Zlatan Ibrahimović on Playing for LA Galaxy, His Nicknames & The World Cup

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Zlatan talks about coming to LA to play soccer, his favorite nickname that the fans have given him, scoring his first goal for the LA Galaxy, his very high confidence, and he reveals if he'll be going to the World Cup.
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Zlatan Ibrahimović on Playing for LA Galaxy, His Nicknames & The World Cup




18 Apr 2018

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Lumehs Vor 5 Stunden
Did you know the sun is only up when zlatan is awake
MLISlC Vor 15 Stunden
Football is just as staged as wrestling is, Zlatan just knows how to make it look unpredetermined.
Glue Huffing
Glue Huffing Vor Tag
A Serbian man raped a Bosnian woman and that was how Zlatan was conceived. 👏
Mohammed Swaray
Zlatan will decide who will be the next president of America, politicians welcome to zlatan.
Igor Vejaceski
Igor Vejaceski Vor 2 Tage
Pravi balkanac.
mildred masinde
mildred masinde Vor 2 Tage
Americans won't accept the fact that soccer players are the most famous athletes on the planet. Of course except Michael Jordan he is the only one
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores Vor 2 Tage
U don't interview zlatan zlatan interviews you
Abdulraqib Khan
Abdulraqib Khan Vor 2 Tage
This guys an inspiration to people who lack self confidence . Honestly this guy talks with so much confidence without caring to think about what others will think of him. Much respect to Zlatan
agakhan macapodi
agakhan macapodi Vor 3 Tage
Only zlatan can make the comment section crazy
Godwin Sant
Godwin Sant Vor 3 Tage
Now we know why ABBA s new 2018 reunion songs are called “Don’t shut me down “ “I still have faith in you” 💪🤘👍
Smith, F.
Smith, F. Vor 4 Tage
When it was Zlatans' fathers birthday, Zlatan got the presents.
Sam Coulter
Sam Coulter Vor 5 Tage
These Zlatan jokes in the comment sections getting old for me already after forst time reading them I prefer Tony Ferguson ones tbh
Alexandre Giansily
ZLATAN made PARIS and Paris St Germain... He is one of our greatest heroe ever ;) Please consider him as our heroe. Vive la France, Viva Sverige and God bless AMERICA... :)
Qwerty 17
Qwerty 17 Vor 6 Tage
zlaten????? this jew is tripping, he should've choked you on your show.
Sup Ghost
Sup Ghost Vor 6 Tage
You got booh in your show jimme cuz it's zlatan show kid
Bacon Sarnie
Bacon Sarnie Vor 7 Tage
When zlatan was born, he named himself
Sana Flavor123
Sana Flavor123 Vor 7 Tage
“I’m not your typical Swedish guy, but I put Sweden on the map” what a legend
Zoran Stojanovic
Zoran Stojanovic Vor 8 Tage
I`m a Serbian guy living in Sultanate of Oman and I asked my Omani friend does he know who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he said "Of course! Zlatan is the one of the greatest football players of all times!". Then I asked him does he know who Jimmy Kimmel is and he replied: "Who? Jim Kirel? Never heard of him..." I rest my case..
rizqi teguh
rizqi teguh Vor 8 Tage
Zlatan Ibrahimovic he is Swedish hero
jon snow
jon snow Vor 8 Tage
Zlatan is never late,time is early😎😎😎
theboys gaming
theboys gaming Vor 8 Tage
Ibra cadabra
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh Vor 10 Tage
Earth Revolves Around Zlatan 🤘
i've a crush on him
shubham kumar
shubham kumar Vor 11 Tage
Once Zlatan had an argument with god and now god is in heaven.
PAUL EFA Vor 11 Tage
zlatan can nutmeg a mermaid
Isaac Trawick
Isaac Trawick Vor 19 Minuten
dalie1990 Vor 11 Tage
Zlatan scores an own goal, the rest of the team apologised to him
Templar E-Z
Templar E-Z Vor 11 Tage
The best though is Messi :D
aBu rAyhan
aBu rAyhan Vor 11 Tage
Did you know? before zlatan's born the name of the earth was zlatan. But after his born he change the name to earth cz zlatan is only one.
Mark Vor 12 Tage
Messi is laughing in the background
Mark Vor 12 Tage
*Obviously he has already defeated Thanos*
sazann gurung
sazann gurung Vor 12 Tage
Once there held a 100m race , and the chief guest was GALILEO , he got fainted after watching that race . Did you know , why? Because the light came third , the second was shadow of the zlatan and first was zlatan
Talha Ismail
Talha Ismail Vor 12 Tage
"When zlatan was born he named his parents"
savageinshape Vor 12 Tage
So fit at that age!incredible
Jobayer Rifad
Jobayer Rifad Vor 12 Tage
most overrated piece of sh**
Finnish Ski Bum
Finnish Ski Bum Vor 13 Tage
I showed this to Chuck Norris. He said: Zlatan is my main man.
Ninja Sky Land
Ninja Sky Land Vor 13 Tage
Zlatan is god
Medo Vor 14 Tage
Who is that Jimmy in Slatans Show ?
anonymous Vor 14 Tage
Fair to say there's a few very VERY passionate LA Galaxy supporters in the audience 😂😂
roamerw1972 Vor 15 Tage
Modesty is his biggest strength....
arko Vor 16 Tage
Jimmy kimmel came to Zlatan
eritrean habesha
eritrean habesha Vor 17 Tage
Well come jemmy to Zelatan show
Ssndip Gurung
Ssndip Gurung Vor 17 Tage
Yet couldn't win single ballon D'Or ....!
Sahil Rahar
Sahil Rahar Vor 17 Tage
Zlatan is not savage savage is Zlatan...if you agree like😂😂
Mihail Kleckaroski
Mihail Kleckaroski Vor 17 Tage
Legenda koja zivi !
nani king
nani king Vor 17 Tage
When zlatan smokes weed , the weed gets high 😂😂
Isaac Trawick
Isaac Trawick Vor 18 Minuten
kamran ahmed
kamran ahmed Vor 17 Tage
When Zalatan left his house, he told his father "you are the man of the house now"
Suhel Sheth
Suhel Sheth Vor 17 Tage
Aliens come to earth to see Zlatan
valencio savio
valencio savio Vor 17 Tage
Until this very moment zlatan hasn't farted yet, if he did God forbid humanity itself would be devitalized
Darkness Vor 18 Tage
Zlatan doesn't miss a goal, the goal miss Zlatan
Clarilitchi lov
Clarilitchi lov Vor 18 Tage
"A world cup without me wouldn't be a world cup" Lmao Zlatan we love youu
Mansoor Khan
Mansoor Khan Vor 18 Tage
All these planets in the universe and Zalatan chose earth.
Kishalay Sarkar
Kishalay Sarkar Vor 18 Tage
But guys did he play in the world cup 2018. I dont think so
Sergio Garibay
Sergio Garibay Vor 18 Tage
Zlatan raised his own parents
Haythem Vor 18 Tage
Zlatan helped the nurses when he was born.
Leon zecevic
Leon zecevic Vor 18 Tage
I Love this guy!!! When l was 4 he was my most popular football Player. My family loves him
Emmanuel Muhindo
Emmanuel Muhindo Vor 18 Tage
Just love Zlatan 😂😂
iskandar muda
iskandar muda Vor 19 Tage
Dan pukul 11 Dah ni
iskandar muda
iskandar muda Vor 19 Tage
Woi mana , lapar ni
Agyereka Ronald
Agyereka Ronald Vor 19 Tage
I have been reading comments since then
Yolo Yolo
Yolo Yolo Vor 19 Tage
Zlatan didn't lose Virginity Virginity lost Zlatan
Rizaaq Biruk
Rizaaq Biruk Vor 19 Tage
Zlatan doesn't enjoys Los Angeles, Los Angeles enjoys zlatan....
Rizaaq Biruk
Rizaaq Biruk Vor 19 Tage
When zlatan makes a foul the referee gives himself a red card.
Danish mushtaq
Danish mushtaq Vor 19 Tage
When Armstrong Reach's moon he saw zlatan already there ..
Jocelyn Zamudio
Jocelyn Zamudio Vor 20 Tage
Vela is better
Jocelyn Zamudio
Jocelyn Zamudio Vor 20 Tage
Too much from a trash player
alfred pn
alfred pn Vor 20 Tage
The most innovative comment section in DE-vid history!
555666 Vor 21 Tag
When Zlatan gets off buses the driver thanks him
Anil Sammy
Anil Sammy Vor 21 Tag
Football plays zlatan
Ivey Dwan
Ivey Dwan Vor 21 Tag
When zlatan went to his first job interview, he interviewed the boss
Ivey Dwan
Ivey Dwan Vor 21 Tag
If you’re having a bad day, just come to this comment section
THFC COYS Vor 21 Tag
Zlatan: Breaths Audience: *Applause* WOOAAHH
HeroiDoMar 1139
HeroiDoMar 1139 Vor 22 Tage
Zlatan doesn’t look in the mirror the mirror looks at him
Professional Comments
Zlatan was once swimming in the artic he felt a bump .. he sank the titanic
Aleks Vnučec
Aleks Vnučec Vor 22 Tage
Lakshya Chaudhary
Lakshya Chaudhary Vor 22 Tage
When Zlatan skydives, he doesn't fall towards earth, the Earth fall towards him.
Three Sons
Three Sons Vor 22 Tage
I love this guy
Wajid Hussain
Wajid Hussain Vor 22 Tage
muslims will rule the world
nomar Dinkleberg
nomar Dinkleberg Vor 22 Tage
Jams Dean
Jams Dean Vor 23 Tage
Snow Grizzly
Snow Grizzly Vor 23 Tage
When Graham Bell invented the telephone he had three missed calls from Zlatan
Siddhesh D
Siddhesh D Vor 23 Tage
Trump could not MAGA so zlatan took the onus on him
Siddhesh D
Siddhesh D Vor 23 Tage
Trump could not MAGA so zlatan took the onus on him
Conor Maloney
Conor Maloney Vor 23 Tage
I knew Americans would love this guy
Manuel Villegas
Manuel Villegas Vor 24 Tage
7:44 When Jimmy tried too hard and gets nutmegged by Zlatan verbally xD
Damien O Callaghan
Damien O Callaghan Vor 24 Tage
FFS Ask him an interesting Question like WHY did you Join L.A. Galaxy? But we know the answer already...................
M Mugi
M Mugi Vor 24 Tage
I'm sorry Snopp Dog has what? I guess not anymore.
M Mugi
M Mugi Vor 24 Tage
I'm sorry but the title should be Zlatan Ibrahimovic on LA galaxy playing for him.
Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman Vor 24 Tage
Light need zlatan to shine
Ben Hewitt
Ben Hewitt Vor 24 Tage
When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he already had 3 missed calls from Zlatan
sai bhargav
sai bhargav Vor 24 Tage
Yea that’s what I feel 😂
Tookie Arrlix
Tookie Arrlix Vor 25 Tage
Zlatan doesn't listen to music.Music listen too Zlatan
Chirag Singh
Chirag Singh Vor 25 Tage
Man, Zlatan, Avicii and Pewdiepie REALLY PUT SWEDEN ON THE MAP 🇸🇪
Adnan Taimoori
Adnan Taimoori Vor 25 Tage
Who are here just for Zlatan comments 😂😂
EasyLearn Vor 25 Tage
Football ahole
tangbein Vor 25 Tage
During the american revolution, USA needed 7 years to beat England. Zlatan needed only 90 minutes.
Ani Bushi
Ani Bushi Vor 25 Tage
Zlatan was born by his aunt because no one can touch his mother
ZK17328 Vlogs
ZK17328 Vlogs Vor 25 Tage
LA wasn't a gift to Zlatan. Zlatan was a gift to LA
Kdiaz _ManUnited
Kdiaz _ManUnited Vor 25 Tage
When the ball didn't go in the net the ball apologized to Zlatan
Kdiaz _ManUnited
Kdiaz _ManUnited Vor 25 Tage
Zlatan doesn't pray to God God prays to Zlatan the only time Zlatan prays is when he sees himself in the mirror
Ensar Øzkahveci
Ensar Øzkahveci Vor 25 Tage
When Zlatan looked at the mirror there was no reflection, because there's only one Zlatan.
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