• S44e12
University Challenge S44E12 Durham vs Brasenose-Oxford
Vor 4 years
University of Durham vs Brasenose College - Oxford. Aired 6.10.2014. The worst so far.
University Challenge S44E12 Durham vs Brasenose-Oxford
Vor year
The pressure is increasing as the quarter-finals continue. First shown: 9 Mar 2015. University of Durham vs Brasenose College ...
University Challenge S43E31  Somerville, Oxford vs Southampton
Vor 5 years
31/37 The quarter-finals continue.
University Challenge 2018 E18. Hertford - Oxford v Manchester. 26 Nov 18
Vor 5 Monate
University Challenge 2018/19 Episode 18: Hertford College - Oxford v Manchester. 26 Nov 2018. Jeremy Paxman.
University Challenge S44E19 Magdalen-Cambridge vs Open University
Vor 4 years
Third of the (so far) convincing second rounds, we have Magadalen College of Cambridge against Open University. Original air ...
University Challenge S46E16 Durham vs SOAS
Vor 2 years
Actually, there was no match last week, because BBC decided to put some uninteresting programmme on UC's usual time slot.
University Challenge S47E33 Edinburgh vs Bristol
Vor year
Original air date 26.3.2018.
University Challenge  S47E04 Magdalene - Cambridge vs St Edmund's - Cambridge
Vor year
I want to start by apologizing for the delay. I have been having some problems with BBC iPlayer recently and I don't know yet how ...
University Challenge 2018-19 - Episode 2 - Emmanuel vs. Glasgow (S48E02)
Vor 10 Monate
University Challenge S48E02 - Emmanuel vs. Glasgow. Original air date: 7/23/2018. Copyright owned and viewing here ...
University Challenge - Glasgow v Durham (Season 48 Episode 25)
Vor 3 Monate
It's the quarter finals!!! Glasgow take on Durham to go a step closer towards the semi finals, whoever loses will have to come back ...
University Challenge S45E30 - St Catharine's College Cambridge vs University of York
Vor 3 years
First shown: 29 Feb 2016. English Subtitles. Credits: Presenter Jeremy Paxman Director Tracey Rooney Producer Irene Daniels ...
Happy Valentin's Special 2019 || FreeTube World
Vor 3 Monate
Happy Valentin's Special 2019 || FreeTube World Thanks for Watching, Please Subscribe Now Our Channel, S U B S C R I B E  ...
University Challenge S44E01 Manchester vs Selwyn-Cambridge
Vor 4 years
After waiting somebody kind enough to upload the episodes for years, I decided to do it myself this year. The first of the 2014-2015 ...
University Challenge S44E11 Exeter vs UCL
Vor 4 years
Here is University of Exeter vs University College London, 29.5.2014. Sorry for the missing last two weeks.
University Challenge S45E02 Liverpool vs St. Peter's - Oxford
Vor 3 years
On the first episode of Oxbridge versus 'The Rest of Them", we have Liverpool University playing St. Peter's College, Oxford.