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Shock turns to anger in Beirut after explosion kills more than 200 people
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After last week's deadly explosion devastated Beirut, the Lebanese people are turning their anguish towards a government widely ...
U.S. struggles to control spread of COVID-19
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The U.S. continues to struggle to control the spread of the novel coronavirus in many parts of the country. Nearly a third of the ...
Biden and Harris slam Trump's pandemic response during debut appearance
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Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, slammed President Trump over his ...
Trump announces historic peace deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates
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President Trump announced a historic agreement today to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. CBS ...
How to navigate the housing market during a pandemic
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Across the country, the coronavirus has many Americans rethinking their financial decisions including where to buy a home or live ...
Trump attacks intelligence officials as "dirty cops"
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President Trump is attacking U.S. intelligence officials, questioning their reports that Russia is trying to influence the election as ...
Why Iowa matters in the 2020 election
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Iowa's role in the presidential elections has grown in size, scope and importance over the years. Josh Kraushaar, senior national ...
Potential impact of Israel-United Arab Emirates peace agreement
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President Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a peace agreement to normalize diplomatic ...
Watch live: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris speak after receiving coronavirus briefing
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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are being briefed by public health experts on the coronavirus.
Dr. Jill Biden on family, teaching, loss and levity
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A community college teacher, even while serving as the second lady during the Obama administration, Dr. Jill Biden says she ...
Trump goes after Kamala Harris with familiar insults
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President Trump is going on the offensive after Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential nominee.
Trump leaves press conference when pressed on Veteran's Choice misinformation
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CBS News' Paula Reid confronts President Trump over his claims he passed Veterans Choice. Reid pointed out that the measure ...