own hands
Anton Kaalund Sørensen
This is somehow better
Mary Wichmann
Mary Wichmann Vor 16 Tage
Bruh watchmojo don’t even want none of DE-vid’s bullshit
Tofu_GameZ Z
Tofu_GameZ Z Vor 16 Tage
DE-vid can't even copy WatchMojo correctly lol
IrOn_KiT Vor 17 Tage
0:28 When I look in the mirror
DWN-018 Magnet Man
DWN-018 Magnet Man Vor 17 Tage
Where's projared saying "I have the reciepts"? Overall, amazing rewind!
NO You
NO You Vor 17 Tage
youtube better be taking notes
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Vor 17 Tage
I swear there was a video on this channel called DE-vid Rewind 2019. Must of been deleted
Fighting Cat
Fighting Cat Vor 12 Tage
I don't think so. Official YT Rewind is too bad for them, Watchmojo makes much greater videos than DE-vid
O O Vor 17 Tage
This is so cringey he/she don't even try a bit ..
the ultimate j7
the ultimate j7 Vor 17 Tage
For etika!!!
Krys S.
Krys S. Vor 17 Tage
This was shorter, better, and left more of an impact on me then the actual Rewind! Thank you WatchMojo!
Soup Dealer
Soup Dealer Vor 17 Tage
Aureole Vor 18 Tage
Actually a good rewind this time phewwww, thanks real WatchMojo!
Ninja Doggo
Ninja Doggo Vor 18 Tage
Maybe youtube copied them because of the subs.
Sleepy0173 Vor 18 Tage
So Pewdiepie fixed 2018's WatchMojo fixed 2019's I wonder who'll fix the 2020 one xD
Preenox Dolly
Preenox Dolly Vor 18 Tage
even WatchMojo made rewind better
Communist Penguin
Communist Penguin Vor 19 Tage
*LeAvE tHe RaNkInG tO tHe PrOfEsSiOnAlS* DE-vid: um get that off trending.
alexis thompson
alexis thompson Vor 19 Tage
George W Bush Oof
George W Bush Oof Vor 19 Tage
What has happened to DE-vid
F41 Vor 19 Tage
It’s funny that Watchmojo is making Rewind 2019 better but Rewind 2019 was a Watchmojo video itself
Sir Habba the Llamma
Damn DE-vid rewind was so bad it made Watch Mojo look good
alphabet soup
alphabet soup Vor 19 Tage
Pewd's fixed it.
Ringo Salcedo
Ringo Salcedo Vor 19 Tage
You know DE-vid Rewind 2019 sucked when the creator your rewind is based of makes a 2x better rewind than yours.
Noah S.
Noah S. Vor 19 Tage
No one cares about shane dawson and jeffree star, should have been minecraft. RIP Etika
TheGeoStorm GD
TheGeoStorm GD Vor 19 Tage
Ironic Watch mojo doesn’t like DE-vid Rewind 2019, yet the video is made exactly how Watch Mojo makes videos
Ceiling Dog
Ceiling Dog Vor 19 Tage
DE-vid rewind 2019: who are you... Watch mojo: I’m you but a lot better
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