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Plot Roulette with Jeff Goldblum
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In this Late Show spin on the casino game we challenge the illustrious and enigmatic actor Jeff Goldblum to identify plot lines from ...
Trump's Trade War is Trashing the U.S. Economy
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President Trump, who has 15 months to keep the economy from collapsing before the next election, is choosing to blame the ...
Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue Part 2: Hands In The Air
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Our host continues his LIVE post-debate monologue, highlighting moments like when Bernie Sanders threw his hands up in the ...
Colbert doesn't want Trump back on his show 'for safety's sake'
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Comedian Stephen Colbert sits down with CNN's Anderson Cooper for a candid discussion about Donald Trump's presidency.
Stephen Colbert: This is the odd thing about Trump ...
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In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, late night host and comedian Stephen Colbert says that we don't really know ...
Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Wave Of Conspiracy Theories
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Who had the most to gain from the death of Jeffrey Epstein? President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to support an ...
'Tariff Man' Donald Trump Doesn't Want To Be The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
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The stock market fell sharply on Wednesday despite President Trump's decision to delay the next round of China tariffs until after ...
Stephen Colbert's LIVE Monologue Part 1: A Whole Lot Of Delaney Fans
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Stephen kicks off his LIVE post-debate show with a look at the standout moments (we're looking at you, John Delaney) from Night ...
As Trump Ignores Hong Kong Protests, Steve King Sinks to a New Low in Iowa
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President Trump seems content to trust the Chinese to deal "humanely" with pro-Democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Elsewhere ...
Anderson Cooper Talks To Stephen Colbert About Trump and His Policy (Full Interview )
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Anderson Cooper Talks To Stephen Colbert About Trump and His Policy (Full Interview ) #CNN, #DonaldTrump.
Donald Trump Acts Like A Villain To Energize His Base
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The President is doing his best to appear like a cartoon villain this week, supporting conspiracy theories surrounding the death of ...
El Paso To Trump: You're Not Welcome Here
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Given the President's history of hateful rhetoric, some residents of El Paso would prefer Donald Trump not visit their community.
Don't Watch This Trump-Epstein Video Alone
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Newly-surfaced footage of Donald Trump hosting Jeffrey Epstein at Mar-A-Lago isn't for anyone with a weak stomach. Subscribe ...
Why Presidential Candidates Are Staying Off FaceApp
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Stephen put himself into the FaceApp old age filter. But what happens to that photo next? Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel ...
Trump Distances Himself From The Racist Chant He Inspired
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Stephen breaks out the stopwatch after Donald Trump claims he ''quickly'' cut off his MAGA rally's''send her back!'' chant.
America's Gun Culture Is Melting Down
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With Americans once again crying out for sensible gun control legislation, leaders like Mitch McConnell are standing firmly in the ...
Meanwhile... Big News In Fish Transport
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The innovative minds behind the "salmon cannon" are celebrated in this edition of everyone's favorite Late Show segment.
Colbert: All The Other Reasons Trump Is A Bad President
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With prosecutable collusion with Russia off the table after Mueller's report was delivered to the AG, Stephen updates the 'Reasons ...
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Dropping Tom Holland For Stephen Colbert?
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Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Mysterio in the new "Spider-Man: Far From Home" movie, seems ready to end his famed bromance ...