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AMERICAN tries to speak GERMAN at Grocery Store! (with @itsConnerSully)
Vor 8 Monate
American speaks German at German Grocery Store! Conner Sullivan tries to learn german by speaking german at TEGUT. He fails but gets better! I finally Went ...
The biggest challenge as an American in Germany
Vor 9 Monate
If this is biggest challenge, Germany is a pretty great place to live. Trust me. Camp is starting and we are a week a way from our first game against the ...
Vor 9 Monate
Everything you want to know is here!⤵ Many things I have come into contact with while being in the USA that makes me realize how much better Germany is in ...
Vor 3 years
Some American habits that I've dropped after living in Germany for 6 years! SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/IXm5MB Thanks so much for watching!! Subscribe for ...
American REACTS // German Landscape
Vor 11 Tage
I had to check out why people are so obsessed with Germany! BOYYYYYY, you have to see some of Germany's beautiful nature and its landscapes! Don't forget ...
As An American In Germany, I Struggle With This
Vor year
I'm getting better at it.
How my Black American Mom Thinks of Germany
Vor Monat
After living in Germany for multiple years now, I remember the conversations I had with my friends before coming here. No lie their views and comments at first ...
Vor year
Americans, Conner Sullivan and Darin, go to the German store EDEKA to buy some German Meats! ▻SUBSCRIBE to Conner for new videos every week: ...
Vor 7 Monate
Deutsche Fenster!! German windows...so amazing. As an American living in Germany, I am fascinated by the windows here in Germany, especially how they ...
American Tries RAW PORK in Germany! (Mettbrötchen)
Vor 3 Monate
Deana tries Mett (AKA minced #RawPork) for the first time in Phils hometown in Germany! In Germany, #mett is a popular style of pork which can be eaten raw ...
Vor Monat
Hey y'all. Thanks for watching. I enjoy getting to talk about my experiences in Germany and I absolutely adore the culture here. For more videos like this make ...
Vor 8 Monate
LONG LIVE THE LONG WHITE SOCKS. Music: Markvard - Catch Our Moment Proleter - Soul Key Eine Kleine Nachmusik - Mozart MY CHANNEL: ...
13 Culture Shocks 1 Room / American in Germany
Vor 8 Monate
Did you know you can experience as an American so many culture shocks in just ONE German room? The bathroom! But we can't talk about these differences, ...
Driving: Germany vs. USA
Vor 3 Monate
In this video, a German takes you on a walkthrough how to drive in America from a German point of view. Waze Voice Pack: bit.ly/2xPrmRj Merchandise: ...
My German Flat vs American Apartment
Vor 10 Monate
Come with me on a tour of my apartment in Germany! I will point out all of the differences between my German flat and an American apartment. Hi! I'm Kelly and I ...
Life in Germany - American vs. German Traffic Police
Vor 7 Monate
"To protect and to serve"? In Germany, the police are "your friend and helper"
Vor year
Hey guys! I researched some weird German laws/rules from nowadays and had to share them with you. Thanks so much for watching. We appreciate your ...
American Living in Germany for 10 Years *INTERVIEW*
Vor year
Alright people, today, we've got a pretty different style of video. I sat down with my teammate Bruno. He has a lot of experience living in Germany and the States, ...
American Girlfriend Tries GERMAN SNACKS & CANDY! (Part 1)
Vor 2 Monate
Deana tries #GermanSnacks and #GermanCandy for the first time! Phil is from Germany, so he made a list of popular German treats. This is part 1 of our "Trying ...
Two American YouTubers Talk About Life In Germany
Vor Monat
LAMBLIKE's CHANNEL: de-vid.com/show-UC1luNZwloEO5OeKRz2MsgCA Music: Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries Andrew Applepie - The ...
Driving on the Autobahn for the First time..as an American.
Vor year
Subscribe to my channel!- bit.ly/2jH1GkM Life 444 clothing for charity - www.life444.com/ At least once a day I find myself getting a little bit of road ...
AMERICAN IN GERMANY | Startup Life Berlin
Vor year
Follow me around for two days in Berlin! Life in Germany is super exciting as an Amercian from a small town! We love getting out there and supporting other ...
10 Reasons I LOVE living in Germany as an American (HD)
Vor year
Sooo I moved to Heidelberg, Germany around 3 weeks ago and wanted to share some things that make living here a fairytale! Hope you guys enjoyed the video ...
AMERICAN talks to GERMAN about the differences between AMERICA and GERMANY
Vor 8 Monate
What is Germany Like? What is America like? Conner Sullivan talks to a German about the differences! SUBSCRIBE for DAILY VIDEOS! Conner Sullivan ...
German Passport vs American Passport
Vor 6 Monate
Ever wonder what another country's passport looks like? In this video I will compare the German Passport to the US Passport! Hi! I'm Kelly and I am an American ...
German ALDI vs US ALDI
Vor 6 Monate
Come with me grocery shopping at a US ALDI! Is it the same as the ALDIs in Germany?? Click to find out! Check out my Merch!
Grocery Haul - American in Germany
Vor year
Hi I'm Kari, an American mom living in Germany and this is our grocery haul from this week. I wanted to show you what groceries look like in Germany and what ...
American REACTS // German Music
Vor 3 Monate
Finally we move on to another country with a couple of big names in the Music Industry! This is a video about a simple American reacting to Germany's best ...
An American's ABCs of Germany
Vor year
What is Germany to me?! As an American living here for 7 years, here are my ABCs of Deutschland! Correction: East and West Germany were reunited in 1990, ...
Dating Germans as an American
Vor 6 Monate
The dating scene in Germany is different from the US and it really took me by surprise. Watch my video to hear what my thoughts are on dating Germans as an ...
american exchange to germany!!
Vor year
Song : Our Own House by MisterWives ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Instagram : @sammybergner , Twitter : @SamanthaBerg...
American REACTION To Germany VS Brazil 2014 World Cup Semi Final Highlight
Vor Monat
Pick up amazing Shirts @ BestSoccerStore: bit.ly/2ywm9gw Use Discount code: Robert Instagram: instagram.com/robertduhaime Original ...
Vor year
Everything you want to know is here!⤵ Hey friends! Today I am here with a guest! Finally someone NEW! Thank you so much Aspen for coming on my DE-vid.
South Germany VS North Germany (Comparisons by an American) | Plus August Cultural Differences
Vor 4 Monate
I visited Munich! (I also visited Ingolstadt! plus Kassel and Cuxhaven - which I share a few photos and clips from that). I share clips from the beer garden in ...
Vor 8 Monate
DAILY VLOGS - goo.gl/btRSfJ ALL MERCHANDISE - goo.gl/9qy1fJ Silas Nacita Football Tees - goo.gl/55KA2w GERMAN T-SHIRTS DAS ...
Living in Germany Made Me a RUDE AMERICAN?!
Vor year
Some of the habits I've adopted living in Germany kind of make me look like a rude American when I'm back in the U.S.! So my question for you is: what kind of ...
What Americans think of Germany ~ by Lena
Vor year
Hey guys! I had a lot of fun while I recorded this video. I was also really curious what kind of answers I would get. Tell me If you liked the video and the idea ...
American in Germany | 10 Reasons why today is awesome!
Vor 8 Monate
American in Germany | A Special Day of Awesome I invite you to follow me around to enjoy a day of awesomeness. As I celebrate me and my sister birthday, ...
My FIRST GERMAN SOCCER GAME!! *INSANE* (with @itsConnerSully)
Vor year
Today I watched my first soccer game in Germany and it was absolutely insane!! NEW SOCCER VLOG! (Conner Rides German Fanbus!) goo.gl/K2NQsF ...
Germany Vs. American Sexualization Culture Differences (ft. Tinder)
Vor year
Thanks to everyone who has left kind comments and interesting insights! I have learned a lot! Like: lg, liebe Grüße ;) So I touch on a few different stories that ...
The Untold History of German America (Deutschamerikaner)
Vor year
Today we're going to discuss the forgotten history of German America, and how the Germans became the largest group in the United States of America, ...
AMERICAN tries to speak GERMAN at McDonalds! (with @itsConnerSully)
Vor 8 Monate
American Orders Mcdonalds IN GERMAN! American tries speaking German: Ich ube mein deutch! American Speaks German at EDEKA ...
Visit Germany: What to Know Before You Visit Germany
Vor 5 years
GRAB A WOLTERS WORLD SHIRT www.woltersworld.com/shop Read the Blog Too: woltersworld.com/what-to-know-before-you-visit-germany/ ...
American Top Cars vs Germany Top Cars - Acceleration 0-330km/h
Vor year
Car comparison test of Chevrolet American Car vs Japan Car . We compare American Car vs Japan Car sounds, revs, acceleration, power, sprint and exhaust ...
Asking An American About Germany And Travel | Let's Get Ready To Ramble With Get Germanized | #2
Vor Monat
I've invited my American friend Crystal from the USA to join me for this episode. We talked about travel experiences and general impressions she has the second ...
The day I was saved by a German medic
Vor year
The day I was saved by a German medic - Memories of Mike Timko (F Co, 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division) On December 2, 1944, Mike Timko was ...
German VS American VS British
Vor year
Who had it better? School, food...OTHERS?! Find out in todays' British VS American VS German! ▻SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week!
American Police Cars VS German Police Cars
Vor 2 years
Encouraged by the feedback in the earlier uploaded video "American Ambulances VS German Ambulance" I continue with this video, which for sure will again ...
10 BIG Differences Between American & German Students! USA vs Germany
Vor Monat
Follow me on Instagram instagram.com/fede_rangel/ For business inquiries federicorangel6@gmail.com 10 Big differences between American ...