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It’s Bo And Sunny! The Obama Family Dogs Join The TODAY White House Tour | TODAY
Vor 3 years
The first family's pet Portugese water dogs Bo and Sunny join the TODAY team as we take an exclusive tour through some of the ...
Seth Puts A Camera On Obama’s Dog Bo
Vor 2 years
The Obama family's dog, Bo, knows a few tricks to get what he wants around the White House. » Subscribe to Late Night: ...
Ellen Stole Bo Obama
Vor 6 years
After her trip to Washington, DC, Ellen returned with a very special memento.
Michelle Obama and Bo The Dog - Hilarious
Vor 6 years
Awww...ain't that cute. When first lady Michelle Obama was reading the Christmas classic 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' at ...
Bo Obama Makes His Debut
Vor 10 years
The First Family shows off their newest member, six month old dog Bo on the White House lawn.
Bo Inspects the 2012 White House Holiday Decorations
Vor 6 years
Bo makes a final inspection of the 2012 White House Christmas decorations before 90000 visitors come through the doors of the ...
A fluffy farewell to Bo Obama
Vor 2 years
Portuguese Water Dog Bo Obama has been in our lives for eight years, both his dad's terms as president, so it will be hard to say ...
Bo's guide to being a good first dog
Vor 6 years
First dog Bo gives advice to the Obama's new dog. CNN's Jeanne Moos has White House doggie dos and don'ts. More from CNN ...
Toddler recounts her run-in with Sunny, one of the WH dogs
Vor 5 years
White House dog Sunny Obama may have gotten a little too close with two-year-old Ashtyn Gardner during a White House ...
Bo Obama 'loves to chew'
Vor 10 years
First lady Michelle Obama gives an update on the first dog, calling him "crazy." CNN's Alina Cho reports.
Sunny Obama Meets the Press
Vor 6 years
As the press waited to advance the Syria story, we were surprised to meet the newest addition to the First Family, Sunny Obama.
Obama Shows Off Bo's Handshake Trick
Vor 10 years
President Obama opened up the White House to NBC News' Brian Williams, offering the anchor "unbelievable" access to his daily ...
Bo is the pet dog of the Obama family, the First Family of the United States
Vor 6 years
Bo ,is, the, pet ,dog, of, the ,Obama, family, the ,First ,Family, of, the, United ,States,(born October 9, 2008)
Michelle Obama's Birthday Message to Ellen
Vor 5 years
The First Lady of the United States had a special message for Ellen on her birthday, and she was joined by two special members ...
Fifth Harmony: “Michelle Obama works out to ‘Bo$$’”
Vor 4 years
The US girl group discuss the secrets of their meeting with Barack and Michelle Obama, their brilliant debut album and why they ...
Michelle Obama and Bo the Dog
Vor 6 years
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Bo and Sunny, the Obama dogs, say goodbye to the White House
Vor 2 years
As US President Barack Obama's time in the White House draws to a close, we'll have to say goodbye to the First Dogs, Bo and ...
Republicans Furious Over Bo Obama Holiday Card
Vor 6 years
"Larassa Kabel never expected to be chosen when she submitted her painting to be considered for the White House holiday card ...
Armed Man Arrested for Trying To Kidnap President Obama's Dogs
Vor 3 years
The secret service says first dogs Bo and Sunny Obama were the target of a kidnapping plot. 49-year-old Scott Stockert from North ...
Happy Birthday Bo Obama
Vor 7 years
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